Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dasavatharam Music Review

Music of the much awaited movie of the year Dasavatharam is out. Himesh Reshmiyaa has composed music for this album. Is he able to create the same magic (??? ha ha) which he creates in Bollywood? Does this album stand out? Lets have a quick review on the songs of Dasavatharam.

Dasavatharam is like any other Ulaga Nayagan’s movie whose songs may not go well with masses.

Hariharan’s amazing vocals add charm to "Kallai mattum kandal" song. The songs starts with a slow-paced “Om Namo Narayanaya” wordings followed by a famous Aazhwar song “Pallandu pallandu”. Am very much thrilled to watch this song in screen. With heavy beats and instruments, the noisy disco song "Ka...karuppanukku" does not impress you much. Vairamuthu has penned some differnet lyrics for this song which are quite unclear at times. "September 11-il twin tower saaindhadhu, en tower saayavillai” lines would surely bring smile on youngsters' face. The peppy number with strong Hindi flavor in beats and tune, "Oh Oh Sanam", sung by Nayagan himself. This one is worth listening. This song strongly reminds me of Composer's hindi song Aa Aashiqi Me Meri from 36 China Town.

Sadhana Sargam's unparalleled vocals certainly adds more value to "Mukuntha Mukuntha", the song that saves the album from being rated as a Bad album. Predominent beats could have been avoided to add more divinity to this song. This one is certainly a good number from Himesh. Old lady’s (I guess, its Kamal's voice) rendition towards the end of the song is noteworthy.

The fast "Ulaga Nayagane" song is just like any other beat song in Vijay or Simbu's movie. Neither does it impress, nor does it irritate the listener. But the Vairamuthu 's lyrics are quite laudable. Lyrics that emphasize on Ulaga Nayagan’s journey in Tamil Cinema. Lines such as “5 mudhal nee aadi vandhalum, oxygen kuraivadhillai, Oscar dhooram illai”, “Ai.Na (UN) will call you back” etc. are treat to Kamal Fans. Remix version of "Oh Oh Sanam" sung by composer himself would do nothing but occupying space in your ipod/mp3/disc. Better avoid it.

Verdict of Vidhya:
A mediocre album that certainly fails to live up to the expectations. A big letdown.


Anonymous said...

good review......keep them coming......someday i would like to see you reviewing a ARRahman album.....heheh

Anonymous said...

Fantastic n Divine Compositions by Himesh Reshammiya !!
Loved it !!
Himesh...Truly Versatile !!