Saturday, May 17, 2008

Listen it Carefully - This Week

Yaaro YarukkulChennai-600028Yuvan Shankar RajaSPB, Chithra

This is one of the best songs of the year 2007. The way this song has been composed shows that Yuvan is a Chip off the Old Block. Yuvan has followed his father’s footsteps in orchestrating this song. No doubt, this one shows that Yuvan has understood the nuances of composing a melody song with simple yet powerful orchestration.

I did not pay much of heeds to this song at first. My friend had always been forcing me to listen to this song. Just before few months I started listening to this song with interest. I was mesmerized. Two parts which I liked in this song are given below. If you are passionate about music and you like enjoying the subtle orchestration of the songs, just listen to the following pieces in this song carefully.

1. Group of Violins in the background
This piece comes in both the stanzas (Saranam). I am mentioning the first stanza here. At 1:57, Chithra starts with “Oorai vellum thogai nane” – Piece of violin – “Unnal indru thotru ponen” – same piece of violin but now it continues to grow along with the lyrics “Kannal yuthame nee sedhai nithame”. The king SPB says “Nindrai indru minnal keetrai” – Piece of violin – “Nitham vangum mooch katrai” – same piece again but continues to grow along with the tune till the end of the stanza. Listen it carefully. You’ll be mesmerized… This is perfectly Maestro’s style of using instruments. Hats off to Yuvan!!!

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2. The humming piece before the 1st stanza
Next is the humming piece which comes along with the 1st prelude which is so soothing to ears. It starts at 1:21. Well done Yuvan!!!

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Despite all the above, the unwanted beats in the song are really bothering me.


Anonymous said...

Hai, Amazing, very good invention.. keep growing.


Vinith said...

Thanks "V".

Will be posting more such pieces henceforth.

selvakumar said...

The best part in that song is the beats that play in the background throughtout the song. Not sure how you missed it. I liked the song immediately since I love SPB sir's voice very much. SPB + Chitra + Yuvan = amazing song. It takes you back to the 80's and triggers nostalgia. BTW, the following line is the last thing that I want to hear :-)

// Yuvan has followed his father’s footsteps in orchestrating this song//

Vinith said...


The reason why i said that yuvan has followed his father's footsteps is, listen to Sangeetha Megam song of the maestro. The same style has been used by Yuvan (not tune or rhythm. They are unique). The style is what i am mentioning here.

Do listen to the song. (Especially the piece for 1:48 till the stanza ends) Your vision may sync with mine :)