Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh My GOD!! Just can't believe this!

Voila, I've completed successful one year of Blogging. I just cannot believe this... Aah... it's true!!! RedJumpBlueJump

Exactly on this day, last year, my first writing Dasavatharam Music Review was up. I never thought I would complete one year, but it happened. Yes, only with your support!! Not Worthy

Thank you very much for your support and the encouragement! Thank You Not Worthy

Special thanks to my inspirational bloggers Karthik and Suresh . Thank You

I look forward to your continued support! Not Worthy

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Playlist 0409

List of songs that I've been listening to! MusicSmile

MusicSmile Katrukulle (Sarvam), Nee Thane (Sarvam), Adada (Sarvam), Siragugal (Sarvam) - Sarvam is one helluva album from Yuvan.

MusicSmile Vamanan Songs: Oru Devadhai, Yaarai Ketpadhu and Yedho Seigirai. All three melodies are equally good. Yaarai Ketpadhu being my pick. Stunning melodies from Yuvan.

MusicSmile Anbale Azhagana Veedu and Oru Vetkam from Pasanga. Fantastic melodies with excellent vocals. James Vasanthan, you are not a one hit wonder!

MusicSmile Many songs from Pokkisham. Just cannot pick one as Favorite. A very good album from Sabesh-Murali.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Movie Review: Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum

Direction: RajMohan
Cast: Ramakrishna, Dharshana
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Siddharth

Same old story. Spoiler ahead. Do not read if you are yet to watch the movie Razz (Hero and Heroine love each other truly. Dreams go haywire. Situation forces heroine to get married to some X. X is a rowdy who spends more time jail than in house. Heroine comes back to the village where their love blossomed. Hero is still in love with her. A small misunderstanding prevails. Heroine thinks that hero did not even try to rescue her from her marriage. He actually tried but in vain. Climax is bit predictable but a not bad one though. aSubham)

Director makes an impression by introducing fresh faces who are not fair handsome, glamor, (just like VKK). He miserably failed in portrayal of the characters. Dubbing voices were not appropriate for the characters seen on the screen. No proper lip sync, tone, pause etc. First half was ok. second half was dragging... thank god.. climax was crisp. Laughing Rural feel was completely there Clap

Director's inexperience was very clear in the screenplay. He has no prior experience in this field (as told by him in an interview). Lack of fresh ideas is a big minus. Could have made it much better. The twist just before the interval made me sit up. After this, only towards the climax I realized that I was yawning and leaning back. Welcome Rajmohan. You can definitely prove yourself if you concentrate more in the above said points. All the best for your future ventures!

Both the lead pair (Ramakrishna and Dharshana) who stammer in acting at first, picked up later and have done justice to their roles. Ramakrishna has done a commendable job in second half while Dharshana stole the show with wide gamut of emotions and expressions.

Music and Cinematography:
Could feel the change in Music as it is Live Orchestra Recording. No synth sound has been used in this movie. Flute, violin sounds were good with Originality. Thumbs Up! Apart from this, Yuvan's Music was above average. 1st half had very little music and second half was good. One thing that bothered me in music is, the same kinda music was heard throughout the movie. Well, Yuvan needs to learn more when it comes to rural based subjects.

Cinematography by Siddharth was really cool. Cool Sinnianchirusu song picturization was very good though it reminded me of Kangal Irandal, Aiyaiyo (Paruthiveera) at times. Oru Nimisham song was so apt for that situation. It was really haunting. Velmurugan who has sung this song must be appreciated. Clap

Overall: Average movie. But don't go with huge expectations. You would be disappointed! Just like me! Embarassed

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Siva Manasula Sakthi – Definitely not an SMS

Happened to watch Siva Manasula Sakthi last week. The hype given by Ananda Vikatan and some of my friends made me watch this movie. Some of my friends rated this as a very good entertainer. Well, in my opinion, it was a mediocre movie.

Sakthi (Anuya), an RJ in a local FM station meets Siva (Jiiva) during a train journey. She lies through her teeth that she is an Airhostess. Siva, a courier man in Professional Courier, boasts about him that he is an Army Man. But, soon after few days, Siva goes to deliver a courier to “Sakthi” in Hello FM station where he comes to know that Sakthi is not an Airhostess. Sakthi too comes to know that he is a courier delivery boy. Ego Clash starts! Love blossoms. What else? Arguments, fights, ego clashes, separation happens with “Subam” at the end!

Jiiva is one my favorite actors of this generation. He has done his part well. This role is a child’s play for his acting abilities. I could encounter some overreaction from Jiiva in couple of scenes while Anuya surprised me with a decent performance. Subtle reactions during the ego clashes were really good. Urvasi, as usual delivered both good and over action. Performance of the girl who plays Jiiva’s sister was intolerable. Who is that girl? New face?

Pros and Cons:
Many said that Santhanam-Jiiva combo rocked in comedy. But to me, the comedy was pretty average in the first half except few dialogues and timings by Santhanam. The dragging second half was another minus point.

Debutant director Rajesh shines well in few scenes which were quite enjoyable. For instance, Sakthi’s disappointment in the scene where she wishes Siva on his birthday (false date given by Jiiva) and utters some schmaltzy dialogues. The next scene, in bus, where Siva feels sorry for whatever happened the last night. After Siva finishes his speech, Sakthi wears out the headsets from ears to show that she did not listen to any of his words! Rerecording in this scene was really good.

Lengthier, unentertaining second half with an absurd scene in the climax is certainly a minus point. There is no strong reason why Siva asks Sakthi to sleep with her before marriage. Movie lacks, a crisp and entertaining screenplay, interesting twists and turns. Can watch it for the lead pair Jiiva and Anuya!
Cinematography was good and Yuvan’s background score was mediocre. Oru Kal and Parvaiyil songs were good.

Verdict: Siva Manasula Sakthi – Definitely not as short as SMS.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Music Review: Vamanan by Yuvan Shankar Raja

Another superb album from Yuvan. A must listen.

Orchestration is truly good in Edho Seigirai. It is male singer's rendition which spoils this beautiful melody. Yes, it is the same Javed Ali who killed the beautiful song "siragugal" in Sarvam. Female singer Sowmya sounds too good in this song. Roopkumar is better than Javed Ali in "Oru Devadhai", a beautiful ghazal type melody. Use of Solo violin in pre, inter and postludes is catchy. Singer's voice is good but pronunciation really sucks. Nevertheless, this is one heck of song.

"Enge Povadhu" is another melody orchestrated with minimal music. Soulful singing of Vijay Yesudoss elevates this song. A slow number that grows in you after few listens.

Club number "Lucky Star" sounds better than the fast paced "Money Money". Lucky star sung by Blaze may go well with the masses.

"Edho Seigirai", "Enge Povadhu" and "Oru Devadhai" are on the loop in my play list. Addictive melodies from Yuvan.

It's high time that Yuvan realizes how important singer selection is to make an album successful. What in Roopkumar makes him feel better that our Hariharan. Why can't he prefer our talented singer Karthik to Javed Ali???

Overall, Vamanan is on par with Sarvam. Of course, Sarvam is his best in recent times!


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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What the f**k.

I'm a regular reader of The Hindu. Only because I got the free subscription for a year, I subscribed for Times Of India and have been reading it regularly. I came across one article about Health and Nutrition in TOI, Chennai dated 7th April. It seriously pissed me off.

Sometimes, the pictures they use to represent the objective of the articles are artrocious, irrelevant, idiotic. Sexy, glamarous picture for an article about "Understanding Women". Another sexy pic for "Healthy Nutrition". What the f**k.

Below is the link for those two articles which put me off completely.

Times Of India publishers - How the hell do you think it is relevant to this article? It's utter nonsense. Stop using such irrelevant, idiotic pictures for articles.

When the hell these idiots will stop depecting Women as a sex object in advertising? This applies to all dailies, weeklies, monthlies.

Check it out here,