Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kuselan – Music Review – Why GVP?

One of the much awaited movies of the year is Superstar’s KUSELAN which is the remake of Malayalam classic “Kadha parayum pol”. Young talent GV Prakash has set tunes for Kuselan.
GVP’s tunes for this movie evince that this young talent is not matured enough to compose songs for a Superstar movie. Yes, the songs disappoint. However, the “Rajni” factor would make these songs a big hit.

Cinema cinema – Shankar Mahadevan – Sonorous Orchestration.
The overall orchestration reminds you of Mudhalvane song especially the chorus in the prelude. Shankar Mahadevan, as usual, has sung with a good energy. Rajni fans would surely enjoy the lyrics of Vaali that praise Cinema and Rajnikanth. “avar uruvam paru elimai, andha elimai thane avarukku vaimai… Thalai ganathidatha thalaivan, engal annan mattum than” is an example.

Sollamma – Hariharan, Sujatha – Pleasant Melody, pick of the album.
This song is the pick of the album. Hariharan’s and Sujatha’s rendition is definitely a plus. A neat melody with mild orchestration. Uniqueness in tune and freshness in the song are certainly missing.

Charai – Shreya Ghosal – Cool
A decent tune with shreya’s charming vocals. Good orchestration. The song is worth listening.

Om Zaarare – Daler Mahendi, Chithra, Sadhana Sargam – Mediocre
Tune seems to be okay but doesn’t really stand out. Daler’s rendition fails to impress you. This song again reminds you of “Vaaji vaaji” song of his uncle’s composition. Why GVP?

Perinba – Kailahs kher, Prasanna – Already played
No big difference between composer’s first composition “Veyilodu vilayadi” and this song.

Verdict of Vinith:

A mediocre album. GVP has not done something great to Kuselan. It’s P.Vasu’s mistake that he roped GVP in for this movie. Vidyasagar-Vasu-Rajni trio would have done something better for Kuselan.

A treat to Rajni fans but not to Music lovers. Better luck next time GVP!




nickraman said...

Agreed. Kuselan lacks symphony, which GV excelled in Vellitherai. Also, I've seen the Malayalam Original and from what P.Vasu has hacked from Manichitranazhu, add in rumors of Rajni's appearance for 1hr 40min in a 2hr 40min movie, i fear so much for the potentially good movie. Mammooka's guest role was that off Madhavan's role in Rang De Basanti, Epic and created an impact with the audience. Here, tamil audience are taken to a wild ride with P.Vasu, the remake killer. Enna kodumai ithu sir?

Vinith said...

Yes Raman. But rajni's presence would make it big.

I believe Kuselan will have a better story than Sivaji :)

Thalaivar will make it big hit :)

Shrinivas said...

Nice review mate .. Check mine when you have time :)

kumar.s.r said...

Chikku Bukku Rayilu paadra pasangalayellaam Music panna sonnaa enna aagum ?

Shame on you P.Vasu !