Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Music Review: Kandhaswamy

Kandhasamy is one of the much awaited movies of the year and so is its music. The album has eight tracks in total out of which only two of them are good (not outstanding :P ).

"Excuse Me Mr. Kandhasamy", sung by Suchithra and Vikram is very catchy, mainly for the funny lines and Vikram's rendition. This song is more like a conversation. "Allegra" is more like an English song which is good in terms of music.

"Miya miya poona" is more like rhymes while "idhellm dupe" is nothing but recitation of a written essay. "India ponnu", "Pambara kannale remix (aka en peru meenakumari)", "Mambo Mamiya", "Kantha Kanthasamy" are plain annoying.

I may sound a bit harsh. But then, I wish to share what I feel. Devi Sri Prasad has always been a wrong choice for Tamil Film Music. I loved hardly a few compositions of him in Tamil. Kanthasamy is just another album in that list.


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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The IPL Fever is Over!!!

Fever over??? How come?? 10 more days to go. Confused? Ha...ha...

I'm an avid cricket fan. In my dictionary Cricket = Sachin. He is the Lord. Sachin Tendulkar's Mumbai Indian is out of IPL now. And that is why the fever is over (for me). I was with absolute aplomb that MI would make it to Semis. Dreams are shattered. I was left in travail when Mumbai Indians suffered the loss at the hands of Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings . I was hurt, disappointed.

However, my god's game was brilliant and very much satisfactory in 5 matches especially the one against Kolkata. Fan for life....

Since I'm writing this on a sad note, I do not want to mention about his bad captaincy in few matches.

I would not be watching IPL anymore. It's all over. I would watch the next match of Sachin against Delhi Daredevils, of course for thalaivar's game only.

There is always a next season. Let me wait for a better IPL next year. So, for me, the fever is over, but with a sad note. What about you?


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Modhi Vilayadu, music by Colonial Cousins Hariharan, Leslie

Colonial Cousins Hariharan and Leslie's debut as Music Directors is quite promising.

Peppy "Otrai Varthayil" turns out to be pick of the album. Shaan's rendition definitely elevates the song while the duration is the only complaint. The song has only one charanam. Melody "Paadhi Kadhal" is too good with Bombay Jayashree's sweet vocals. Somehow, Sunitha Sarathi's part did not appeal to me even though she has sung it well. Composers' idea of using two female singers did not work for me. Well, I cannot take a call on this without whatching the situation for which this song has been composed. However, the song is good with good lyrics.

Both the above mentioned songs forgo the regular beats that we get to hear from other composers. The background music for these two songs are fresh that makes them instantly likeable.

"Vellaikkari", despite the good charanam parts, failed to impress me. Too many singers for this song creates a mess. Orchestration too is noisy at times. This song may go well with masses, but did not impress me. Fast paced "Sikki mukki" too is an average track. Title track "Modhi Vilayadu" abides by the standard rule "title song should be a noisy kuthu song". Hariharan has roped in Composer Deva to sing along with him, but that doesn't help.

"Latcham Varthaigal", sung by Ranjani, another version of "Otrai Varthaiyil" has got some change in the orchestration, particularly in the interlude. Nice keyboard usage in the interlude. The lyrics have been changed beautifully to fit the situation. Look how beautifully the lyrics convey two different situations.

In the first version (for hero), "Otrai varthayil, otrai vArthayil, uLLE uLLadhai sonnAl enna" while in the second version, heroine sings "Latcham vArthaigal, latcham vArthaigaL, muttrum theerndhana ingE ingE" . Great. Isn't it? I guess the hero version is on a happy note while the latter is on a sad note.

Overall, Modhi Vilayadu gives me a private album like feel. That's good change actually. Two songs stand out while the rest are average.


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Friday, May 8, 2009

Music Review: Muthirai (Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Muthirai album was released without any ad / information that eventually made me not to expect much from this album. Surprisingly the album turns out to be a pretty decent album. Usually Yuvan shines well in three/four numbers and falters in the rest. But in Muthirai almost all the songs are good.

With Naresh Iyer's and Manjari's melting vocals, the melody "Azhagana Neeyum" turns out to be the pick of the album. Absolutely delightful song with good lyrics. Manjari's rendition and smooth vocals definitlely add a good feel to the song. Next good number is "Om Shanthi Om", a rock base club number. Powerful orchestration and the superb singing by Neha Bashin makes this song stand out. What surprises me here is the core melody of this club number is too good. Wonderful composition.

"July Maadhathil" sung by Md Aslam, Rahul, Thanvi and "Uyire Uyire" sung by Javed Ali, Madhushree are equally competitive melodies. What makes the latter score low is the singer selection. Javed ali has sung it neatly with only few errors while Madhushree...hmmm.

Swetha shines well in "Nenjukkulla" but the song is too short to make an impact. Another club number "Night is still young" is the only song that did not appeal to me. Not to mistake. Give it a listen. You may like it. :)

All songs in Muthirai have the stamp of Yuvan. A very much satisfying album. You will not be disappointed. Enjoy!


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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Music Review: Angai Theru - GV Prakash, Vijay Antony

The poetic title "Angadi Theru" says it all. A breezy album with lilting songs. Four of six songs are composed by GV Prakash while the rest two are composed by Vijay Antony.

My Pick of the album is "Aval Appadi Ondrum Azhagillai" by Vijay Antony. A breezy number with poetic lyrics by Na. Muthukumar. Song opens with a beautiful Keyboard and Flute music. That sets the tone for this soothing song. Singer Karthik at his best once again. "Enge Poveno" is a slow number by Vijay antony. That's a passable track as it has nothing fresh to offer.

Among GVP's composition, "Un Perai Sollum" is the pick. A swingy melody with excellent rendition by Naresh Iyer and Shreya Goshal. Na. Muthukumar excels in lyrics once again. A feel good song. "Kathaigalai Pesum" is another beautiful peppy melody with superb vocals of Benny and Hamzika. GVP's singing in "Kannil Theriyum" is truly great. He has sung it so well like a professional singer. The song is good but reminds me of ARR's composition. And the worst track of the album is "Karungali Naaye" with disgusting lyrics. I just ignored it.

Overall, Angadi Theru is a fantastic album. Both the composers have done a commendable job. Along with GVP and VA, it is poet Na. Muthukumar who deserves equal credits for penning beautiful lyrics.!


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Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Short take on World Movies

I happened to watch some international movies of various genres. Here is a short take on those movies. Believe me… Each one of them is worth watching.

Life is Beautiful, 1997, Documentry
Verdict for this movie lies in the name itself. Beautiful. One of the most beautiful movies that I have ever seen. Realistic narration. Amazing performance by the lead actors Roberto Benigni and Nicoletta Braschi. The climax was very moving. Don’t just watch it. Experience it. Some of the scenes from this movie has been cheaply copied and used in Vijay’s Youth. Remember the tag line of Youth? Life is Beautiful. hysterical

Dawn of the Dead, 2004 - Horror, Thriller
Tale of a group of people who are trapped in a shopping mall which is surrounded by a swarm of zombies. They sketch out a master plan to save their lives. What was it? Check that out. An excellent horror movie with scary scenes and sounds. I jumped out of my seat quite a few times during the first 20-30 minutes. Yes. True.

The Others, 2001, Supernatural horror, thriller
A supernatural horror movie with some frightening scenes. Superb BGM that scares us more. Worth Watching for its scary scenes, the unpredictable climax and for the outstanding performance of Nicole Kidman.

The Blair Witch Project, 1999, Horror, Thriller
Another horror movie. Tale of three student filmmakers who go into the woods to do a project of “The Blair Witch”. A horror movie that forgoes spooky characters and gory scenes. Managed to scare me to some extent. Personally I was disappointed. Worth watching.

The Silence of The Lambs, 1991, Thriller
Wow… What a movie. This is a Psychological thriller film. Superb performance by Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster. Aah… The climax scene reminded me of the climax of Shankar’s Indian. Ditto.

Audition, 1999, Thriller
Japanese horror movie. There is no horror scene in the movie. Direcor had done almost a documentary in the first half. Aah… There comes the interesting 30 minutes which will f**k the viewers’ mind. Really. It freaks you out every time the girl says “ kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri" (Means, "deeper").

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