Friday, February 27, 2009

Awards or Insults?

A funny thing that has happened recently in Tamil Nadu is the announcement of “Kalai Mamani” awards for cine artists for their contribution (????) to Tamil Cinema. A decade ago, Kalai Mamani award was observed as one of the most prestigious awards. But now this has turned out to be an insult to some recipients and to the award itself. The award has lost its respect.

Insulting the Award:

Couple of years ago when I read “Kalai Mamani” awards for Surya, Jyothika and few other artists, I couldn’t stop laughing and I pitied the award.

Then last year it was irritating to see Trisha’s name in the award list. (For beach dance?)

This nonsense has gone one step further this year. I feel that it is an insult to “Kalai Mamani Award” that they have included Simbu, Asin, Nayanthara, Vaiyapuri and most interestingly Kanja Karuppu, Jayam Ravi etc in the list.

What have Asin, Nayantara and Kanja Karuppu achieved in Tamil Cinema? Most of them have not even completed 5 years in Filmdom. How the hell are they eligible for this prestigious (?) award? Most of them do not know to speak Tamil properly. Nonsense!!!!

Insulting the recipients:

And the most insulting part is the yesteryear actor, our very own PadmaShri, PadmaBushan Saroja Devi” has been included in the list along with these kiddos. Lol. I feel it as an insult to Saroja Devi.

Does it take 54 years to accept Saroja Devi as an actor and her contribution to Tamil Films? She has already been felicitated with PadmaShri (1969) four decades ago and Padma Bhushan (1992) one and a half decade ago. Now, this is certainly an insult to her. I don’t know how she feels. But as a fan, I feel that she has been insulted.

"KalaiMamani" Simbu

"KalaiMamani" Kanja Karuppu

"KalaiMamani" Asin

"KalaiMamani" Nayanthara

"KalaiMamani" Saroja Devi....

Sounds great... Isn't it??

Future list:

Don’t be surprised if you see Perarasu, J K Ritheesh in the 2009 Kalai Mamani Awards list. It may happen.

Wake up TN Govt!!!

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Angry, :x :x :x


Monday, February 23, 2009

Double Delight!!!

The nail biting moments in Oscars have ended up very positively..... I was one of the millions of people who were watching Oscar moments live....

India's Oscar Dream has come true!!!

ARR has won two Oscar Awards for both Original Score and Best Song category.... It's not a delight... It is Double Delight!!! Rasool Pookutty has also won Oscar for India!!! It was very thrilling to see ARR on Oscar Stage!! Phenomenal.... Great.... Achivement.... We are proud!!! At last, the question mark here has been replaced by an Oscar!!! Kudos!!!

It was moving to see an Indian on Oscar Stage. It was emotional. It was a magical moment. The moment is one of the best moments for India. It was a great to see ARR with thunderous applause.

Love you Rahman!!! Thank you so much for bringing home The Oscars!!!


You are the Indian of this Year!!!!

And the most beautiful moment is that Rahman said few words in Tamil on the Stage. I think this is the first time our very own Tamil reaches Oscar Stage. A R Rahman said,

"எல்லாப் புகழும் இறைவனுக்கே"

This is the dream of every Indian, every Tamilian. This has been fulfilled by our AR Rahman.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Music Review - Sarvam by Yuvan Shankar Raja

Vishnuvardhan-Yuvan combo has done it once again. Sarvam has come out really well with brilliantly orchestrated fast-paced numbers and melodies. Yuvan's innovation, stylish composition comes to fore once again.

The flute music that comes in regular intervals in "Adada vaa" song is catchy. Yuvan always gives a haunting melody to his Dad. But surprisingly this time, it's IR who has sung this hip-hop kinda song. Works really well Don't miss the flute music!

Yuvan's trademark melody is "Siragugal" sung by Javed Ali and Madhu Sree. If you are ready to compromise on Vocals front, this would surely be a good melody for you. Yes, both male and female voice are pathetic. Pronunciation of the singers sucks. Unbearable. Javed Ali who did a good job in "Chinna sirisu" in KPKP, miserably fails this time. Madhusree, as usual!

However, the best track in the album is "Katrukulle Vasam". A thumping melody with enough innovation in orchestration. Fabulous lyrics by Pa. Vijay. Read the second line in the previous paragraph once again and listen to the melody. A precious melody has been mercilessly killed by composer's vocals.

With grand orchestration and good vocals, "Suttal Suriyanai" is another good number. The way Yuvan uses "Megam Karukkudhu Mazhai vara paakkuddhu" lines is simply beautiful. Great song! I guess, Shankar Mahadevan's voice could be an apt choice for this song.

"Neethane" is another good melody which is again spoiled by Yuvan's vocals. Pa. Vijay's lyrics are beautiful. Give it a listen. You may like it.

Aah... There is a Theme Music. Yuvan never falters when it comes to Theme Music. But this time he does. The theme Music doesn't really stand out rather it reminds you of Billa theme at times. It reminds me of Aanandha Thandavam theme music, in the sense that it starts of well but ends abruptly.

Verdict: Overall, Sarvam is yet another stylish album from Yuvan. Had Yuvan avoided rendering his voice and concentrated more on singer selection, this album would have been the best album in recent times. Album is worth buying. But remember, you have to compromise of vocals!

Trivia: It is said that, some parts of music in "Adada vaa" song has been lifted from an international album. Will check this out and update it!

Share your thoughts.


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Monday, February 9, 2009

Another Diamond in ARR's Crown

The success of ARR's score for Slumdog Millaionaire continues. A R Rahman wins BAFTA (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) for best musical score. Another Diamond in ARR's Crown.

It's known that he has already bagged LAFCA (Los Angles Film Critics Awards) and Golden Globe Award for best Original Score for the movie Slumdog Millionaire. Now, our hero is on his way to bag Oscar Award for Best Original Score. Let's put across our sincere prayers!

Now, that GG on the right and BAFTA on the left of his crown, will Oscar come in the center??? Countdown Starts!!!!

Wish him all the best!!!!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Naan Kadavul - Movie Review

Discussing the story of Naan Kadavul may become a spoiler. Hence I've decided not to reveal the story here. I'm sharing my opinion on this movie.

First 20 mins was excellent. But movie miserably fails to move on with a good screenplay. There were good scenes too in the first half. Overall the first half was little boring to me. First 5-10 mins in the second of made me regret for the money i spent to watch this movie. No. I was wrong. There comes the turning point, soon after the second half starts. The next 40-50 mins of the movie including the climax is stunning and never seen in Tamil Cinema (or even in Indian Cinema). Bala, as usual excells in characterization. Wonderful attempt Bala :thumbsup:

With scary looks and husky voice Arya has done his best. Except for few mantras and some hindi dialogues, he has nothing to speak/act in the movie. However, he makes his presence felt. Good job man!

Pooja steals the show with her extraordinary performance. Kudos to bala for getting the best out of her. Award nichayam.

Bala’s touch in movies like Pithamagan is not seen much in this movie. But then, there are few scenes which are never seen in cinema. Bala has captured the feel/emotion/lives of those “kai vida pattavargal” (orphans) very beautifully! Words fail to express the impact that it creates in one’s hearts. There are some questions that are asked against god in this movie. Questions may sound valid for atheists.

Music and Camera:
Raja proves that he is god once again in this movie. :clap: :bow: :fall_at_his_feet: His music in second half is terrific. Right from the intro of Arya , where the camera travels from top angle till the climax, the cinematography is outstanding. :clap:

Negative points:
* Why does Bala need 2+ years to make this movie? (108 heroines change pannina aagathaan seiyum :P )
* Playing old songs where few characters imitate MGR, Sivaji, Rajni etc :banghead: Does this kinda sensitive movie require such elements??? :argh: It was boring to see :fatigue:
* Arya comes hardly for 30-45 mins. Bala could have given more importance to Arya's role.
* Only two out of six songs have been included. Injustice to Raaja's composition.

Verdict: A very different cinema that captures the world of “abandoned” which we’ve never seen in tamil cinema. It also brings the business of cunning people behind those orphans to limelight. Barring those few boring scenes, movie is definitely worth watching! Second half elevates the movie. Naan Kadavul - boring at times, stunning at times, funny at times, disturbing at times, scary at times. Overall - worth watching many times.

PS: I strongly recommend you not to watch it with kids or weak hearts.