Sunday, November 9, 2008


Hello Readers,

I had actually posted this in my other blog. I think people have stopped visiting that blog as it remained unupdated for a long time. So I'm posting it here. Guess!

Guess the Song, Movie and the Music Director of the interludes you hear here.

First Interlude,

Second Interlude,

Clue: Song from a movie that did not hit the screen.

If you cannot find the song, try to guess the music director, if you can. :-)

Answers will be posted soon :)

If you cannot listen online,



rks0406 said...

Hi! Vinith. Hope you are doing well.
I have not watched the movie, Kadhalil Vizhundhen, yet, going by your review it is not seeming to be a good story at all, Living along with the corpse thinking that human is still alive!! It is nothing but psycho! Moreover Love need not to be alive only with the existence of those humans involved. Even the feeling of their togetherness, in the absence of it, itself is a great love.

Musings of an amateur writer said...

I feel the soundtracks of Arai En 305il kadavul & Raman thediya seethai are under-rated & deserve better credits; the former especially,albeit the failure in box-office!

Vinith said...

Arai En 305 - I'm not sure. Haven't heard them at all. Oops...

RTS - Not underrated Sriram. Everybody appreciated the melodies Mazhai nindra and Ippave etc.

Musings of an amateur writer said...

yeah..Just have a listen to "Aavaram poovukkum"(Shreya Ghoshal's vocals) & Thendralukku nee especially!