Friday, December 19, 2008

Best and Worst Compositions!

Great songs of 2008:

If I prepare a list of 10 Songs, it is a bit out of complacency. So I'm presenting a list of top 15 Tamil songs of 2008. The following are the songs I most frequently listened to this year. Each one of them is nothing short of a Gem number.

Worst compositions of the year:

This list represents the worst songs of this year. This list doesn't contain the songs of new comers but the worst songs composed by matured, talented and established music directors.

Share your thoughts!

PS: I started listening to the songs of Ajantha (2007) only in 2008 even though it was released in 2007. :-)



Emjay said...

"Yaarum Thodatha" is a wonderful composition ...I love that song... excellent singing by Shreya and Raaja...

Vinith said...

That sure is!!!

Sad that I heard this song only by Mar/Apr this year! Better late that never! :)

Mahesh said...

i wud be happy if u have chosen mozha mozhannu amma amma which punctured the ears instead of a nice peppy number palanadhu....(IMO)

Vinith said...

I completely agree Mahesh. Yes, Mozha mozhanu is worse and is more annoying than Palanadhu! Personally, I hate both the songs!!!
But yes, Mozha mozhanu deserves a place in this list!!!
Thanks Mahesh!!!

kannan said...

Haha I'm going to have to disagree with Ada Gada being that bad. I personally liked it, though the charanam was a bit of a trainwreck. Plus I suspect Premji's voice was a major minus to you, though strangely in this song it didn't bother me.

I think Chellame from Sathyam is a very cliche song, as in it sounds like half the Harris Jeyaraj songs of the past. I never took that much of a liking to the song, though I think some of Harris' best interludes in recent times are in this song.

I would personally replace :
Abhinayam with Aganthaiyil for Uliyin Osai.
Megam with Kallil Aadum for Anandha Thandavam.
Kadhal Siluvaiyil with Kangal Irandal for Subramaniapuram (mainly because of the second interlude trumpet, which sounded a bit amateur to me).
Venmegham with any other song from the movie other than Oh Baby (mainly because Venmegham sounds like a Kan Pesum Vaarthaigal rehash to me).
Kannadasan with Manasukkul for Anjathey.

I haven't heard Poo yet, and am listening to Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu for the past week.

I would remove both Laadam and Sakkarakatti from the list. I'm a fan of both the composers, but these albums dissapointed me. If it wasn't a Tamil-only list, however, a lot of Rahman Hindi releases would make my list.

Was it a conscious attempt to include a max of one song per album only? Because if not I would add Ippave (Raman Thediya Seethai) along with Mazhai Nindra. Both are gems in my opinion.

On top of that I would include the entirety of Kuruvi in the second list. I don't know why, but I took a complete dislike to every single song. It's one of the few albums I have actually deleted from my iPod, and not because of a lack of space. The others were Silambattam and Krrish (long ago).

What do you think of Villu? A few nonsense songs, but some songs do seem much better than any in Kuruvi. I've always liked Devi Sri Prasad; I don't think he's as talented as some others in the industry, but I think he puts in full effort into every song, which is something I really appreciate. This puts him much ahead of far more talented people like Imman, in my opinion.

Vinith said...


Ada Gada - A plain annoying stuff to me. Hmmm.. Not only the vocal but also the lyrics. Awful :( I'm really surprised that many people don't prefer to hear Chellame song. I simply loved it.

Kangal Irandal is a great song. But Shankar's vocals made me go mad with Kadhal Siluvayil and the same is one of the reasons for the inclusion of Megam Pola from AT. His voice is simply mesmerizing.

Yes, it was intentional that i included only one song (the best song) per album. Else I would have ended up with a list of 30 or 40 songs.

The reason why I dint include Kuruvi is, its a plain commercial movie. We cannot expect much from this kinda movies. But Abhiyum Naanum is a sensitive movie. I expected the "Mozhi" magic from this movie. Disappointed to the core. :(

Villu - Believe me Kannan. I have not heard to any of the songs in this movie yet. I usually avoid Vijay songs (I'm not against Vijay). Mainly coz I have a great aversion for Kuthu Songs (Vijay and Ajith movies songs in particular). Plain annoying, irritating stuffs.