Friday, February 12, 2010

Vinnai Thandi Varuvaaya - Music by AR Rahman

Sorry for the delay writing this. Few songs took time to grow. I was initially very much disappointed. But now, I'm feeling much better though I feel that the album is not very addictive as I expected it to be.

What ARR has done in Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya is, he has gone beyond the boundary of regular Tamil albums and has given us some fresh sounds and music. Or I can even say that there are some new genre of music. This is not a run-of-the-mill romantic album which we expect from Goutham Menon movies. This is something different.

Delightful Hosanna with catchy rap bits from Blaze and fantastic rendition by Vijay Prakash (Man, he will head towards a great success if utilized properly by Tamil composers), peppy Omana penne with magical Nadaswaram sound in the background that showcases ARR's creativity and the adorable chorus which is quite usual in all ARR albums, are certainly treat to ears.

The magical Aromale which is sung by Alphonse is yet another unusual song with Malayalam lyrics written by Kaithapram. This one seems to be a marriage song. So get ready for a visual treat when it comes on the screen. The chorus "Swasthi swathi" has the stamp of AR Rehman.

It is Shreya's divinely voice that impressed me first in Mannippaya song. Rahman, beautifully incorporates couple of Thirukkural in this song. However, the way they've been tuned isn't completely satisfying. I would say that ARR has not sung his parts well. This is certainly a stunner.

Anbil Avan is good with the traditional while Kannukkul sounds average to me except the catchy chorus that chips in. Vinnai thandi varuvaya, the title track sung by Karthi is the only song that did not impress me even after multiple listening. Felt like the song was merely dragging even though Karthi has sung it soulfully.

Every song has some magic in it which is sure to attract the audience.

Overall - I'm very much confused whether to call it an outstanding album or an above average album. Torn between.


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