Monday, December 22, 2008

Singers and Lyricist of the Year

Top five Singers of the Year: (Male)

1. Shankar Mahadevan (Megam Pola, Hey Baby, Kadhal Siluvayil)
2. Karthick (Anjala, Pada Pada)
3. Haricharan (Enthan Vananum, Siru Thoduthalile, Uyiril Yedho)
4. Naresh Iyer (Mundhinam Parthene)
5. Hariharan (Nenjukkul Peidhidum)

Top five Female Singers:

1. Sudha Raghunathan (Anul Mele Panithuli)
2. Kalyani (Mazhai Nindra Pinbu [chooo....chweeet...]
3. Bombay Jeyashree (Abhinayam Kaatugindra, Siru thodathlile)
4. Chinmayi (Avaram Poo)
5. Shreya Ghosal (Yaarum Thodatha, Poovinai)

Top three Lyricists of the year:

1. Thamarai (Vaaranam Aayiram)
2. Na. Muthukumar (Poo)
3. Vaali (Kuselan, Dasavatharam)


Friday, December 19, 2008

Awesome and Awful albums of 2008

Awesome! (Albums which had three or more good songs)

* Varanamayiram by Harris Jeyaraj
* Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu by Selvaganesh
* Poo by SS Kumaran
* Uliyin Osai by Ilayaraja
* Aanandha Thandavam by GV Prakash
* Saroja by Yuvan Shankar Raja
* Sakkarakatti by AR Rahman

Awful! (Expected albums that turned out to be a trash!)

* Kuselan by GV Prakash
* Sathyam by Harris Jeyaraj
* Abhiyum Naanum by Vidyasagar
* Aegan by Yuvan Shankar Raja

The most underrated album of the year is Vazthugal by Yuvan Shankar Raja. This album forwent Kuthu/Ghana songs. I liked Enthan Vanamum and Pookal rasithadhu songs very much while Kadhal Thandhadhum and Muzhumai nila tracks were passable. But this album was not well received by the audience.

Music Director of the Year!

Undoubtedly Harris Jeyaraj is the music director of the year. Harris who failed to impress us with his average album Dham Dhoom and below average album Satyam, at last, deliverd Varanam Aayiram which was the outstanding and the best album of the year.

Share your thoughts!


Best and Worst Compositions!

Great songs of 2008:

If I prepare a list of 10 Songs, it is a bit out of complacency. So I'm presenting a list of top 15 Tamil songs of 2008. The following are the songs I most frequently listened to this year. Each one of them is nothing short of a Gem number.

Worst compositions of the year:

This list represents the worst songs of this year. This list doesn't contain the songs of new comers but the worst songs composed by matured, talented and established music directors.

Share your thoughts!

PS: I started listening to the songs of Ajantha (2007) only in 2008 even though it was released in 2007. :-)


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Phenomenal Indian has made every Indian Proud

A.R.Rahman wins "2008 L.A Film Critics Award"

A.R.Rahman is a phenomenal in Indian Music. Every year, he wins some awards or recognitions and makes his fans happy. But this year, for a change, his achievement brings us a great joy and pride. This news makes not only his fans happy but also every Indian. This news not only makes you happy, but also makes you feel proud.

Our legend has won an International Award by working for the movie "Slumdog Millionaire". Yes, this Legend has won "2008 L.A Film Critics Award" for best musical score for the movie "Slumdog Millionaire". He has made the whole nation proud.

This news has made me very happy. I'm elated. I'm proud. I can proudly say to my e-pals (of various countries) that our music director has won an international award.

Congratulations to A.R.Rahman for this acheivement and hearty thanks to him for making us proud.

It's widely said that "any actor who gets a nod from the LA critics is sure to win a nomination from the Academy". I wish this comes true. I wish him all the best. Hope he brings home an Oscar!


On Cloud nine,

Friday, December 5, 2008

My Current Playlist - Dec08

These are the songs which are in my current playlist. And, these are the few songs which impressed me in last two-three months. Yes, very less numbers.

* All songs from Varanam Aayiram (Harris Jeyaraj) except Yethi Yethi. Best album of the year. Hats off to Harris.

* Machan Machan from Silambattam (Yuvan Shankar Raja). Matured orchestration. Ilayaraja's rendition is another plus.

* Uyiril Yedho from Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu (Selva Ganesh) - A soothing melody with nice keyboard touch in the background. One of the top melodies of the year.

* Avarmpoo and Chu chu maari from Poo (SS Kumaran) - Both are gem numbers.

* Megam Pola from Aanandha Thandavam (GV Prakash) - One of the best of Shankar Mahadevan. Second interlude being the highlight of the song.

Well, we are at the end of the year. I'm preparing the list of best songs of the year 2008. Watch out this space. :)


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Long Time No Update!!!

Well, this November has really been a dry month. Except Varanam Ayiram movie, there has been no big movie or audio release that has taken place this month. Few albums that released this month such as Mahesh Saranya Matrum Palar which has music by Vidyasagar, Sindhanai Sei by debutant Thaman and few other albums released in November have not been so good. In fact, boring! I’m yet to watch Poo which has been receiving positive reviews.

Music Albums I’m looking forward to:

Yogi (Yuvan Shankar Raja)
Ayan (Harris Jeyaraj)
Aayirathil Oruvan (GV PRakash)
Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum (Yuvan)
Siva Manasula Sakthi (Yuvan)
Angadi Theru (GV PRakash)
Sarvam (Yuvan Shankar Raja)


Answer to the last week puzzle


Here is the answer for this post where I had asked visitors to guess the song by giving the interludes.

Those beautiful interludes come in the song "Mullai Poo Soodi Kondu" from Kadhal Samrajyam which had music by Yuvan Shankar Raja. This male solo song is simple and delightful.

Kadhal Samrajiyam had beautiful music by Yuvan but sadly went unnoticed. Another song "Iru Kangal Sollum Kadhal Seidhen" is the best in this album. A fantastic duet.

Check out these songs. You sure will love these songs.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Varanamayiram - Movie Review

The wait ends. One of the much awaited movies of the year is out.

Varanamayiram (VA) portrays the life journey of a man. As many of us know, the movie has been inspired from Forrest Gump. Inspiration is very minimal. VA is the blend of Forest Gump and the autobiography of the director.

The film starts with the demise of the aged Krishnan (Surya). The news is informed to his son Surya (Surya again as an Army officer) who is on a mission to rescue a writer who has been kidnapped by terrorists. Surya then starts recollecting the memories of his father and his life journey. The journey begins.

The movie shifts to 60s (or 80s) where Krishnan falls in love with his college mate Malini (Simran). She reciprocates his love and they get married. They are blessed with the gift of the married life. Surya is born. He grows up, he becomes a guitarist, and he studies in a college at Trichy. He meets Meghna (Sameera) in the train when he returns home after the completion of college life. He falls in love with her. He proposes her in the train itself. But Meghna who doesn’t believe in Love At First Sight rejects his proposal saying that Love cannot blossom just like that. Surya who is in sincere love with her tells her that he’ll not leave her and will only marry her. He later searches and finds her house and makes a proposal again. Meghna, who is surprised to see him at her house, says that she cannot fall in love as she is leaving US to pursue higher studies.

Krishnan falls sick and is hospitalized. Surya asks him to take rest and assures that he’ll take care of the family and finance. Surya obtains some projects to improve the financial status and builds a house for his dad. He is still in love with Meghna. He conveys this to his parents and gets their consent to leave for US to search Meghna. He finds Meghna. She is impressed and finally reciprocates her love. Then comes the tragedy. Meghna dies in a terrorist bomb attack in US.

Depressed Surya decides to come back to India. He meets a gentleman called Shankar Menon who lends his shoulder and tries to console Surya. Surya who is still not recovered from the loss of Meghna starts consuming drugs and becomes a drug addict.

Krishnan and Malini decide to send him out of the town on an attempt to rejuvenate Surya. Surya then tours Kashmir where he comes across the news that the son of Shankar Menon (person whom he met in airport) has been kidnapped. Surya decides to rescue his son and succeeds in his attempt.

Surya is back to home now. Priya (Divya) a friend of Surya’s sister is in love with Surya for years. But then she hid it as Surya was in love with Meghna. Now, she decides to make the proposal. Surya doesn’t accept her proposal.

Surya plans to join Indian Army. After he gets the nod from his parents, he joins Indian Army and becomes a Major. After few years, Priya comes to Indian Army to meet Surya and she makes the proposal again. He accepts and soon they get married.

One day, Krishnan falls sick and is diagnosed as Throat Cancer. He then undergoes an operation. Before he could recover fully, Surya gets a call from the army to rescue the writer who has been kidnapped. So he starts immediately to Kashmir. He is on the mission. Then is when he received the call from his home which conveyed the death of his father.

Surya returns home and completes his father’s funeral. The movie ends!

What I liked in VA?

Surya’s unparalleled performance as father and son is a nothing short of a treat. The emotions he shows when Meghna dies, when he behaves impolitely as a drug addict, his body language as an Army officer. This movie should be a milestone in his career. He does well in father’s role also. But then there is a scope for improvement.

Simran’s performance was really cool. Her character has been portrayed well. Kudos to costume designer for Mundhinam song in which Simran looks gorgeous. :-)

Harris’ background score in second half was amazing. Songs have already become chartbusters.

Cinematography by Rathnavel. Beautifully captures US, Delhi, Kashmir. Good job man!

The characters and the relationship between the characters have been very beautifully portrayed. Be it the bond between Father and Son or the bond between Father Surya and Simran. Father Surya calling Simran as "Darling" is something new. The way Surya respects his father, the way father Surya gives freedom to his son will move each father and son watching the movie.

What I hate in VA?

Excruciatingly slow paced screenplay. Dialogues of Sentiment. Sometimes they were ok, but most of the times they gave a feel :sshhhabbbaa: Is there a thumb rule that this kind of movies should be slow paced?

No excellent dialogues.

Runtime of the movie :yawning:

Certain scenes in first half were very boring.

Some scenes were too artificial. (Eg. Father son surya asking sorry to son surya for using his room in his absence. Huh... )

Which parents will allow their son to stay with his Girlfriend in the same room before marriage? Here is Krisnhan and Simran.. lol.

English dialogues which will not be understood by common people.

Verdict of Vinith:

Varanamayiram means “The strength of thousand elephants”.

Surya’s phenomenal performance equals the strength of 300 elephants, Music and Cinematography equal another 300 elephants, Portrayal of Simran equals 200 elephants and heroines & the portrayal of the characters equal the strength of 199 elephants. Director Gautham's screenplay is the only weaker elephant here. His slow, sometimes merely dragging screenplay and dud dialogues weaken the other elephants. With 999 strong elephants and one weak elephant, the movie is definitely worth watching. Only once.



Sunday, November 9, 2008


Hello Readers,

I had actually posted this in my other blog. I think people have stopped visiting that blog as it remained unupdated for a long time. So I'm posting it here. Guess!

Guess the Song, Movie and the Music Director of the interludes you hear here.

First Interlude,

Second Interlude,

Clue: Song from a movie that did not hit the screen.

If you cannot find the song, try to guess the music director, if you can. :-)

Answers will be posted soon :)

If you cannot listen online,


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kadhalil Vizhundhen

A quick review of “Kadhalil Vizhundhen”

This is one of the different movies in Tamil Film Industry. In fact, an untold story. Kadhalil Vizhundhen is all about a guy who lives with the corpse of his girlfriend thinking that she is still alive. Hmmm… Doesn’t that sound different? Yes, a romance of rare genre! A must watch movie!

Why I liked this movie?

* The story of this movie which is really strong.
* Nakul and the new face Sunaina. Perfect chemistry! Sunaina shines well.
* Vijay Antony’s music. Not for the songs but for the background score. Outstanding BGM for romance scenes elevates the movie to another level. BGM played during the “balloon” scene was my favorite.
* Vijay Milton’s cinematography is another plus.
* The climax.

Why, I may not watch this movie again?

* Sluggish Screenplay for such a powerful story is a big minus. Even though the scene, where we actually come to know that Nakul is mentally abnormal, makes us sit up, the poor screenplay following this scene makes us feel bored.
* Director could have done without a villain.
* Stunts and Songs overdose.

Verdict of Vinith:
Go, watch the movie once. Satisfaction of watching a good movie is guaranteed!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Silambattam - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Well, I had decided not to review this album but I couldn't do it as I'm a huge fan of Yuvan Shankar Raja!

Simbu-Yuvan combo who is well known for grand albums such as Manmadhan and Vallavan has come up with a disastrous album.

The only best song in this album is “Machan machan” sung by his dad and Bela Shinde. A song with matured orchestration and nice interludes. Ilayaraja thoroughly enjoys his son’s composition!

Where is da party”, is inspired from a very famous folk tune of Tamilnadu. Singers have made this bad song worse. I just couldn’t stand the female voice. There is something in her voice which made me press “Next” button, when I heard “Daamaalu dumeelu”.

Nalam Thana” – An atrocious attempt at remixing an eternal classic song. Simbu’s voice is horrible. This is one of the worst attempts by Yuvan. This will surely win him so much of criticism. Simbu-Yuvan combo has committed a big sin through this attempt.

Vechukkava – With no change in the tune, charanam, or pallavi, this is a remake in the name of remix.

Silambattam” sung by Shankar Mahadevan is the hero intro song with typical lyrics that glorify this talented (?) hero! Huh!

Verdict of Vinith:
A very bad album from this combo! More Simbu, less Yuvan!

Sensational Saroja followed by an Average Aegan and now a crap Silambattam. Yuvan’s career graph is lying low! Hope to see a better Yuvan in his next album!


Anandha Thandavam - Music Review - GV Prakash

No doubt. Anandha Thandavam is one of the very few best albums of 2008. GV Prakash Kumar is back with an excellent album after the last two disasters Kuselan and Seval. Anandha Thandavam album has five songs and one theme music.

Megam” sung by Shankar Mahadevan is the pick of lot. With haunting flute interludes and meaningful lyrics that convey the pain of love failure, the song turns out to be a masterpiece. Shankar Mahadevan is becoming more versatile nowadays. This song is one good example.

The next best song in the album “Poovinai” sung by veteran Srinivas is a sure shot winner among lovers. The seductive female voice belongs to Shreya Ghosal who is at her best in this song too.

The fast paced “Kallil Aadum” has some innovative drum beats and excellent interludes. Singers Benny and Swetha have done their parts well. “Kanaa Kangiren” sung by three female singers Shuba Mudgal, Nithya Sri and Vinithra is instantly likeable. Usage of classical instruments such as Nadhaswaram adds good feel. Composer’s orchestration ability sparkles in this song.

The only song which did not impress me despite its grand orchestration is Naresh Iyer’s “Pattu Poochi”. The “Anandha Thandavam Theme” music, which is the instrumental version of “Poovinai” song, is absolutely mind-blowing. This one instrumental is very close to my heart.

Verdict of Vinith:
Anandha Thandavam music is sure to take GV Prakash to next level. The album is worth buying. I’m eagerly waiting to watch this movie! There is a very good improvement in GVP's compositions. Hope he continues with the same!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Haunting Song

It is always a great pleasure to listen to a haunting/soothing song continually! Isn't it? Now, I've got one such song in my player which doesn't allow me to remove it from the list neither does it allow me to jump to the next song.

This is a simple melody with very minimal orchestration and powerful lyrics that express the pangs of separation (or a love failure). The solo violin in the second interlude and the female voice make my eyes wet. Kudos to this Trio!

Song: Anal Mele Panithuli
Music: Harris Jeyaraj
Lyrics: Thamarai
Singer: Sudha Raghunathan

This song easily beats the other two gems, Mundhinam and Nenjukkulle!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Children of Heaven

Please spend Ten minutes in reading this review, and 90 minutes to watch this movie.
Movie: Children of Heaven (1997)
Country: Iran
Director: Majid Majidi
Cast: Amir Farrokh Hashemian (as Ali), Bahare Seddiqi (as Zahra)
Awards and Accolades: Nominated for Oscar Award. Critically acclaimed.
A simple tale of a brother and sister hailing from a very poor family. Zahra’s damaged shoes are given for repair. Ali goes and collects the repaired shoes. Ali keeps the shoes outside a shop and goes inside to buy provisions. Accidently a street peddler takes away the shoes along with the wastes. When Ali comes out, he finds the shoes missing. He returns home and informs this to Zahra. Zahra initially decides to inform this to parents but calms down as Ali convinces her that he would surely find the missing shoes. Siblings decide not to inform their parents about the missing shoes.

Ali comes up with an idea when Zahra asks him as what she would wear tomorrow. The idea is, Zahra will wear Ali’s shoes in the morning and hand it over to Ali. Ali would then wear it in the afternoon. Zahra agrees to this condition as she knows that her parents cannot buy a new one. They implement this idea and are quite successful in this. But everyday Ali goes late to school since he has to wait and collect the shoes from Zahra.

One day, Zahra finds her shoes on her schoolmate’s feet. Assuming that her classmate has stolen her shoes, she follows her and finds her house. She then takes Ali to her house to get the shoes. But they return after seeing her family situation which is worse than theirs.

Ali’s school organizes a running race. Ali who was not interested to be a part of the race at first, changes his mind later after he sees the poster which has the prize list. Third prize – A pair of sneakers. Ali breaks this news to Zahra and promises that he will end third in the race.

The race starts! Does Ali succeed in his attempt to win the sneakers? Was he able to keep the promise? Have they got the new pair of sneakers which they were yearning for? – Go, watch the movie!

Best parts of the movie!

Zahra and Ali’s splendid performance. Are these children from heaven?

Ali and Zahra communicate with each other by writing in their notebook. This is because they cannot talk about the lost shoes in front of their parents.

The movie carries very little music but aptly comes in the background. Rerecording for the racing scenes is brilliant.

Every time when Zahra runs to handover the shoes to Ali, I sit up.

The way Zahra tries to catch the shoe which falls into a gutter. The tension she shows on her face when running to catch the shoe is absolutely mind-blowing. This one scene left me at the edge of seat and my eyes were wet! Excellent GBM!

The whole running race episode. The way the director increases your tension during the running race. At one point during the race, Ali realizes that he is in the first place; so he slows down and lets two boys run ahead so that he can end third in the race. When Ali places himself in third position, a boy hits Ali wantonly and runs ahead; Ali falls down. Tension grips!

When Ali loses energy and slows down, the scene where Zahra runs fast to handover the shoes flashes his mind! He gears up and starts running fast! Re-recording for this running race is priceless. You’ll hear only the panting sound of Ali. This piece is very innovative! Again, my eyes brimmed with tears!

To conclude,
This movie is so realistic that almost every brother can relate this story and scenes with his life! The guy who is watching this movie would see himself in Ali and his sister in Zahra!

I strongly feel that this movie should be screened in every school for children on Children’s day! This is not a movie but a journey for me.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Music Review - A Aa E Ee - Vijay Antony

A typical Vijay Antony Album! A mixed bag of one melody, one foot paced number and four kuthu songs.

TV-Serial title song type melody “Natta Nadu rathiri” is good to listen mainly for the orchestration. Packed with violin prelude and flute interludes. Amateurish voice of Sangeetha which suited the title song “Ennai Thedi” of Kadhalikka Neramillai TV Serial, doesn’t suit this song. The fast paced “Dingi Tappu” which is supposed to be a Nakka Mukka V2.0 is passable.

The title song “A aa e ee” song is a rhymes. The other three songs “Mena Minuki”, “Tappo Tappu”, “Kanni vedi” make the no of tracks Six. None of these impressed me.

Verdict of Vinith:

Large part of any Vijay Antony album is filled with kuthu songs. A Aa E Ee is of no exception. It’s high time that composer changes his formula and concentrates more on melody.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Song Review – Mundhinam – Varanamayiram

What would be the outcome if a sweet tune with mesmerizing orchestration, excellent rendition and beautiful lyrics join hands?

Answer: A song like Mundhinam.

My pick of the album. Three people take credits for making this song a memorable one. Composer Harris Jeyaraj, Singer Naresh and Lyricist Thamarai.

Starting with Surya’s voiceover, every bit in this song is thoroughly enjoyable. Magnificent drum beats, enthralling saxophone interludes. You'll soon find the interludes here. Naresh Iyer’s cho chweet voice is the best choice for this song. Lyricist Thamarai’s lyrics carry much weight. I just got stuck to the line “Thulaa thattil unnai vaithu, nigar seiya ponnai vaithaal thulaabaaram thorkadho, perazhage”. Awesome!

Mundhinam Parthene – Naan yeppodhum ketpane :)
Kudos to the Team!
Need star rating? Well, 5 out of 5.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Music Review - Aegan - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Successful Ajith-Yuvan combo is back but with a disappointing album this time. Out of five songs, only two songs save the album.

Jazz melody "Hey Baby" sung by Shankar Mahadevan is a sure shot winner. With Yuvan’s brilliant orchestration and Shankar Mahadevan’s astonishing vocals, the song turns out to be the best in this album while the passable track “Odum Varaiyil” is greatly saved by the upcoming singer Bela Shinde. The charanam parts in this song are too good. “Kichu Kichu” did not impress me much despite its grand orchestration and beats. This is mainly because it sounds very similar to the orchestration of my favorite “Sei” song of Billa.

The other two songs "Hey Saala" and "Yahoo" are droning and dissonant pieces, mainly for mass hero.

Verdict of Vinith:
Aegan is strictly for Ajith fans and is out of satisfaction for other music lovers and Yuvan Shankar Raja fans.

Stars: 2.5 Stars

Straight from my heart:
I'm missing a solid melody this time also from my favorite Yuvan Shankar Raja. It's been long time since I heard a haunting, soothing melody from YSR. Waiting for atleast one melody in upcoming album Siva Manasula Sakthi. :(


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Song Review – Un Thalai Mudi – Kadhalil Vizhundhen (Vijay Antony)

One of the best songs of this year. Sorry last year. Yes, the audio was released in 2007.

I came to know about this song only after Sun Network started promoting this film by freeeeeeequently playing the songs in their channels.

The best part of the song is the saxophone in the prelude. I was stupefied when I listened to this prelude. Never thought that even Vijay Antony would come up with such a nice song. Next is the haunting flute (or some wind instrument?) interludes. The overall orchestration is very simple with mild percussions making the song so soothing to ears.

The only thing which spoils this beautiful song is the female voice which is not so sweet. Don’t know why Vijay Antony wanted Maya to sing in false voice. I’m not at all ok with that voice

Overall, a beautiful song!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Seval – GV Prakash – Music Review

A standard album for Hari movies with three melodies, and three kuthu songs.

Odamarathu Mullapola – Benny Dayal
A typical folk song. Same old tune, lyrics, orchestration which almost every music director in TFM has tried. Doesn’t make an impact.

Thulasi Chediya – Hariharan, Deepa Mariam
The monotonous tune is the main minus point in Thulasi Chediya. A melody which fails to impress you despite the excellent orchestration. I loved the violin piece that comes in the middle. Another “Thaaliye Thevai illa” for singer Hariharan.

Thaayaramma Thaayaaru – Karthik, Vadivel
An inane kuthu song. Karthik has thoroughly enjoyed singing. Vadivel’s voice that comes intermittently is enjoyable.

Namma Ooru Nallaarukku – Anuradha, Tippu, Manickavinayagam
I was instantly impressed by this song mainly because of the beats and the way GVP has fused the tune of “Sandaiku poren, neenga saatchiku vanga” lines of 16-Vayadhinile song at the end of Saranam.

Kannamma Kannamma – Vijay Yesudas, Gayathri
A passable melody. Nothing so great in this song.

Paarvayile Oru Yaekkam – Naresh Iyer
Best song of this album. A beautiful melody with gentle beats and haunting flute interludes. Naresh Iyer outshines in singing once again.

Verdict of Vinith:
An album for B and C centers. Definitely not for A center crowd! We cannot blame GV Prakash for delivering a dud album as he has exactly what Hari wants from any composer. GVP should strictly avoid composing for this kind of movies as we have got Srikanth Deva and D. Imman who have been doing this for years!

Stars: 2 Stars


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Vannathu Poochi - Rehan - Music Review

Vannathu Poochi is an upcoming movie which deals with the relationship between a grandfather and his granddaughter. Songs are composed by debutant composer Rehan. Out of 7 songs, only two are listenable.

Aei Vangada – A folk song. No rhythm, no tune.

Ilamai Konjum – A dance number. Flows aimlessly. Really boring.

Kaatril Katril – A typical SA Rajkumar melody with Tabla in the background. Superannuated tune, orchestration, even the vocals.

Mazhai Varum – Another song with no solid melody or attractive beats.I just pressed "Next" button.

Ore Oru – Storytelling song. a.k.a Rhymes. Again "Next" button.

Oru Kudam – This is the best song in the album, sung by a girl. A haunting melody with mild orchestration. Child’s lively voice adds more charm.

Yarukulle Yaaro – Another good number in this album. Soothing tune with excellent male voice. The song does remind you of some other old song. But still, good to listen.

Verdict of Vinith:
Two songs are worth listening. Composer Rehan could have done more hardwork for this off-beat movie.

Stars: 2 stars


Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu" by Selvaganesh - Music Review

Are you happy that TFM has got few good music directors such as James, Kumaran etc. If so, a good news for you. Next in the list of James Vasanthan, SS Kumaran is Selvaganesh who is making his debut in Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu. Brilliant compositions!

With Haricharan’s soulful rendition, and very soft tune “Uyiril” turns out to be the best song in this album. The opening Keyboard sounds lovely and is heard throughout the song in the background.

“Laysa Parakudhu”, a rhythmic melody very beautifully sung by talented Karthik and Chinmayi is another striking composition with interesting flute interludes. Karthik again at his best in “Pada Pada”, another melody with interesting orchestration and beautiful lyrics.

Selvaganesh shines well in the fast paced “Kabadi” theme song. Grand orchestration with racy percussions. Who else except Shankar Mahadevan sing this high pitched exhilarating song? His vibrant rendition is a definite plus.

Another "thiruvizha" song “Vandhanam” doesn’t impress you much as we have already got this type of song in Paruthiveeran, Subramaniyapuram and Poo.

Verdict of Vinith:

With three melodies, one fast paced and one folk song, Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu is an excellent output of this debutant. Selvaganesh shines well in his debut. 2008 is definitely a great year for debutants it seems. James Vasanthan, SS Kumaran and now it’s Selvaganesh who is making a promising debut.

Stars: 4 stars.

For those who do not know much about Selvaganesh:
Selvaganesh is a world famous percussionist. He is the son of Vikku Vinayakram, a legend in Carnatic Music, who was nominated for Grammy Award in 1996.




Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Abhiyum Naanum - Music Review - Vidyasagar

Vidyasagar didn't take pain to compose the tunes. So I didn't take pain to write a detailed review.

Azhagiya Kili
– Very good and Grand. Interesting preludes and interludes.
Tune – Garbage
Vocals – SPB has been wasted.

Ore Oru Oorile
Orchestration – Average
Tune – “Villu paatu” genre, something like story telling. Average
Vocals – Kailash Kher. Atrocious

Moongil Vittu sendra
– A bit song. So can’t expect much from this.
Tune – Good.
Vocals – Madhu Balakrishnan.

Chinnamma Kalyanam
Orchestration – Again a bit song.
Tune – Merely drags.
Vocals – Kailash again. Nasal.

Sher Punjabi
Orchestration – Again a bit song. Nothing Special.
Tune – ---DO---
Vocals - ---DO---

Va va en devadhaiye
Orchestration – Good.
Tune – Average.
Vocals – Madhu Balakrishnan catches your attention.
Lyrics – Good.

Pachai Katre
– Good.
Tune – Average. At times, reminds you of “Kadhal enbadhu” of Poovellam Un Vasam.
Vocals – Good rendition by evergreen Sadhana.

Verdict of Vinith:

Overall, Abhiyum Naanum turns out to be an unpleasant album. Unexpected from Radha Mohan – VS combo. Awful!



Thursday, September 25, 2008

Varanamayiram - Music Review - Harris Jeyaraj

Harris’s best album of 2008. Harris once again proves that he is king in using “Guitar” and Percussions. I really don't know whom should I credit. Gowtham for getting the best from Harris Jeyaraj or Harris for churning out the best for Gowtham? Or the perfect Chemistry between these two? The songs have come out really well.

Of all seven songs, “Nenjukkul Peidhidum” song is the highlight. Starting with guitar notes, the song takes you completely into it. Hariharan at his best once again. This song turns out to be the best of this album. Guitar interlude is awesome. Thamarai’s lyrics doesn’t fail to impress you. This song would top the charts in the coming weeks and would be one of the top melodies of this year. Harris-Hariharan combo works well.

“Anal Mele Panithuli”, a slow number with soulful singing from Sudha Ragunathan (instead of Bombay Jayashree??). The song sometimes reminds you of “Enadhu Uyire” of Bheema and sometimes reminds you of “Venmagham” (YNM) especially during the first interlude. Not to mistake, the tune is so soothing, with Sudha’s vocals and the solo violin in the second interlude being the highlight. But the song definitely gives “Have I heard this before?” feel. The orchestration is so simple that we certainly miss Harris’ grand orchestration.

A simple, hummable tune with neat orchestration is the folk song “Ava Enna”, which is worked on well by Karthik’s dazzling rendition. The lengthy second interlude is well executed.

Another beautiful song in this album is Mundhinam Parthene. Naresh succeeds again in singing. This song again reminds you of composer’s earlier woks. Neat orchestration with nice Sax interludes and lyrics are thoroughly enjoyable.

Adiye Kolluthe, a peppy song, starts off well and takes you through “Vennilave velli nilave” song during the first interlude and returns to the original tune as the stanza starts. The song is already a huge hit and would go well with the masses for sure. Shruthihaasan’s vocal is charming.

Yethi yethi” is for those who love dance numbers. Looks like hero’s intro song with lyrics targeted at youngsters. And, at last, the bit song “Oh Shanthi” is also exciting with SPB Charan’s vocals.

Verdict of Vinith:

Harris who failed to impress his fans in “Satyam” is in a very decent form in Varanamayiram. It’s Harris-Goutham which does all this magic.

Star Rating: 4 Stars


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lucky September

Lucky September!!!

September seems to be a lucky month for Kollywood. 2008 had not been a great year for Kollywood till August. Very few films such as Dasavatharam, Anjathe, Yaradi Nee Mohini, Santhosh Subramaniyan and Subramaniyapuram tasted the success at the Box Office. Much expected movies such as Bheema, Pirivom Sandhippom, Kuruvi, Kuselan bombed at Box Office. But now, the smile is back. Five films Saroja, Jeyam Kondan, Poi Solla Porom, M3V and Alibaba hit the screen this month and all of them have received positive reviews from media and critics. They are doing good business in BO as per the sources. Cool…
So this September is a lucky month. Isn't it?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Poo - Music Review - SS Kumaran

Composer SS Kumaran makes his first album very impressive. The songs in "Poo" are really of high quality in terms of orchestration, innovative music. No doubt, SS Kumaran’s debut is so promising with soulful tracks.

Chu chu maari – Kids
You’ll keep smiling when you listen to this song.
Two reasons:
1. Kids’ rendition is really interesting that naturally makes you enjoy the song with a smile.
2. The funny and interesting lyrics. (Especially the last line for which I LOL-ed)
This is my pick. Sure shot winner and will be played very frequently in TV Channels. Kumaran shines well in using the instruments in this song. It’s very impressive every time the kids say “chu chu maari”. On a whole, the song takes you to your boyhood days. Mind-blowing short interludes are great plus.

"Avaram poo" sung by Chinmayi is a complete song with beautiful lyrics, excellent vocals, and interesting orchestration. No heavy metallic beats, no too many instruments masking the lyrics. A breezy number which is very soothing to ears. Kudos to Kumaran. "Dheena" sung by Shankar Mahadevan, Hemambiga is a peppy song with nice flute, violin preludes and interludes. Shankar as usual excels with high-pitches vocals. But this song is not as impressive as the previous two songs yet passable.

Harini’s vocals stand out in the romantic duet Maman Engirukkan (Harini, Thippu, Karthik). This is another song that gives a very good rural feel. The lengthy second interlude with a solo violin and Kids chorus is thoroughly enjoyable. The bit song Paasa mozhi sung by the composer himself is another good number. Surprisingly his voice reminds me of Ilayaraja’s voice. Soulful rendition indeed.

Sivakasi Rathiye is an earthy number sung by Karuppu Devar. of “Oororam Puliyamaram” genre. The tune reminds you of various other songs. If you are a fan of kuthu, folk or typical “thiruvizha” songs, then this will surely impress you.

SS Kumaran’s debut is definitely promising and very genuine too. An album that gives a complete rural feel. “Chu Chu maari” and "Avaram poo” will top the charts.

Star Rating: 3.5 stars.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tamil killers

இது தமிழில் என் முதல் பதிவு. தமிழ் மொழி சம்பந்தப்பட்டது என்பதால் என் கோபத்தை தமிழிலேயே பதிவு செய்கிறேன்.

தஞ்சையில் பிறந்ததாலோ என்னவோ தமிழ் மீது எனக்கு அலாதி பற்று. பாடல் வரிகளை கூர்ந்து கவனிப்பேன். அருமையான வரிகளை மிகவும் ரசிப்பேன். அசிங்கமான பாடல் வரிகளை கண்டால் பொங்கி எழுவேன். அந்த பாடல் ஆசிரியரை திட்டி தீர்ப்பேன். முக்கியமாக இயக்குனர் பேரரசு-வை கண்டால் கடும் கோபம் கொள்வேன். அவன் எழுதும் பாடல் வரிகள் அப்படி. (அர்த்தமற்ற பாடல் வரிகளை பற்றி ஒரு பதிவு எழுதிக்கொண்டு இருக்கிறேன். விரைவில் அதை நீங்கள் இங்கு வாசிக்கலாம்.)

இப்பொழுது வேற ஒன்றை பற்றி பேசுவோம்.

கீழ் கண்ட வாக்கியங்களை வாசிக்கவும்.

"இவர் உழக புகழ் பெற்ற ஓவியர்கலில் ஒருவர். இவர் வரைந்த ஓவியங்கள், இவர் இறந்த பிறகு அதிக விலைக்கு விற்பனை ஆனது. இவர் வால்ந்த போது அங்கீகாரம் பெறாத இவரோட ஓவியம், இவர் இறந்த பிறகு அங்கீகாரம் பெற்றது."

"சென்னை-லேர்ந்து மலர்விலி இந்த பாடல கேட்டிருக்கங்க. அவங்கலுக்காக இந்த பாடல வலங்கறோம். பாத்து என்ஜாய் பண்ணுங்க"

அவசரப்பட்டு நான் பிழையாக எழுதி விட்டதாக நினைக்க வேண்டாம்.

மேற்கண்ட வாக்கியங்கள் முறையே கே டிவி-இலும், சன் மியூசிக்-இலும் கேட்க நேர்ந்தது.

என்னவென்று சொல்வது?

இவர்களுக்கு நாக்கு என்று ஒன்று எதற்கு? சாதாரணமாய் பேசும்பொழுது இப்படி பேசினால் சகித்து கொள்ளலாம். ஆனால் தொலைக்காட்சியில் கோடி மக்கள் முன் பேசும்போது இப்படியா பேசுவது. சூப்பர் ஸ்டார் ரஜினி பாஷையில் "இவர்களை உதைக்க வேண்டாமா?".

இவர்களை எல்லாம் விட இவர்களை தேர்வு செய்தவரை உதைக்க வேண்டும். எப்பொழுது திருந்துவார்கள் இவர்கள்?

மன உளைச்சலில்,

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saroja - Movie Review

After roaring success with Chennai-28, Venkat Prabhu is back with Saroja. He is actually back with a bang in Saroja. Yes, Saroja is a sure shot winner.

Saroja is all about a foursome (SPB Charan, Mirchi Shiva, Premji and Chinni) are friends who plan a trip to Hyderabad to watch India-Pakistan ODI match. They plan to go by a caravan arranged by Shiva. The journey starts happily but faces a big tragedy in the middle.

The journey is disrupted as a tanker lorry mishap on the road. Shiva comes up with an idea of reaching Hyderabad through a shortcut. Midway in the shortcut, they hit a man (Bose Venkat) who is trying to escape from a rowdy gang. They take Bose Venkat into their Van as an attempt to aid him. The gang catches Bose Venkat and shoots him to death. This murder is witnessed by SPB Charan and Shiva. The gang decides to kill both the Witnesses. They try to escape. Thus a racy screenplay starts.

The foursome later comes to know that the gang is also involved in kidnapping the daughter (Vega) of Viswanathan (Prakash Raj). The foursome makes up their mind to rescue Vega from the gang. How do they plan and succeed? That forms the rest of the story. There is an unexpected twist at the end. Premji and Shiva keep the movie alive and entertaining.

First bouquet to Venkat Prabhu for making a movie with a good action screenplay mixed with right amount of fun. Next in the line is Yuvan Shankar Raja for his amazing background score. His music is the backbone of the movie. Then, the cameraman Shakthi Saravanan. He has done a fabulous job. He has captured even the dark night scenes very clearly. Last but not least, Premji. He put the whole theatre in laughter whenever he appeared on screen.

Prakash Raj, Jayaram (as policeman), Sampath (gang leader), Vega all fit the bill. Rest of the actors of Chennai28 team also appears in cameo roles in the movie. That’s a good idea VP.

On looking at the above said points, please do not come to a conclusion that VP has come up with an innovative and trend stting story. Here is the biggest negative point of the movie.The one half of the story is unoriginal. The whole concept of Tour to Hyderabad, Caravan, Foursome, Van hitting a man, heroes witnessing the execution, hiding themselves in the building, seeking the beggars’ help, are all the Tamil version of the movie “Judgment Night”. Dittoed. The only thing VP has done is, he has combined this half with a usual Kidnapping story and has added enough fun.

Had VP come out with an original script, I would have been very happy watching the movie. As I have already watched Judgment Night, I could easily predict most of the scenes.Since most of the Tamil audiences wouldn’t have watched Judgment Night, Saroja is certainly a fresh script for them.Positives and Negatives of the movie:

Plus points:
Racy screenplay
Yuvan’s BGM
Cameraman Shakthi Saravanan

Unoriginal Script is the big minus point
The twist in the climax is utterly cliché.

Overall a commendable job from the team.

Star Rating: Saroja deserves 4 stars. Inspiration takes 1 star from it. So only 3 Stars.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Overrated and Underrated singers

Overrated and Underrated singers

I always admire at singers as singing has been my passion since my boyhood days. It’s a dream that never came true. To me, SPB sir is a God. Even now, if I see his face on TV/Newspaper, I tell my family “Hey…. Salute this God”. He is the best personality I love in this world.

Okay, let’s come to the objective of this post. In any field, there are artists who are overrated and underrated.

Now, I would like to share my view about two Tamil singers Balram and Krish who are underrated and overrated respectively.

Krish – Overrated

Krish, the singer who belongs to nasal voice is definitely overrated. He has sung hardly 10-20 songs out of which two, three songs are passable. Rest of which are avoided by me mainly coz of his nasal voice. He has not even established himself in this field. But if someone who is devoid of Tamil film music watches his interview in TV, they would certainly feel that this guy has achieved something great! The way he blows his own trumpet, his gestures are seriously irritating. That is one thing I hate in few other new comers. He has bagged an award for “June Ponal”. The songs which I like are June ponal and one or two other. I'm not against Krish. I love his voice in June Ponal. It was quite good. Just that, I feel that he is overrated.

Balram – Underrated

Yes. Balram is underrated. He is the real talent who has caught the attention of audience through Katrin Mozhi. He was introduced by ARR in “Nee than en desiya geetham” following which he sang “Pani Katre”, “Oviya” etc. I’m very much sure that this talent has not been given his due. I don’t know if he is choosy in singing songs or composers don’t approach him. After legendary SPB, Jesudoss, it’s Balram whose voice touched my soul. There is something in his voice which is fascinating me. Even now while writing this, am listening to Katrin Mozhi. I go sad when he sings “Unmai oomai aanal, Kanneer mozhi aagum”, I smile along with him when he says “Penmai oomai aanal, naanam mozhi aagum”. Oh My God, his voice is changing my mood and expression in this song. That’s the real success of a singer. Kudos to Balram!

But sadly, there is no proper recognition for this guy. Hardly 3 songs a year! Huh! That’s really sad. I wish music directors use this talent to make their tunes even more successful. Established music directors such as Yuvan, Harris must give opportunity to this talent.

Top three songs of Balram,

Katrin Mozhi (Mozhi)
Iru Kangal Sollum (Kadhal Samrajyam)
Pani Katre (Run)

Hope to see more such soulful rendition from you. Wish you all the best Balram.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Director - Not found

I like this Mr. X very much. Mr. X is a director. Mr. X has directed only one movie. I’ve been waiting for his next venture. But now information is found about the director’s next movie. Immediately after his first movie, he announced his next movie. Title of his second movie was too good. There have been no updates after that.

The only movie he directed was an excellent movie. When I came out of theatre, I was emotionally stuck. It was like a journey. The camera work, the music, the characters, lead artist's performance were all enthralling. Certain scenes were absolutely mindblowing and very innovative. Meaningful dialogues is another plus.

Despite the positive reviews from critics and audience the movie bombed at the box office. The movie did have some flaws and few ridiculous dialogues. But still the movie was worth watching. I cannot forget certain scenes and dialogues of that movie. Am eagerly waiting for his next movie.

But I feel that he is not given his due. When director Perarasu, recipient of contempt reviews could get numerous offers, why aren’t producers approaching this talented Mr. X?I wish to see news about the next venture of this talent soon. Hope we’ll get it.

I hope you have guessed who Mr. X is. Haven’t you?

He is Mr. Raam, the director of the movie Katradhu Tamizh.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Subramaniapuram - Movie Review

2008 - A man is being released from a jail, he comes out - CUT - Its raining outside - CUT - He had not even crossed the prison premises, a man comes and kills this bloke. He falls down - CUT - 1980 - Subramaniyapuram - Kanja karuppu walks down the street. The story starts...

Isn't that a fantastic opening scene?

Jai, Sasikumar (Director), Kanja Karuppu and two other are thick friends. The story revolves these three leads with other two being supporting roles. Jai, Sasi and Kanja Karuppu are unemployed youngsters who involve themselves in fights, then paying frequent visits to the Subramaniyapuram police station. They are being helped by Samuthrakani whose elder brother is an ex-Councilor. So there comes a natural bonding between Samuthrakani and these three youngsters. Conucilor is being taken away from the post by a member in the opposite party. This puts Samuthrakani under mental agony. He shares this pain with this trio. Trio decides to kill the opposite party member believing that Samuthrakani will help them come out of jail on bail. Jai and Sasi are imprisoned. But Samuthrakani doesn't take any step to release the duo. They make friendship with another accused in the same jail who helps Jai and Sasi to come out on bail. The act of revenge starts... Thus the racy screen play starts... Swetha, daughter of the the councilor, falls in love with Jai... After an hour and 15 minutes, the story switches back to 2008, the person who was killed in Jail premises is taken to the hospital and is being given treatment... After a minute, the story goes back to 1980 and continues with the rest and comes back to 2008 at the end...

The script may sound run-of-the-mill. But director has presented it with so many twists (which were not at all predictable) which make you bite your nail at times.

All the characters have been portrayed well, especially the handicapped friend of Jai. There is no one in the movie who irritates the audience by overacting. Female lead has very less scope to act, but has done her part well. Jai has done this role with ease. Remarkable perfomance. Director Sasi goes one step further in acting.

Since the story is about the happenings in 1980, the director has been very careful that no mark of latest happenings is seen on the screen. No latest cars, no computers, no latest movie posters are seen in 80's episode of the movie. Hats off to the director.

Music director James has also proven his ability in delivering the best BGM he can for the movie, but falters at times where the re-recording becomes too sonorous. James must avoid this in his future ventures.

The best scene in the movie is, when Jai is being chased by Samuthrakani gang he runs off to escape and finally gets inside a house where a lady and a baby live. The moment the lady sees him inside the house, she scolds him and asks him to go out. Scared Jai falls on her feet and begs her to save his life. Fantastic performance by Jai in this particular scene.

Flawless movies cannot be made. So I tried my best not to find faults. There were few flaws. But I am not going to meintion those here as the stunning climax makes me forget those flaws. Most of the reviews say that too much of violence is a minus point in this movie. But I disagree with that. This kind of movies need violence and rustic screenplay. This is inevitable.

If you watch it in theatre, when someone calls you in the interval to ask your review, you would say "Hmmm... somewhat going... First half is OK". in the mid of the second half you would say "Second half is very racy. Better than first half.". When you come out of theatre you would say "The last 15 minutes elevated the whole movie to a greater level. Just couldn't believe why he did so. Have to watch it again"

Overall, the movie is worth watching many times.

Star rating: 4 stars.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

GVP - Yuvan Coincidence!!!

Another interesting coincidence.

I recently got the OST (not exactly OST. But good collection of BGM) of the movie Manmadhan, music by Yuvan. This collection includes main theme with 13 other BGM music and bit songs. The theme music (Violin orchestration) of the movie Kreedom by young composer GV Prakash, strongly resembles one of the BGM pieces of Manmadhan.

The inspired piece is very small in terms of duration but the similitude is pretty high. Check out this. I really don’t know if this is an intentional act of GVP or again an accidental one.

As a layman, my knowledge about how a Symphony is composed is, first the composer writes musical notes for the symphony and then composes the music with the written notes. (Please correct me if I am wrong). So this piece seems to be an accidental one. Of course, no composer would sit and copy/inspire the music that comes merely for 3 seconds.

Listen to those pieces!

Manmadhan Theme,

Kridom Theme,

This is just a coincidence I guess. What do you think about this?


Friday, August 1, 2008

Raman Thediya Seethai (Vidyasagar) - Music Review

After a series of disappointing attempts in his recent albums Kuruvi, Alibaba, Muniyandi, Vidyasagar is back with some interesting songs in Raman Thediya Seethai. Thanks to the composer for doing away with irritating kuthu songs. Musically, RTS is no Mozhi, but is definitely an album that gives listeners a good feel.

Nanba – Karthik
A pleasant bit song with Karthik’s excellen vocals. A short song with amazing interlude and good orchestration. This song has some cheerful lyrics to pep up the friend.

Ippavae Ippavae – Madhu Balakrishnan, Harini
Starts with an interesting prelude. A breezy song with minimal orchestration yet noticeable. Madhu and Harini’s rendition definitely suits the mood of the song well. Had the tune been honed well, this would have been another best song in this album.

Mazhai Nindra – Kalyani
Pick of the album. Song would definitely go well with the masses especially with lovers. The song is so soothing with beautiful lyrics, mind-blowing orchestration and mesmerizing vocals by the singer Kalyani. Given a chance, Kalyani would surely be another Shreya Ghosal in TFM.

Vanathai – Tippu
Another best track in the album. A complete song with magnificent orchestration, excellent interludes, noteworthy lyrics and amazing vocals from Tippu. Guitar usage in the first interlude is awesome.

Enne Pulla – Vidyasagar
Sounds like a folk song. Composer himself has rendered his voice for this song. Vidyasagar shines well as a composer but fails to create an impression as a singer. Composer’s nasal voice irritates at times. Overall orchestration is good.

Dj Dj Disca Poodu – Suchitra, Benny
The only below average song of this album. A song that doesn’t catch your attention. Composer falters in this song.

Verdict of Vinith:
With three good numbers, the album is definitely worth listening. Vidyasagar is one of the few musicians who strikes the right note in choosing the singer for this songs. He doesn’t spoil the song by roping Tamil-killers in. This is one good example.

Star Rating: 3.5 stars


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dhanam (Ilayaraja) - Music Review

After the grand success of Uliyin Osai album, Raaja is back with Dhanam. Dhanam offers seven tracks in total out of which only three songs are thoroughly enjoyable.

"Dhanam Dhanam" is a perfect kuthu number. Raaja’s folkish touch is seen through the entire song. "Ilamai Kanavugal" is a peppy song with all the ingredients to go well with masses. Accomplished singer Karthik’s rendition adds more charm and gives a good feel to the song.

"Kattilukku" is a usual song but thankfully saved by outstanding lyrics. Run-of-the-mill compositions are often saved by noteworthy lyrics. This is an example. Meaningful lyrics along with Raaja’s soulful vocals make this song worth listening. Raaja’s rendition is a great plus in this song.

"Kannanukku" is another good number in the album. A couple of highlights in this song are the well executed orchestration and the flute, violin interludes. All that you need to enjoy this slow song is patience. "Koothu onnu" and "Ulagam kedakkuthu" are below average numbers, the former is a kuthu number while the latter seems to be an item number. "Unakulle irukiren" is just a passable number that doesn’t offer enough scope to Sriram Parthasarathy to prove his talent. Surprisingly Raaja has used a piece of music in the first interlude which comes in “Selling Dope” of Pudhupettai.

Verdict of Vinith:
Dhanam doesn’t stand out as the composer’s last release Uliyin Osai did neither does it fail to impress you. Overall, Dhanam is a passable album. Definitely a treat for HC Raaja fans.

Star Rating: Between 2 to 2.5 Stars :-)


Sunday, July 27, 2008

A threatening SMS

Friday - 8 Serial Blasts in Bangalore - 3 feared dead
Saturday - 14 Serial Blasts in Ahmedabad - 30 Dead

This is the headlines in all the dailies in India. Not only that, this has been the talk in every town in India.

People in major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta, Delhi are living in fear, they are hesitating to go outside, they are worried about their relatives living in the other cities.

At this situation of high fear gripping the people in INDIA, there is an SMS which is being forwarded among people in India. Even I received this SMS. I was totally pissed off on reading this SMS and hence writing this post.

The SMS is "Next attack in Chennai? Terrorists are forming the word BACK. Bangalore Ahmedabad Chennai Kolkatta. They have announced red alert all over India today. Please stay safe. Dont go outside"

I have surfed enough to check if this is true and have confirmed that this is just a fake news which is being spread by some jobless people. Will people not be put under high tension through this SMS?

My instinct says that this is an attempt by some yougsters to ridicule others. Do they enjoy sending this kind of SMS and putting people under hyper tension. What pleasure are they getting in sending such idiotic SMS?

Some of my friends said that this SMS could actually be a caution given to people in Chennai and Kolkatta. But I don't think so.

May god save my country from Terrorists also from such jobless people who indulge in this kind of activities!!!

Did you receive this SMS? If so, I request you to delete this immediately, please do not forward it to others! Thanks!


Monday, July 21, 2008

Satyam (Harris Jeyaraj) - Music Review

Oh my god, what happened to Harris Jeyaraj? He could have adopted his usual style of drone composition. Composer’s last release was Dham Dhoom. Even though the album lacked uniqueness and gave a good nostalgic trip, we were atleast able to enjoy the songs for some weeks. It seems that Harris wanted to try something different in Satyam. Result: Satyam gets a place in the list of “Harris’ worst albums”.

Chellame chellame – Bombay Jayashree, Balram
Harris’ trademark melody song with his usual rhythm pattern and orchestration. Harris does win in this song! First interlude is packed with a soothing solo violin while composer’s conventional “keeyan muyyan (LOL)” humming forms second interlude. Bombay Jayashree and Balram are at their best once again.

Enanbe – Sahdana Sargam
When there is Harris’ album, there should be atleast one ““Have I heard this before?” song. Yes. You have one in this too. A melody song With Sadhana’s youthful voice. The song does impress you but only to some extent.

Paal pappali – Ranjith
A folk number with superannuated form of tune and lyrics. Nothing new in the way the song has been orchestrated. The song does remind you of “sarakku vachurukken” of Sahjagan.

Ada gada - Premji
The song is awful with a below average tune, boring orchestration, irritating lyrics. Better don’t even give a try to listen this.

Aaradi kaathe - Hariharan
Nothing new in this song. Typical orchestration for intro song, usual lyrics that praise the hero and boring vocals, these all join together in this song to put your ears in jeopardy.

Verdict of Vinith:
The album evinces either of the following (or both):
1. As a commercial movie Satyam demands such songs.
2. Harris is running short of tunes.

Star Rating: 2 stars


Friday, July 18, 2008

Plagiarism - Deva and SA Rajkumar

Deva, SA Rajkumar and two old songs!!!

Deva is one of the most sought after (for copying) music directors in Tamil. He has copied so many songs from various English bands. The list is really very long. You may check here for the lifted songs by Deva.

I feel that a small portion in the stanza of “Yaar solvadho” song from Kushi has been lifted off the humming piece in “Chittukuruvi mutham” song of Pudhiya Paravai (1964), music by Viswanathan Ramamoorthy.

Listen to Chittukuruvi humming,

Listen to Yaar Solvadho part,

Next one, S A Rajkumar’s

Kaasu thedi povoma ekka” piece from “Pala palakkuthu pudhu nottu” song of Thulladha Manamum Thullum is as same as the “unmaiyodu uzhaikonum thane thannana, machan” piece of “Summa irundha” song from Madurai Veeran (1956) music by G Ramanathan.

Listen to Summa Irundha,

Listen to Kasu thedi,

Are these numbers lifted ones or just a coincidental ones? Tell me your opinion.
You can find two more such songs Ramesh’s blog here!

One of my favorite bloggers Emjay has classified Plagiarism into different types. I wish to ask him the type these above said numbers belong to!! Emjay, Your comments please!!! :-)

To download those bits,


Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Current Play List - July 2008

Here is the list of latest songs am currently listening to!

1. Marudhani - Sakkarakatti - AR Rehman
ARR is back with his trademark melody. A feminine song with beautiful lyrics. Madhushree's voice is another plus. The keyboard/piano in the first interlude is enthralling. The ostinato "Marudhani vizhiyil" chorus is another "rango rangoli" which would be liked by all. The song would go well with the masses.

2. Saroja songs - Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cheeky, My life, Kodanu kodi and dosthu bada dosthu songs from this album are in loop. Refreshing Cheeky, Heavy metal My Life, Kuthu Kodanu Kodi and rhythmic Dosthu are all excellent compostions from Yuvan. Yuvan would surely win youngsters' hearts with this techno album.

3. Kahdal Siluvayil, Kangal Irandal - Subramaniapuram - James Vasanthan
Composer's debut composition is definitely promising. These two songs showcase his talents. Kahdal Siluvaiyil and Kangal irandal, both are refreshing composition with matured orchestration. The symphony in the former and the flute-symphony 2nd interlude in the latter enrich the quality of the songs. Shankar Mahadevan's vocals in Kadhal siluvayil is awesome.

4. Abinayam Kaatugindra, Pularkindra pozhudhu - Uliyin Osai - Ilayaraja
Uliyin Osai should be the best album of Ilayaraja in the recent times. All the songs are catchy in this album. Abinayam is a classical composition that reminds you of Azhagu Malarada song. Bombay Jayashree vocals are great plus points. Pularkindra pozhudhu song is another pick in the album with mindblowing orchestration. No other composer except Raaja could have given life to this album which needs a classical touch in all the songs. Once again Raaja at his best in using classical instruments such as Mridhangam, Flute, Violin etc.

5. Jaane tu meri kya hai (Jai) - Jane tu ya jane na - AR Rehman
A melody song with amazing vocals and mindblowing orchestration. An excellent song from this genius. The smooth flowing symphony in the 1st interlude is truly mesmerising. The chorus "Jaana..." is too good. "Kahin To" from this movie is also in my playlist.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Saroja - Yuvan Shankara Raja - Music Review

Saroja – Innovative, Unique, Stylish, Trend Setting!!!

Saroja is one of the most awaited albums of the year. The album turns out to be an outstanding album. The album has totally 6 tracks all with fresh music including one English song which is the highlight of the album.

Since Original CD's are yet to be released (on 18th), I'm not mentioning the singers' names in few songs. Will update the review once I get the CD.

Kodanu Kodi
A perfect Kuthu song. Starts with a fantastic prelude. No doubt, the song is all set to be another Thee Pidikka. The song will go well with masses. The female humming voice in the prelude, interlude and postlude is catchy. Singers have done their parts well.

Cheeky Cheeky
A song that praises women. The orchestration of this song is an example for Yuvan’s ability in handling songs of different genre. The predominant beats in the song is truly appealing. Bit sonorous at times but still a unique composition!

Dosthu Bada Dosthu - Haricharan
A friendship song, a breezy number with addictive rhythm. Vaali’s lyrics deserve a special mention here. “Kanvaugal Kaanalam, Kaariyangal Koodalam, kalam…kalam Abdul Kalam sonna varthaiku or Salam”. Song carries good interludes; in particular the second interlude is likeable.

Aaja Meri - Premji, Vijay Yesudoss
Marriage/Engagement song. A good peppy number with funny lyrics. Premji’s voice add more fun. The song neither disappoints you nor does it make you listen repeatedly. Is it just the Hindi lyrics or the whole orchestration that gives us a feel of Hindi music? A passable song.

Nimirndhu Nil - Shankar Mahadevan
The song starts will with a fantastic prelude but grows as rhymes. Shankar Mahadevan’s rendition and meaningful lyrics are great plus. But the song fails to impress mainly because of the insipid tune.

My Life - Tanvi
This English song is the highlight of the album. Orchestration is in par with English albums. The combination of Heavy metal and electric guitar works well in this song. A brave attempt from Yuvan. A special mention to Tanvi for excellent rendition. This song comes in background in movie. Hence they have shot a video for this song which features Yodhakka band. This promo video is currently being telecast in most of Tamil channels. The video is worth watching.

Verdict Of Vinith:

Saroja is a thoroughly enjoyable album. Yuvan has done a fabulous job. Having said that Sakkarakatti is the best album of the year (so far) in my last post, I don’t mind saying that Saroja has all the ingredients to compete with Sakkarakatti!!!

Star Rating: 4 Stars!!!



Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sakkarakatti - Music Review

After a long wait, the Sakkarakatti songs are out.
The first half of 2008 did not have even one extraordinary album. In seventh month, Sakkarakatti turns out to be a great album with four amazing songs and two ordinary songs. Yes, the wait doesn’t disappoint.

Taxi Taxi – Blaze, Benny Dayal, Javed Ali
A peppy friendship song. When there is ARR, there is no dearth for innovation. Blaze at his best once again with English lyrics. This is surely going to be a chartbuster. The predominant beats in the background are truly catchy and add a special touch to the song.

Marudaani – Madhushree, A R Rahman
A soothing melody number with fantastic interludes. There is a good improvement in Madhushree’s diction. Her vocals add good charm to the song. The first interlude is truly mesmerizing. This is another best track in the album. A feminine song which will surely enthrall girls.

Chinnamma – Benny Dayal, Chinmayi
This folk song is the Tamil version of Meenaxi – Chinnamma track. I am a very big fan of the Hindi version. I am still listening to the Hindi version. But Tamil version somewhere fails to recreate the magic. If you haven’t heard the Hindi version, chances are there you will like this one very much.

Naan Epoudhu – Reena Bharadwaj
Another melody song in the album with neat orchestration. The water splash sound in the first interlude is enjoyable. Reena’s rendition is Ok.

Elay – Krish, Naresh Iyer
A run-of-the-mill tune but with an astonishing orchestration. The solo violin that comes in between and the guitar that is being played throughout the song are truly mind-blowing. Worth listening.

I Miss You Da – Chinmayi, Indai Haza
Despite Chinmay’s attractive vocals and powerful orchestration, the song fails to impress you due to an average tune.
Verdict of Vinith!

With four top numbers and two average songs, Sakkarakatti is the best album of the year 2008 (so far). Kudos to ARR!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A "Stinking Portal" on the web

India Search Portal – An atrocious website I have come across!!!

There has been a portal which doesn’t respect Cinema Legends, cinema artists and the visitors as well? Do you know it?

:-) "The portal’s address is not revealed here" :-)

This site is famous for writing movie reviews but in a different way. They just don’t write negative reviews. They also describe the cine artists as “kurangu”, “pisasu”, “madayan”, “fool”, “panni” and many more filthy words.

When visitors see such harsh, rude words about their favorite film stars, they naturally get pissed off. They are hurt!! So they write comments using unmentionable words. It’s human!!! Isn’t it?

But, the comments will not be published immediately. It will be edited by the author before it gets published. He removes all those bad words of visitors with a [tag] and publishes it. Some of the comments are not published. I had written a unbiased comment asking them for a clarification. It never came to limelight. This clearly evinces that the author/administrator is not dare to publish all the comments of visitors even though they are not filthy. This is not justice. The story doesn’t end here. The administrator/author replies the visitor’s comments. Their replies to irate visitors always start with “sori naayi”, “donkey”, “retard” etc. No author can tolerate rubbish comments about their article. They should adopt the method of giving sarcastic replies to those irate visitors rather than using abusive words which makes no difference between the author and the visitor.

So, ultimately visitors are made fool. Visitors’ words are hidden but author’s bad words are published. Is that the justice he shows towards the visitors?

Whose mistake is this?

I’m not supporting visitors who are posting thrash comments neither am I against them. But what makes them write such words? What kindles them to write such words? It’s ultimately the authors’ words towards the film stars. His words are the root cause for all these. My suggestion here is, they should not use such words in their review.

Here, I don’t say that they should give only positive reviews. Author has all the rights to write his/her opinion but in a way that it doesn’t hurt the fans and followers. Not only that, if they hide the unmentionable words of Visitors, then they should also not use any abusive words in their reply. That is perhaps the right way of treating their visitors.

I don’t mind saying that am one of those wounded visitors of that portal. But now I have stopped commenting in that portal.

Most of the bloggers, critics should have guessed the site I am talking about. Haven't you? If so, what do you feel about this article. Does this article make sense?


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kuselan – Music Review – Why GVP?

One of the much awaited movies of the year is Superstar’s KUSELAN which is the remake of Malayalam classic “Kadha parayum pol”. Young talent GV Prakash has set tunes for Kuselan.
GVP’s tunes for this movie evince that this young talent is not matured enough to compose songs for a Superstar movie. Yes, the songs disappoint. However, the “Rajni” factor would make these songs a big hit.

Cinema cinema – Shankar Mahadevan – Sonorous Orchestration.
The overall orchestration reminds you of Mudhalvane song especially the chorus in the prelude. Shankar Mahadevan, as usual, has sung with a good energy. Rajni fans would surely enjoy the lyrics of Vaali that praise Cinema and Rajnikanth. “avar uruvam paru elimai, andha elimai thane avarukku vaimai… Thalai ganathidatha thalaivan, engal annan mattum than” is an example.

Sollamma – Hariharan, Sujatha – Pleasant Melody, pick of the album.
This song is the pick of the album. Hariharan’s and Sujatha’s rendition is definitely a plus. A neat melody with mild orchestration. Uniqueness in tune and freshness in the song are certainly missing.

Charai – Shreya Ghosal – Cool
A decent tune with shreya’s charming vocals. Good orchestration. The song is worth listening.

Om Zaarare – Daler Mahendi, Chithra, Sadhana Sargam – Mediocre
Tune seems to be okay but doesn’t really stand out. Daler’s rendition fails to impress you. This song again reminds you of “Vaaji vaaji” song of his uncle’s composition. Why GVP?

Perinba – Kailahs kher, Prasanna – Already played
No big difference between composer’s first composition “Veyilodu vilayadi” and this song.

Verdict of Vinith:

A mediocre album. GVP has not done something great to Kuselan. It’s P.Vasu’s mistake that he roped GVP in for this movie. Vidyasagar-Vasu-Rajni trio would have done something better for Kuselan.

A treat to Rajni fans but not to Music lovers. Better luck next time GVP!