Saturday, August 22, 2009

Movie Review: Kandhasaamy

At last, the much awaited movie of the year is out! Here's my take on Kandhasaamy!


You can compare the story of Kandhaswamy with Sivaji. Yes it is all about black-money and about the saying "Rich get richer, Poor get poorer". Kandhasamy (Vikram), the CBI officer raids the money from the rich and gives it to poor. How? Go watch it!

What's new???

The concept of using God Kandhasamy's name to serve the poor is quite impressive. People tying the prayers written paper on the tree, Vikarm reading all those prayers and answering them in the name of "God Kandhasamy". Good one.


As far as acting is considered, Kandhasamy doesn't disappoint. Everybody has done a good job. Just that there wasn't enough scope for Vikram to showcase his talents.

What's good?

The second half is far better than the boring, rubbish first half. The Mexico episode in second half is very much satisfying with interesting twists, suspense elements, outstanding Camerawork and Vikram's performance. In fact I would rather say that Mexico episode was the only relief for me. Krishna (father of Telugu Superstar Maheshbabu) who comes as senior officer for Vikram, impressed with his short but sweet role. He did a great job.

What plays spoil-sport?

First half progresses aimlessly. Screenplay sucked. Too much of glamor, skin show from Shreya. Songs that act as Speed-breakers. Vadivel's torture in the name of "comedy" and his disgusting double entendre dialogues too. Sonorous background score that damages our ears.

Verdict: Kandhasamy, a big disappointment! Movie fails to live up to the hype.

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Achilles said...

Thanks for the review Vinith.. Got similar comments from my friends too... Anyway I will watch it atleast once that too for Vikram...

Vinith said...

Yep. Movie isn't good :(

Cool. Go watch it. Waiting for your comments :)