Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Inspiration

Very rarely people do things on their own. If not fully, at least partly they get inspired from others. Following are two major e-pals of mine who have been my inspiration.
Karthick of itwofs
Do you want to know the true colors of your favorite music directors? Then you must visit his website which sheds light on the darker side of the TFM which many of us are not aware of. This guy is also famous for his 100 words review on music albums which you can see here.
I like Suresh for his unbiased reviews on music albums. He uses simple and plain English. Click here to visit his website.


nithu said...

very nice and neat blog.continue it till it becomes the bst,its jusy few miles away 4 u.all the bst .take care.

Vinith said...

Thanks Nithu :)