Monday, June 30, 2008

Answer for last weeks post - Coincidence

Here is the answer for the last week's post about coincidence.

There was a huge (totally 3) responses for the Interesting Coincidence post in which I had asked visitors to guess the Tamil song which resembles the English track which I had given in the post.

Well, Karthik and Madevan guessed it correctly here while Vasanth couldn't guess it.

The English track which I had given is "Metropolis" that belongs to a German album called "The Man Machine" (1978).

Few parts of this track resembles "Yar yaar sivam" from the movie Anbe Sivam (2003) which had music by Vidyasagar. Let me tell you few points about this composer. Usually, composer sets the tune for which lyricist pens the lyrics. But Vidhyasagar doesn’t follow this always. For most of his compositions, he gets the lyrics from the lyricist and starts composing the song. Very rarely he does it the other way round. So I very strongly believe that this is just a coincidence.

Listen to those pieces here.

Metropolis piece,

To download,

Yar yar sivam piece,

To download,

Well, to tell few points about this German album,

The Man Machine album by Kraftwerk was released in the year 1978. This contains 6 tracks in it. All are innovative, enjoyable tracks. I have been listenting to these tracks for years. I am planning to write a review about this album in this blog.


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