Sunday, January 31, 2010

Venkat Prabhu's Goa - A Boring holiday trip

Chennai 28 gave us a fresh feel. People loved it. Saroja's screenplay was very much entertaining even though there was nothing new in terms of story. Premgi, Shiva were excellent in Saroja. But in goa, everything fails miserably. Poor screenplay, same old mokkai, dud jokes, same face expression from Premgi, repeating the same style of using Ilayaraja's song when guys meet their girls. Oh my god! Give me a break! Cannot tolerate this anymore!

The story that progresses aimlessly, boring screenplay that lacks continuity, made this trip a forgettable one.

Solace of the movie:
> Sampath's role was good and he'd done it really well.
> Jai's English - In one scene where guys decide to speak only in English, Vaibhav asks Jai for a towel. He asks in English "Towel Come" for which Jai looks at the towel and says "Towel Go"! ROTFL. But sad that there were only few such scenes that evoked laughter.
> Yuvan's music
> Sakthi's Cinematography.

Boring Factors:
> Premgi's mokkais
> Three heroines - Hardly 20 mins for each. Though they did their parts well, there was no scope at all.
> Too many songs. Imagine 8 songs in a already boring screenplay.
> Almost 90 minutes of the movie were aimlessly shot. Filled with too much of meaningless mokkais.
> Using Ilayaraja's song frequently. :banghead:

Overall - A trip that should not be remembered. Very sorry Ms. Soundharya Rajnikanth!


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Yoganathan.N said...

Looks like u r in 'kolai veri'.
Yet to watch it VR... Padam PArthuttu solrEn... :)

Vinith said...

LOL. aama Yoga. Big disappointment. Hope you had the same! :P

Yoganathan.N said...

Yov, ithula 'hope' vEra pannurEnggalA... lol
By now, ennOda review pArthuruppEngganu namburEn... Anggayum comment pOdunggayyA... :X

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