Saturday, February 7, 2009

Naan Kadavul - Movie Review

Discussing the story of Naan Kadavul may become a spoiler. Hence I've decided not to reveal the story here. I'm sharing my opinion on this movie.

First 20 mins was excellent. But movie miserably fails to move on with a good screenplay. There were good scenes too in the first half. Overall the first half was little boring to me. First 5-10 mins in the second of made me regret for the money i spent to watch this movie. No. I was wrong. There comes the turning point, soon after the second half starts. The next 40-50 mins of the movie including the climax is stunning and never seen in Tamil Cinema (or even in Indian Cinema). Bala, as usual excells in characterization. Wonderful attempt Bala :thumbsup:

With scary looks and husky voice Arya has done his best. Except for few mantras and some hindi dialogues, he has nothing to speak/act in the movie. However, he makes his presence felt. Good job man!

Pooja steals the show with her extraordinary performance. Kudos to bala for getting the best out of her. Award nichayam.

Bala’s touch in movies like Pithamagan is not seen much in this movie. But then, there are few scenes which are never seen in cinema. Bala has captured the feel/emotion/lives of those “kai vida pattavargal” (orphans) very beautifully! Words fail to express the impact that it creates in one’s hearts. There are some questions that are asked against god in this movie. Questions may sound valid for atheists.

Music and Camera:
Raja proves that he is god once again in this movie. :clap: :bow: :fall_at_his_feet: His music in second half is terrific. Right from the intro of Arya , where the camera travels from top angle till the climax, the cinematography is outstanding. :clap:

Negative points:
* Why does Bala need 2+ years to make this movie? (108 heroines change pannina aagathaan seiyum :P )
* Playing old songs where few characters imitate MGR, Sivaji, Rajni etc :banghead: Does this kinda sensitive movie require such elements??? :argh: It was boring to see :fatigue:
* Arya comes hardly for 30-45 mins. Bala could have given more importance to Arya's role.
* Only two out of six songs have been included. Injustice to Raaja's composition.

Verdict: A very different cinema that captures the world of “abandoned” which we’ve never seen in tamil cinema. It also brings the business of cunning people behind those orphans to limelight. Barring those few boring scenes, movie is definitely worth watching! Second half elevates the movie. Naan Kadavul - boring at times, stunning at times, funny at times, disturbing at times, scary at times. Overall - worth watching many times.

PS: I strongly recommend you not to watch it with kids or weak hearts.


Cynthia said...

ohhw..looks like a scary movie huh?but ur review have definitely made me inquisitive abt the movie.Though me being a weak heart, i will give a try:))

Indiasmash said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Vinith for your opinion! Its sad that only 2 songs have been used-Pichaipathiram & Om Sivoham isn't it? Its damn irritating for Raja fans like us :( I am happy to know that as usual Raja once again shows his class in the BGM's.

Vinith said...

Yes. Songs are missing. A big disappointment.
Raaja's BGM was mediocre in first half. But stunning in 2nd half. God!!! :hatsoff:

Achilles said...

I've watched the movie yesterday, and frankly telling, I was pretty much dissapointed with the movie, especially with the story and screenplay.

But I will definitely say, every other aspects of the movie was great. Cinematography and BGM in particular were awesome. Hats off to Raja sir....

Everyone did their part very well, but on the whole, they did'nt suited into the story line... Everything was like bits and pieces.

Do watch the movie, but go to the movie with little or no expectations. You can watch one new dimensional tamil movie, but whether you will enjoy the movie or not is un-answerable....

Vinith said...

Thanks achilles for your comments. But i liked the movie very much mainly coz of the second half. The last 40 minutes elevated the movie. BGM, camera and artists' performance were unparalleled.

Achilles said...

I especially loved all the fight sequences in the movie.... Those were totally realistic...

kannan said...

I started writing a comment, when an inexplicable urge came over me and I started a blog and posted my review there. No idea why.

Anyway, here.

Vinith said...

Thats' Great Kannan. Keep writing reviews!!

Will check out your review!!!