Sunday, November 30, 2008

Long Time No Update!!!

Well, this November has really been a dry month. Except Varanam Ayiram movie, there has been no big movie or audio release that has taken place this month. Few albums that released this month such as Mahesh Saranya Matrum Palar which has music by Vidyasagar, Sindhanai Sei by debutant Thaman and few other albums released in November have not been so good. In fact, boring! I’m yet to watch Poo which has been receiving positive reviews.

Music Albums I’m looking forward to:

Yogi (Yuvan Shankar Raja)
Ayan (Harris Jeyaraj)
Aayirathil Oruvan (GV PRakash)
Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum (Yuvan)
Siva Manasula Sakthi (Yuvan)
Angadi Theru (GV PRakash)
Sarvam (Yuvan Shankar Raja)


Answer to the last week puzzle


Here is the answer for this post where I had asked visitors to guess the song by giving the interludes.

Those beautiful interludes come in the song "Mullai Poo Soodi Kondu" from Kadhal Samrajyam which had music by Yuvan Shankar Raja. This male solo song is simple and delightful.

Kadhal Samrajiyam had beautiful music by Yuvan but sadly went unnoticed. Another song "Iru Kangal Sollum Kadhal Seidhen" is the best in this album. A fantastic duet.

Check out these songs. You sure will love these songs.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Varanamayiram - Movie Review

The wait ends. One of the much awaited movies of the year is out.

Varanamayiram (VA) portrays the life journey of a man. As many of us know, the movie has been inspired from Forrest Gump. Inspiration is very minimal. VA is the blend of Forest Gump and the autobiography of the director.

The film starts with the demise of the aged Krishnan (Surya). The news is informed to his son Surya (Surya again as an Army officer) who is on a mission to rescue a writer who has been kidnapped by terrorists. Surya then starts recollecting the memories of his father and his life journey. The journey begins.

The movie shifts to 60s (or 80s) where Krishnan falls in love with his college mate Malini (Simran). She reciprocates his love and they get married. They are blessed with the gift of the married life. Surya is born. He grows up, he becomes a guitarist, and he studies in a college at Trichy. He meets Meghna (Sameera) in the train when he returns home after the completion of college life. He falls in love with her. He proposes her in the train itself. But Meghna who doesn’t believe in Love At First Sight rejects his proposal saying that Love cannot blossom just like that. Surya who is in sincere love with her tells her that he’ll not leave her and will only marry her. He later searches and finds her house and makes a proposal again. Meghna, who is surprised to see him at her house, says that she cannot fall in love as she is leaving US to pursue higher studies.

Krishnan falls sick and is hospitalized. Surya asks him to take rest and assures that he’ll take care of the family and finance. Surya obtains some projects to improve the financial status and builds a house for his dad. He is still in love with Meghna. He conveys this to his parents and gets their consent to leave for US to search Meghna. He finds Meghna. She is impressed and finally reciprocates her love. Then comes the tragedy. Meghna dies in a terrorist bomb attack in US.

Depressed Surya decides to come back to India. He meets a gentleman called Shankar Menon who lends his shoulder and tries to console Surya. Surya who is still not recovered from the loss of Meghna starts consuming drugs and becomes a drug addict.

Krishnan and Malini decide to send him out of the town on an attempt to rejuvenate Surya. Surya then tours Kashmir where he comes across the news that the son of Shankar Menon (person whom he met in airport) has been kidnapped. Surya decides to rescue his son and succeeds in his attempt.

Surya is back to home now. Priya (Divya) a friend of Surya’s sister is in love with Surya for years. But then she hid it as Surya was in love with Meghna. Now, she decides to make the proposal. Surya doesn’t accept her proposal.

Surya plans to join Indian Army. After he gets the nod from his parents, he joins Indian Army and becomes a Major. After few years, Priya comes to Indian Army to meet Surya and she makes the proposal again. He accepts and soon they get married.

One day, Krishnan falls sick and is diagnosed as Throat Cancer. He then undergoes an operation. Before he could recover fully, Surya gets a call from the army to rescue the writer who has been kidnapped. So he starts immediately to Kashmir. He is on the mission. Then is when he received the call from his home which conveyed the death of his father.

Surya returns home and completes his father’s funeral. The movie ends!

What I liked in VA?

Surya’s unparalleled performance as father and son is a nothing short of a treat. The emotions he shows when Meghna dies, when he behaves impolitely as a drug addict, his body language as an Army officer. This movie should be a milestone in his career. He does well in father’s role also. But then there is a scope for improvement.

Simran’s performance was really cool. Her character has been portrayed well. Kudos to costume designer for Mundhinam song in which Simran looks gorgeous. :-)

Harris’ background score in second half was amazing. Songs have already become chartbusters.

Cinematography by Rathnavel. Beautifully captures US, Delhi, Kashmir. Good job man!

The characters and the relationship between the characters have been very beautifully portrayed. Be it the bond between Father and Son or the bond between Father Surya and Simran. Father Surya calling Simran as "Darling" is something new. The way Surya respects his father, the way father Surya gives freedom to his son will move each father and son watching the movie.

What I hate in VA?

Excruciatingly slow paced screenplay. Dialogues of Sentiment. Sometimes they were ok, but most of the times they gave a feel :sshhhabbbaa: Is there a thumb rule that this kind of movies should be slow paced?

No excellent dialogues.

Runtime of the movie :yawning:

Certain scenes in first half were very boring.

Some scenes were too artificial. (Eg. Father son surya asking sorry to son surya for using his room in his absence. Huh... )

Which parents will allow their son to stay with his Girlfriend in the same room before marriage? Here is Krisnhan and Simran.. lol.

English dialogues which will not be understood by common people.

Verdict of Vinith:

Varanamayiram means “The strength of thousand elephants”.

Surya’s phenomenal performance equals the strength of 300 elephants, Music and Cinematography equal another 300 elephants, Portrayal of Simran equals 200 elephants and heroines & the portrayal of the characters equal the strength of 199 elephants. Director Gautham's screenplay is the only weaker elephant here. His slow, sometimes merely dragging screenplay and dud dialogues weaken the other elephants. With 999 strong elephants and one weak elephant, the movie is definitely worth watching. Only once.



Sunday, November 9, 2008


Hello Readers,

I had actually posted this in my other blog. I think people have stopped visiting that blog as it remained unupdated for a long time. So I'm posting it here. Guess!

Guess the Song, Movie and the Music Director of the interludes you hear here.

First Interlude,

Second Interlude,

Clue: Song from a movie that did not hit the screen.

If you cannot find the song, try to guess the music director, if you can. :-)

Answers will be posted soon :)

If you cannot listen online,


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kadhalil Vizhundhen

A quick review of “Kadhalil Vizhundhen”

This is one of the different movies in Tamil Film Industry. In fact, an untold story. Kadhalil Vizhundhen is all about a guy who lives with the corpse of his girlfriend thinking that she is still alive. Hmmm… Doesn’t that sound different? Yes, a romance of rare genre! A must watch movie!

Why I liked this movie?

* The story of this movie which is really strong.
* Nakul and the new face Sunaina. Perfect chemistry! Sunaina shines well.
* Vijay Antony’s music. Not for the songs but for the background score. Outstanding BGM for romance scenes elevates the movie to another level. BGM played during the “balloon” scene was my favorite.
* Vijay Milton’s cinematography is another plus.
* The climax.

Why, I may not watch this movie again?

* Sluggish Screenplay for such a powerful story is a big minus. Even though the scene, where we actually come to know that Nakul is mentally abnormal, makes us sit up, the poor screenplay following this scene makes us feel bored.
* Director could have done without a villain.
* Stunts and Songs overdose.

Verdict of Vinith:
Go, watch the movie once. Satisfaction of watching a good movie is guaranteed!