Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ravanan - AR Rahman's Musical

Hindi Ravan songs are out. Ravan turns out to be a stunning album from our Academy Award Winner! Simply out-of-the-world compositions with several new instruments and sounds. Rahman is genius.

Behene de muje, Katta Katta, Khile Re and Ranja Ranjha are my hot favorites. Addicted to these songs. I'm very much looking forward to the Tamil version 'Ravanan'. Just cannot wait to hear Shreya Goshal's voice in "Khili Re". I bet. This song will be more beautiful in Tamil. Such a melody it is.

I'm trying my best to avoid listening to the Hindi version as I'm more interested in it's Tamil version. Listening to Hindi version first will naturally put Tamil version one step below. Nah... I don't want this to happen.

Eagerly waiting for 'Raavanan'!


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