Friday, August 22, 2008

Director - Not found

I like this Mr. X very much. Mr. X is a director. Mr. X has directed only one movie. I’ve been waiting for his next venture. But now information is found about the director’s next movie. Immediately after his first movie, he announced his next movie. Title of his second movie was too good. There have been no updates after that.

The only movie he directed was an excellent movie. When I came out of theatre, I was emotionally stuck. It was like a journey. The camera work, the music, the characters, lead artist's performance were all enthralling. Certain scenes were absolutely mindblowing and very innovative. Meaningful dialogues is another plus.

Despite the positive reviews from critics and audience the movie bombed at the box office. The movie did have some flaws and few ridiculous dialogues. But still the movie was worth watching. I cannot forget certain scenes and dialogues of that movie. Am eagerly waiting for his next movie.

But I feel that he is not given his due. When director Perarasu, recipient of contempt reviews could get numerous offers, why aren’t producers approaching this talented Mr. X?I wish to see news about the next venture of this talent soon. Hope we’ll get it.

I hope you have guessed who Mr. X is. Haven’t you?

He is Mr. Raam, the director of the movie Katradhu Tamizh.



Venkiraja said...

What was the title of the second movie or Raam?

Vinith said...

Welcome to my blog Venkiraj.

His second venture was named "sadam Hussain" with Dhanush in lead. It was dropped i gues. There were no proper updates.

Locas Writings said...

Nice one Vinith. Unfortunately good movies go unnoticed while the stupid ones have a line of fans and are made blockbusters.


Vinith said...

Welcome to my blog Wibha. I agree with your point.

Anonymous said...

sorry.. i couldn't understand that movie. I meant the directors message...

why does a movie needs to have some message?