Monday, November 23, 2009

Music Review: Paiya - A Yuvan Musical


Well, this is how I can begin.. I'm so excited after listening to Paiya songs. A beautiful album filled with romantic melodies.

Beautiful Guitar opens up the lilting melody "Thuli Thuli mazhaiyai", so beautifully rendered by the upcoming young talent Haricharan (Yeah. The voice that we heard in "arabu naadE" song). The tune and Na. Muthukumar's lyrics complement each other. 'Sel sel avaludan sel' part is too good in this song and that's the highlight of this song.

"Suthudhe Suthudhe bhoomi" starts off pretty ordinarily but soon picks up and enthralls you as it progresses. What else can I say when there is Karthik? He definitely elevates the song to greater heights. The lines "ra ra ra radhE, radhE, azhagiya raadhE" are sure to be hummed by the audience in the coming days.

"En Kadhal solla" sung by composer himself is another brilliant melody with excellent rhythm. Yuvan, as usual, excels in orchestration particularly in the first interlude. The chorus/humming part that comes mildly in the background in between is addictive. I have not been a big fan of Yuvan's rendition rather I complaint a lot. LOL. But this time, I must say that Yuvan has improved a lot in rendition. He has given a very good feel especially in the charanam parts. Do not miss to observe the way he sings 'Yaarum paarkkamal enai paarkkiren' in the second stanza. Mesmerizing. Touches my soul!

There isn't anything new in "Adada Mazhai da" song. It simply gives you the feel of listening to "Dhavani potta" song. Tried and tested orcehstration. Yuvan simply recycles his earlier works in this. But, the song sounds good and creates a peppy mood. Rahul nambiyar's rendition is too good and Saindhavi's rendition towards the end is another highlight of this song.

The only song that failed to impress me is "Poongatre poongatre" sung by Benny Dayal. Not a bad one though. A passable track with very less innovations.

Overall, Paiya is an instantly likable album. Linguswamy has extracted some excellent melodies from Yuvan. Yuvan, who usually goes overboard in orchestration even for a simple melody has refrained from it in Paiya. Orchestration here is very simple and catchy. The songs are sure shot winner. Barring the few recycling works, the album is very much satisfactory. Go get it. Drench in the rain!

PS: Writing a very detailed review after a long time. This is purely because of the excitement that I got after listening to the songs. Except 'Poongatre" all other songs are in loop for since Saturday. Just cant get me out of this. Very addictive!

PS2: Yeah, I know, some of you may feel that I'm overrating this album. LOL. Just my opinion. At least for next few months I will be madly listening to the songs. Isn't that enough? He... He...

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Yoganathan.N said...

Hhmmm... I just felt the opposite after my first listening... Hehe. I instantly liked PoongAtrE PoongAtrE (thanks to it's briliant guitar usage at the beginning)...
The rest are yet to grow in me... I will be listening to them more often after this. :)

Surprised, PoongAtrE PoongAtrE song didn't impress you.


Vinith said...


I liked Poongatre at first and listened to it quite a few times and got bored soon. LOL. So started skipping it. The guitar piece is awesome.

pr4peace said...

You know my take on the music.Just wanted to check out yours :)..
nice review!
but I still feel yuvan has not gone the extra distance he could go !(of course the movie might not need him to... thats a completely diff story )

Vinith said...

Welcome PR :)

Haha... yes i know your take ;)

Paiya is certainly not the right album for this creative hunger. Yet, the output is lovable. :)

Sankar Babu said...

Hi Vinith..u good man.
Nice work and nice review...

I feel the same as u felt and written here except one Poongatre song. Apart from a brilliant guitar piece...Benny scores here.Hear it thru frm a headset(a good one)..u definitely like it the way Benny rendered in a open voice.Don't skip, hear it.Benny have the potential for this type of song mostly and so y Yuvan used him, I hope so.

But, Overall you have given a neat and good review .I've checked and saw so many reviews of this Paiya movie songs...but u've given the best.

Keep doing man.Cheers.

Vinith said...

Thanks Shankar :)

I liked Poongatre at first. But soon got bored. Considering that many are liking it, i will definitely give it some more listens.

Betw, I very rarely use speakers to listen to songs. Always headsets. Sony Ericsson Walkman phone. :)


i liked poongatre..but thuli thuli is the best...

Vinith said...


Yes. Poongatre has started growing in me. Thuli thuli will go well with the audience.