Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vinnai thaandi Varuvaaya by Goutham Menon


A feel good movie with nice twist in the climax. Technically this is again a typical Gautham Vasudev Menon movie, with stunning visuals, cool picturization of songs and scintillating songs and background score. Slick and stylish overall.

Simbu falls in love with Trisha, who is from an orthodox Malayalam Christian family. Simbu is passionate about directing and movie and joins as Asst. Director to K S Ravikumar (Guest role). Trisha's family opposes her love (No prize for guessing this :-p ). Simbu goes on pursuing his director career. Does the couple unite? Go watch it!

Simbu surprisingly delivers a fabulous performance. His performance is something we'd been missing for years. Trisha is neither a plus nor a minus. She does her role perfectly but that isn't a show stealer. Ganesh, who comes as a helping friend for Simbu made a good effort in terms of realistic performance. However, I feel, Santhanam or Vivek would have been an apt choice for that kind of role. No offense.

There is nothing new in the story of Vinnai thandi varuvayaa. Screenplay could have been faster and dialogues were not so intense. Disappointing. First half is boring and second half is much better than first half. Climax is out-of-the-world. Too many songs that affect the pace of the movie.

Yup. You guessed it right. AR Rahman is the real hero of the movie. His background score in first half simply elevates the movie and enthralls the audience. Songs have already become super hits. Picturization of song is good and is typical GVM stuff. Nothing new. I get a feel that he's getting monotonous in terms of song picturization. Cinematography is absolutely delightful. Kudos to the technical crew.

A satisfying movie. The last 20 mins made me sit up and the twist was really unexpected. Many said that they were bowled over and the movie had a big impact on them. Hmmm. I did not feel any such impact. I liked it. I was not blown away. Vinnai thandi varuvaya is certainly not a 'movie to be avoided'.

Final Verdict: Not a disappointing movie. You can go for it.


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