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Dasavatharam Fever Grips

There are very few movies in Tamil which set very big expectations before they hit the screens. Dasavatharam is one such movie in recent days. Dasavatharam is the talk of the town now. Every fan of Tamil cinema is awaiting its release in June. No secret is revealed out yet. But still so many rumors are being spread out about this movie and its theme. We have to wait till June to see if these so called rumors are facts or fiction. Let’s have a quick overview on this movie, budget etc.

Music – a letdown
Music plays a vital role in offbeat movies like Dasavatharam. Songs of this movie were not up to the marks and have disappointed most of the Tamil audiences. All the sites, blogs (including my blogJ) have rated this as a mediocre album and it doesn’t really stand out. Many fans have raised a question “Why Himesh”. Yes, why did Kamal choose Himesh to set tunes? Why did Ulaga Nayagan treat this movie, which is said to be the milestone not only in his career, but also in Film industry with such an average music? Hope at least Devi Prasad comes out with an extraordinary BGM for this movie.
Anyways, let’s forget about the Music and speak something about the movie.

Budget of the movie
Initially when the movie was started, the budget was set as INR.30Cr. But later on, it exceeded the proposed budget. The latest buzz in Kollywood says that the budget has touched 100Cr. Kamal is paid 7Cr as salary for this movie according to sources on web.

Roles that our "Nayagan" plays:
As each one of us knows, Kamal plays 10 different characters in this movie. As a Tamilian, I am very much proud that this versatile actor is the first actor in the world to don ten incarnations in a single movie. The secrecy which they have been maintaining since the first day of shoot is laudable. There are so many stories revolving in and around Tamilnadu. I went through some sites to collect the info on the roles which the actor plays. While Kamal plays only 10 roles in the movie, I am wondering that I managed to collect 15 different roles. Following are the roles don by Kamal in Dasavatharam (as said by those sites).

1. Sri Ramanujar
2. President Bush
3. An Afghan leader
4. Lankan Tamil
5. An old lady
6. A young lady
7. A doctor
8. A police officer
9. A Robber
10. Japanese
11. Chinese
12. A black
13. Daler Mehndi
14. A fighter
15. A scientist
So nothing is final until you watch the movie in June. The secret still remains secret.

Awards that Kamal may bag:
Buzz that has been revolving around ever since the movie hit the floors is Kamal will receive Oscar Award for his performance in Dasavatharam. If it happens, Kamal will be the 2nd Indian to bag this Award, with Satyajit Ray, who was the first Indian and till date the only Indian to have received this prestigious award.

Kamal may receive National Award as well from Indian Government. Other awards which may knock his door include, TN – State Award, Filmfare Award, Cannes Award, CIFF Award etc. We got to wait for one more year to get the results.J

Few other movies which hyped to high and their results:

Movie and Year: Sivaji, 2007
Hype and the result: Created a very big hype last year by this time, but failed to live up to the expectations. Rajni factor saved the movie.
Box-office result: Blockbuster

Movie and Year: Anniyan, 2005
Hype and the result: With big expectations, movie turned out to be an ordinary movie with a strong message which is usual with Shankar.
Box-office result: Blockbuster

Movie and Year: Pudhupettai, 2006
Hype and the result: Not much hyped as the previous two but people were waiting for this for a long time which turned out to be utter garbage despite the positive reviews. Movie had an extraordinary music by Yuvan.
Box-office result: Flop

Movie and Year: Vettaiyadu Vilayadu, 2006
Hype and the result: The movie would not have had such a big hype if it was released on time. Its delay made it big. Well received by audience with mixed review.
Box-office result: Super hit

To conclude, even if it fails to impress you as a movie, Kamal would certainly satisfy Tamil audiences to a great extent with his phenomenal performances in ten different roles. I hope both the actor and movie satisfy the audience and create a new history in World Cinema.
All the best to “Dasavatharam Team”.

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