Saturday, November 28, 2009

Movie Review: Yogi - A Shameless remake of Tsotsi.

Yogi is definitely one of the good movies of the year. With a good screenplay, brilliant direction in few scenes, excellent performance, wonderful cinematography and stunning background score, Yogi is certainly worth watching.

Plot: The story is all about, how the life of a slum dweller (a ruthless human, played by Ameer) changes when a baby comes into his life. That's the one liner.

Yogi is more of Ameer's than Subramaniam Siva. On seeing the movie, the narrating style, the camera angle, one can easily say that the brain behind these is Ameer. There were some brilliant scenes which evoke emotion to the audience. Ameer and Madhumitha's performance were excellent and laud-worthy. Ameer shined well as an actor.

The biggest plus here is Yuvan Shankar Raja's background music. Brilliant music. His music conveyed the emotion so beautifully in some scenes. Background score of Yogi is sure to take Yuvan one step further. Kudos!

The biggest minus point is that the movie is almost a ''frame-by-frame' remake of South African movie "Tsotsi". Shamelessly copied. Though there were rumors that this movie is inspired from tsotsi, I was confident that Ameer would not take that route. But it was a complete shock to me that the whole movie is a rip off. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!The moment I saw the set up of Ameer's house in the movie, I could guess the amount of plagiarism. About 70 minutes of Yogi are lifted from Tsotsi. Why they couldn't copy more than 70 minutes? Because, Tsotsi runs only for 90+ minutes. LOL. It's a sin to copy Tsotsi without mentioning any credits. Tsotsi is a classic. The movie has to be experienced. Now that I have watched Yogi, I want to watch Tsotsi once again, to nullify the sin.

Trivia: The movie is gonna be screened in Dubai Film Festival where there will be juries from all over the world. Wondering how Ameer is gonna manage them. Is Ameer aware of this fact that the movie is copied? Or it is Sub Siva who the real culprit is? Let's see!


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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's this?

Here is my take on Paiya! (Dated 23rd November) and here is Indiaglitz's! (Dated 24th November)

Paiyaa Music Review
Paiyaa - Fantastic five
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, November 24, 2009]

If someone say Yuvan Shankar Raja is not in his best form this year, it is obvious that they had not listened to songs from ‘Paiyaa’. The music composer has come out with a beautiful album in association with Lingusamy, which has five scintillating songs that make you fall in love as soon as you listen to them.

Lending ample support to Lingusamy’s claim that the Karthi-Tamannah starrer would be a racy and breezy entertainer, the songs by Yuvan set the perfect mood besides raising the levels of expectation on the movie.

1. Adada Mazhaida - Listen here
Singer: Rahul Nambiar, Saindhavi

Reminding you ‘Dhavani Potta Deepavali…’ from ‘Sandakozhi’ is ‘Adada Mazhaida…’ The song by Rahul Nambiar and Saindhavi sounds good and creates a peppy mood. Saindhavi's rendition towards the end is noteworthy. Yuvan’s folk template works well.

2. En Kadhal Solla - Listen here
Singer: Yuvan

It touches the soul straight away. Yuvan, as usual, excels in orchestration particularly in the first interlude. The humming part that comes mildly in the background in between is addictive. Yuvan has improved a lot in rendition, one can say by all means.

3. Poongatre Poongatre - Listen here
Singer: Benny Dayal

A catchy tune, ‘Poongatre Poongatre’ gives a mesmerizing feeling living true to the lyrics. Benny Dayal’s rendition adds value to the lyrics. The song has got all ingredients to strike a chord with younger generation.

4. Suthudhe Suthudhe - Listen here
Singer: Karthik, Sunitha Sarathy

The cream of the soundtrack is ‘Suthudhe Suthudue’. The song, which starts in an ordinary note, picks up soon and enthralls as it progresses. The ‘ra-ra-ra-radhe’ bit is awesome and is sure to be hummed by the audience in the coming days.

5. Thuli Thuli - Listen here
Singer: Haricharan, Tanvi

The song is so beautifully rendered by Haricharan and Tanvi. The music in the beginning and the ’sel sel avaludan sel’ part is too good, though they remind of me some catchy earlier songs. The tune and Na Muthukumar's lyrics complement each other.

Overall, 'Paiyaa' strikes an instant chord with all qualities to top the charts. In other words, Lingusamy has extracted the best from Yuvan.


LOL. What you say guys??????


Monday, November 23, 2009

Music Review: Paiya - A Yuvan Musical


Well, this is how I can begin.. I'm so excited after listening to Paiya songs. A beautiful album filled with romantic melodies.

Beautiful Guitar opens up the lilting melody "Thuli Thuli mazhaiyai", so beautifully rendered by the upcoming young talent Haricharan (Yeah. The voice that we heard in "arabu naadE" song). The tune and Na. Muthukumar's lyrics complement each other. 'Sel sel avaludan sel' part is too good in this song and that's the highlight of this song.

"Suthudhe Suthudhe bhoomi" starts off pretty ordinarily but soon picks up and enthralls you as it progresses. What else can I say when there is Karthik? He definitely elevates the song to greater heights. The lines "ra ra ra radhE, radhE, azhagiya raadhE" are sure to be hummed by the audience in the coming days.

"En Kadhal solla" sung by composer himself is another brilliant melody with excellent rhythm. Yuvan, as usual, excels in orchestration particularly in the first interlude. The chorus/humming part that comes mildly in the background in between is addictive. I have not been a big fan of Yuvan's rendition rather I complaint a lot. LOL. But this time, I must say that Yuvan has improved a lot in rendition. He has given a very good feel especially in the charanam parts. Do not miss to observe the way he sings 'Yaarum paarkkamal enai paarkkiren' in the second stanza. Mesmerizing. Touches my soul!

There isn't anything new in "Adada Mazhai da" song. It simply gives you the feel of listening to "Dhavani potta" song. Tried and tested orcehstration. Yuvan simply recycles his earlier works in this. But, the song sounds good and creates a peppy mood. Rahul nambiyar's rendition is too good and Saindhavi's rendition towards the end is another highlight of this song.

The only song that failed to impress me is "Poongatre poongatre" sung by Benny Dayal. Not a bad one though. A passable track with very less innovations.

Overall, Paiya is an instantly likable album. Linguswamy has extracted some excellent melodies from Yuvan. Yuvan, who usually goes overboard in orchestration even for a simple melody has refrained from it in Paiya. Orchestration here is very simple and catchy. The songs are sure shot winner. Barring the few recycling works, the album is very much satisfactory. Go get it. Drench in the rain!

PS: Writing a very detailed review after a long time. This is purely because of the excitement that I got after listening to the songs. Except 'Poongatre" all other songs are in loop for since Saturday. Just cant get me out of this. Very addictive!

PS2: Yeah, I know, some of you may feel that I'm overrating this album. LOL. Just my opinion. At least for next few months I will be madly listening to the songs. Isn't that enough? He... He...

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yuvan's Paiya

At last, the much awaited Yuvan's Paiya albums is out. Linguswamy has managed to get some good stuffs from Yuvan. Youthful songs. Two cool melodies.

Here is a Short take:

> Thuli thuli mazhayai - Absolutely a delightful melody sung by Haricharan. Haricharan-Yuvan combo rocks. Awesome song. Sure shot winner.
> Poongatre Poongatre sung by Benny Dayal. A Fast paced melody.
> Suthudhe Suthudhe bhoomi. Karthik's rendition is a big plus.
> En kadhal solla is another pick of the album sung by Yuvan. Minimal yet beautiful orchestration.
> Adada mazhaida is the only song where Yuvan recycles his own Dhavani Potta song.

Overall: Very decent album with romantic melodies.

Will post a detailed review soon.

Detailed review is here.