Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kalavaani - Movie review

It is really a tough job for a debutant director to make an impressing movie with less popular star-cast, average music. Director Sarkkunam (Sargunam), does it well in his Kalavaani. Kalavani is a clean entertainer that can be enjoyed with whole family.

The script is all about a guy who falls in love with a girl from the next village. Both villages suffer from age-old enmity. Even we have seen this story umpteen times, what makes it worthy is the treatment and characterization.

Treatment: Crisp, clean, not dragging.


Making a village story (that too two villages) with limited characters is not an easy job. Most of Tamil Villages stories revolve around so many characters such as uncles, great grandparents, cousins, etc etc. Kalavaani forgoes that. I should give full marks for the director for using limited no of characters.

Saranya gets 200 Marks for her performance as sweet, innocent mom, which she usually does it with perfection. Saranya is indispensable when it comes to Mother roles. It is highly impossible to imagine someone else in her role.

Secondly, heroine's brother (New face?). He impresses with a unique body language and dialogue delivery which is quite natural. He gets 100 Marks.

Vimal, as Arikki @ Arivazhagan, has done his part well. Only thing is, few dialogues reminded me of Paruthiveeran. Oviya, has done a fabulous job. Her acting as a girl hailing from a village is so apt.

Then Kanja Karuppu as Mr. Panchayathu, who gets trapped in the plans of Vimal gang. Noteworthy performance from Ganja Karuppu after a long time.

Friends of Arivazhagan have pulled off an excellent performance. One scene that had the whole theater in splits is "Arivazhagan. Mr. Arivazhagan". OMG!

Cinematography: Excellent. Green Paddy fields have been shot so beautifully.

Music: SS Kumaran has done a better job in Background score in first half while songs are big miss. Oru Murai song works because of the picturization and "dumma dumma" hook!

Overall: A perfect movie for family audience. Do not miss it.


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Yoganathan.N said...

Interesting. I will definately watch this flick when time permits.

Vinith said...

A must watch Yoga :)