Monday, April 26, 2010

Love you Sachin.....

I thought I should write an article about my love for ‘Lord’ Sachin Tendulkar when he hit 200 to raise the bar high. The right time is here now.

First of all, Congratulations Dhoni and Team for winning the trophy!

Ever since IPL began in 2008, I have been a full-time supporter for Mumbai Indians only for the ‘Sachin’ factor. Though he’d disappointed me in first two seasons, he has more than compensated in third season. He was on the roll since the first match. There has not been a single match where he got out without a boundary. Every match had moments that raised my eyebrows to express awe.

I have been a Sachin admirer, ever since the day I came to know about this genius. The admiration has never gone down, rather, increased day by day. Though I love watching Indian cricket matches, I’m confined to sachin’s game that no of minutes I sit and fix my eyes on TV is equal to the no of minutes Sachin stays on the crease.

I should admit that I’m admiring the Lord now, more than ever. His form in this IPL and his unparalleled 200* are the main reasons ;) From a ‘Fan’, I have moved to the next level ‘Devotee’. His form in this IPL has been wonderful. He has not only been a captain in this series. He has been a good leader. He has led the team to Finals. He has been a good motivator. His motivation has helped youngsters like Rayudu, Tiwari, Pollard to come up with match winning performances. Atop all these, he has scored 618 runs in only 15 innings that shows that he is the Best Batsman in this series. In all the ways, Sachin has raised the bar high and set example for others.

His commitment and dedication were on full display when he played a fantastic innings (48 runs) with stitches and plasters in two fingers. That says it all. He is the BEST.

Sachin, you may have lost the game. But you have won our hearts. We love you forever….forever…

Tons of love,

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