Tuesday, August 12, 2008

GVP - Yuvan Coincidence!!!

Another interesting coincidence.

I recently got the OST (not exactly OST. But good collection of BGM) of the movie Manmadhan, music by Yuvan. This collection includes main theme with 13 other BGM music and bit songs. The theme music (Violin orchestration) of the movie Kreedom by young composer GV Prakash, strongly resembles one of the BGM pieces of Manmadhan.

The inspired piece is very small in terms of duration but the similitude is pretty high. Check out this. I really don’t know if this is an intentional act of GVP or again an accidental one.

As a layman, my knowledge about how a Symphony is composed is, first the composer writes musical notes for the symphony and then composes the music with the written notes. (Please correct me if I am wrong). So this piece seems to be an accidental one. Of course, no composer would sit and copy/inspire the music that comes merely for 3 seconds.

Listen to those pieces!

Manmadhan Theme,

Kridom Theme,

This is just a coincidence I guess. What do you think about this?



rshank said...

I'm sure you meant, Western Classical Music and not symphony. (Symphony is one form of WCM. Very much like a concerto, concerto-grosso, sonata etc)

WCM composition also happens in the head and is written down in the form of notes :-)

I didn't quite understand what you meant by "first the composer writes musical notes for the symphony and then composes the music with the written notes." ???


Vinith said...

Yes Shankar, I was referring to WCM.

What i meant is, the music director writes the notes and then composes it with a group of instrumentalists.

Emjay said...

Good observation.

Mahesh said...

Good Find.Thanks to WCM.How do u find these Dittos? Really Surprising..

Vinith said...

Thanks mahesh.

it just happend. i did not sit to find fault :)

Senthil Kumar said...

Hello Vinith,

To be precise, both Yuvi and GVP seems to have been inspired from a cartoon series called Tintin adventures. Listen to this once and you'll get to know about our gr8 MDs.. :)