Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Movie Reviews: Muthirai, Vamanan

Just thought of sharing my opinion on these two movies.

Muthirai - A crap movie with some nice twists towards the climax. Yuvan is the real hero of this movie. He's elevated this movie with his amazing background score. Beautiful songs have been picturized pathetically with expressionless Lead heroes. We only get frustrated on seeing Nitin's romance in Azhagaana Neeyum song and Daniel's horrible face expressions in July Madhathil, Uyire Uyire songs. Huh. However, it serves as a nice laughter therapy if you go with your friends as a gang. Muthirai's Background scores have been recorded (good quality) and uploaded by me in Yuvan's freeforums. You can download it from there! Here you go. Do register if you have not done already. :)

Vamanan - A run-of-the-mill plot (which is quite similar to as that of Muthirai) that has been narrated in an entertaining way. Even though the movie (particularly the second half) lacks logic, the first half is very much entertaining with Santhanam and Urvasi providing a great laughter therapy. Santhanam has raised to a newer level in this movie with his rib-tickling comedy. Suspense elements in the movie are quite interesting. Another major plus point is Yuvan's songs and above average background score. All five songs have been placed aptly without disrupting the pace of the screenplay. Jai has done a commendable job. Aravind Krishna's camerawork is awesome! Can watch it once.
PS: It is said that this movie has been inspired from a hollywood flick called "Following". Let me watch that movie and get back to you with proper information.

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வெங்கிராஜா said...

Quite like that, but cannot be the total rip-off according to what I infer from the web. Anyways, Following is from Chris Nolan. If you haven't checked out Memento, Prestige and the Batman movies, please do yourself a favour.

Vinith said...

Yes Venkiraja. Chris Nolan pathin Namma LittleMaster sonnaru. Would watch "Following", "Momento" "Prestige" soon :)

I will post about Vamanan-Following connexion soon. :)