Saturday, May 16, 2009

The IPL Fever is Over!!!

Fever over??? How come?? 10 more days to go. Confused? Ha...ha...

I'm an avid cricket fan. In my dictionary Cricket = Sachin. He is the Lord. Sachin Tendulkar's Mumbai Indian is out of IPL now. And that is why the fever is over (for me). I was with absolute aplomb that MI would make it to Semis. Dreams are shattered. I was left in travail when Mumbai Indians suffered the loss at the hands of Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings . I was hurt, disappointed.

However, my god's game was brilliant and very much satisfactory in 5 matches especially the one against Kolkata. Fan for life....

Since I'm writing this on a sad note, I do not want to mention about his bad captaincy in few matches.

I would not be watching IPL anymore. It's all over. I would watch the next match of Sachin against Delhi Daredevils, of course for thalaivar's game only.

There is always a next season. Let me wait for a better IPL next year. So, for me, the fever is over, but with a sad note. What about you?


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