Saturday, May 9, 2009

Modhi Vilayadu, music by Colonial Cousins Hariharan, Leslie

Colonial Cousins Hariharan and Leslie's debut as Music Directors is quite promising.

Peppy "Otrai Varthayil" turns out to be pick of the album. Shaan's rendition definitely elevates the song while the duration is the only complaint. The song has only one charanam. Melody "Paadhi Kadhal" is too good with Bombay Jayashree's sweet vocals. Somehow, Sunitha Sarathi's part did not appeal to me even though she has sung it well. Composers' idea of using two female singers did not work for me. Well, I cannot take a call on this without whatching the situation for which this song has been composed. However, the song is good with good lyrics.

Both the above mentioned songs forgo the regular beats that we get to hear from other composers. The background music for these two songs are fresh that makes them instantly likeable.

"Vellaikkari", despite the good charanam parts, failed to impress me. Too many singers for this song creates a mess. Orchestration too is noisy at times. This song may go well with masses, but did not impress me. Fast paced "Sikki mukki" too is an average track. Title track "Modhi Vilayadu" abides by the standard rule "title song should be a noisy kuthu song". Hariharan has roped in Composer Deva to sing along with him, but that doesn't help.

"Latcham Varthaigal", sung by Ranjani, another version of "Otrai Varthaiyil" has got some change in the orchestration, particularly in the interlude. Nice keyboard usage in the interlude. The lyrics have been changed beautifully to fit the situation. Look how beautifully the lyrics convey two different situations.

In the first version (for hero), "Otrai varthayil, otrai vArthayil, uLLE uLLadhai sonnAl enna" while in the second version, heroine sings "Latcham vArthaigal, latcham vArthaigaL, muttrum theerndhana ingE ingE" . Great. Isn't it? I guess the hero version is on a happy note while the latter is on a sad note.

Overall, Modhi Vilayadu gives me a private album like feel. That's good change actually. Two songs stand out while the rest are average.


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