Sunday, January 31, 2010

Venkat Prabhu's Goa - A Boring holiday trip

Chennai 28 gave us a fresh feel. People loved it. Saroja's screenplay was very much entertaining even though there was nothing new in terms of story. Premgi, Shiva were excellent in Saroja. But in goa, everything fails miserably. Poor screenplay, same old mokkai, dud jokes, same face expression from Premgi, repeating the same style of using Ilayaraja's song when guys meet their girls. Oh my god! Give me a break! Cannot tolerate this anymore!

The story that progresses aimlessly, boring screenplay that lacks continuity, made this trip a forgettable one.

Solace of the movie:
> Sampath's role was good and he'd done it really well.
> Jai's English - In one scene where guys decide to speak only in English, Vaibhav asks Jai for a towel. He asks in English "Towel Come" for which Jai looks at the towel and says "Towel Go"! ROTFL. But sad that there were only few such scenes that evoked laughter.
> Yuvan's music
> Sakthi's Cinematography.

Boring Factors:
> Premgi's mokkais
> Three heroines - Hardly 20 mins for each. Though they did their parts well, there was no scope at all.
> Too many songs. Imagine 8 songs in a already boring screenplay.
> Almost 90 minutes of the movie were aimlessly shot. Filled with too much of meaningless mokkais.
> Using Ilayaraja's song frequently. :banghead:

Overall - A trip that should not be remembered. Very sorry Ms. Soundharya Rajnikanth!


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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yuvan's debut in Bollywood is interesting

Finally, our Yuvan Shankar Raja makes his debut in Bollywood. He has composed one song for the Siddharth starrer "Striker". The movie has 6 composers tuning the songs including the most happening composers like Amit Trivedi, Preetam, Blaaze. Though his debut is not big, he makes a good use of the opportunity provided.

"Haq Se" is the song composed by Yuvan. Yuvan himself has sung it along with Siddharth. The song has a peppy feel to it with interesting beats in the background. Yuvan has tuned it very carefully that the song doesn't carry a South Indian flavor. Just my opinion. Job well done!

Give it a listen and share your thought!

I cannot comment much on this song or the rendition as I'm devoid of Hindi Film Music! Musically this is a good song!

Hope Yuvan makes it big in Bolly with this song!


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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gorgeous, Overwhelming, Astonishing 'Goa' - Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja

One of the most awaited soundtracks is out. Yuvan-Venkat Prabhu combo is back with a bang.

The breezy duet "Idhu Varai" has a gorgeous tune to it, superbly sung by Andrea and Ajeesh, the winner of Airtel Super Singer 2009. A striking melody with a mind-blowing orchestration and scintillating interludes, that showcase Yuvan's versatility.

"Kadhal endral" sung by composer himself is a shorter version of "idhu varai". Yuvan, the king of bit songs, proves it again here. This song has an interesting Violin prelude and has soothing keyboard in the background. The peppy title track "Goa" has youthful feel to it with a flawless music arrangement. The club mix version is equally appealing, however, i did not listen to the club mix version as I'm addicted to the original version.

"Ezhezhu Thalamurai", the village, folk'ish track is overwhelming. Yuvan has done an Ilayaraja in this song. The foot tapping thiruvizha song "adida naiyandi" is another IR'ish track with lively orchestration that adds charm. SPB Charan and Yugendhiran have done their part well in this song. The pathos song "Ooru nalla ooru" sung by Ilayaraja isn't that appealing except for the orchestration and the flute interlude that make it worth listening.

Creative hunger Yuvan arrives with the astonishing "Idai Vazhi", one of the most experimental tracks in recent times. A fast paced erotic song with incredibly brilliant orchestration and excellent vocals by Mamta Mohandas and Benny Dayal. The former does it with perfection.

Thanks to Yuvan for bringing the veterans SPB, IR and Chitra together in the peppy song "Valiba va va". The song so beautifully switches to classical music in the second half. The "na na na na" humming that comes in between is hyper-catchy.

Verdict: What an album to start the year! Yuvan starts 2010 with an extraordinary note. Looking forward to more and more.


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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yuvan doing an Ilayaraja

This is a song review. I'm writing about a song that had an impact on me over the past two days. The interesting part here is that the album has not come out yet. Likely to be released this week.

Song: Ezhezhu Thalamuraikum
Genre: Village Folk
Movie: Goa
Composer: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Gangai Amaren
Singers: Yuvan, Karthik Raja, Venkat Prabhu, Premgi Amaren, Bhavatharini

The song is all about the musical family. Lyrics of Gangai Amaren proudly tells us about their native village 'Pannaipuram', mom 'Chinna thaayi", elder bro "Pavalar" and obviously about their music which has been an inseparable part of their family. There is nothing new in this song except the freshness and the feel that it gives you. There have been surfeit of songs of this type from Ilayaraja over the past three decade. If someone listens to this song without any idea about the composer, he would certainly end up concluding that this is by Ilayaraja. Yes. Yuvan has almost done an Ilayaraja here. Yet, this song stands out for some reasons.

The idea of making the siblings sing this song definitely showcases the togetherness in them. Lyrics and rendition are the best part of this song.

A song that should not be missed, especially if you are an Ilayaraja or Yuvan fan. You may listen to the song online here.

Waiting for the full album.


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