Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gorgeous, Overwhelming, Astonishing 'Goa' - Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja

One of the most awaited soundtracks is out. Yuvan-Venkat Prabhu combo is back with a bang.

The breezy duet "Idhu Varai" has a gorgeous tune to it, superbly sung by Andrea and Ajeesh, the winner of Airtel Super Singer 2009. A striking melody with a mind-blowing orchestration and scintillating interludes, that showcase Yuvan's versatility.

"Kadhal endral" sung by composer himself is a shorter version of "idhu varai". Yuvan, the king of bit songs, proves it again here. This song has an interesting Violin prelude and has soothing keyboard in the background. The peppy title track "Goa" has youthful feel to it with a flawless music arrangement. The club mix version is equally appealing, however, i did not listen to the club mix version as I'm addicted to the original version.

"Ezhezhu Thalamurai", the village, folk'ish track is overwhelming. Yuvan has done an Ilayaraja in this song. The foot tapping thiruvizha song "adida naiyandi" is another IR'ish track with lively orchestration that adds charm. SPB Charan and Yugendhiran have done their part well in this song. The pathos song "Ooru nalla ooru" sung by Ilayaraja isn't that appealing except for the orchestration and the flute interlude that make it worth listening.

Creative hunger Yuvan arrives with the astonishing "Idai Vazhi", one of the most experimental tracks in recent times. A fast paced erotic song with incredibly brilliant orchestration and excellent vocals by Mamta Mohandas and Benny Dayal. The former does it with perfection.

Thanks to Yuvan for bringing the veterans SPB, IR and Chitra together in the peppy song "Valiba va va". The song so beautifully switches to classical music in the second half. The "na na na na" humming that comes in between is hyper-catchy.

Verdict: What an album to start the year! Yuvan starts 2010 with an extraordinary note. Looking forward to more and more.


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Directhit said...

hi vidhya, goa songs innum fullaa kekkala - one sumaal doubt. Idhu Varai song - doesnt it resemble the om shanthi om song? the one during the fire thing?
i might be totally wrong too - ozhunga kettu solren :?. wanted to know if u felt that way

தமிழ்ப்பறவை said...

hai vinith... now oly i started to hear the songs.. will read later....
வேர்டு வெரிஃபிகேஷனுக்கு வேலை வச்சுட்டாய்ங்க போல இருக்கு உங்க கொரியன் ஃபேன்ஸ் :-)
லாஸ்ட் போஸ்ட் கமெண்ட் பார்த்தேன்

Vinith said...

DirectHit, glad to see you here.

endha "Om shanthi om" song sollureenga? :oops: Hindi song? If so, i have not heard any of the songs in that album! :oops:

Thamizhparavai, ada aamappa aamappa :(

But, last post'la idha enable pannala... Long time back i did it. You can check "Vamanan - Plagiarism" post. summa alara vittutanunga avainga...

Korean fans - LOL

Achilles/அக்கிலீஸ் said...

Have to get the CD soon... :)

Thanks for the review Vinith.. :)

Happy New Year.. :)

Anonymous said...

Yuvanai adichikka aalillai paa. He is more creative more working and more genius

super m

He deserves more than Oscar , my worry is who is going to introduce Yuvan to the whole world.
A great genius from India

Vinith said...

Achilles, do get the CD and share your opinion. :)

Anon :)

Eyes said...

Semma hot songs... especially he family song, indhu varai and yuvan's solo.... emmmm fantastic bro...