Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yuvan Disappoints Again?????

It’s a well known factor that Yuvan Shankar Raja has established himself as one of the most successful music directors in Tamil. His way of orchestrating the songs is pretty innovative which is widely accepted by critics. It’s also said that he is the current Youth Icon in TFM.

Yuvan’s greatest strength is his BGM score. When it comes to background score, Yuvan is always ahead of other composers (am not referring IR or ARR here :)). But it is sad to know that he often tries his hands in any foreign album or in his dad’s compositions for his BGM.

Just before few months I came to know that the 7G BGM is certainly inspired from Michel Nyman’s keyboard (which you can find here). Few weeks back it was said that he has used “Poove poochudava” music in Yaradi Nee Mohini movie. Now one more here…

Thanks to Hitherto who found this out and commented in Background score blog.

The much talked about background music of Katradhu Tamil seems to have been inspired from his dad’s song “Manadhile oru pattu” from Dhayam Onnu movie. In KT movie, this music is played when childhood Prabha takes Anandhi to a hill to show tiger. When I watched this movie, this piece of music literally brought tears in my eyes. Such a haunting instrumental piece it is. So I felt really bad when I heard that this is an inspired one. But, this can also be an accidental one. Of course, coincidences are very common in music.

Listen to “Manadhile Oru pattu” interlude.

Listen to “Tamil MA” music,

To download,

I’ll be very happy if this is an accidental one. But if it was intentional, hmmm…

Is this a copied one? What do you feel about this? Please drop in your comments and suggestions.


DnEsh said...

it does sounds very similar... this is not the 1st time YSR borrowed tunes from his dad.... Guess he is lucky to have a HUGE database behind him to help him compose ....

Vasanth said...

Purely accidental....

Vignesh said...

Hi Vidhya,

I don't think this can be categorised under plagiarism.
The mood and the feel of KT theme is totally different.

Vinith said...

Dinesh, I agree with you. But i feel what u have said is too harsh on Yuvan's caliber.

Even i want this to be an accidental one Vasanth :)

Vignesh, I do agree that KT theme is totally different. But still, this piece made me think that this could be a lifted one. I feel a very strong resemblance betw them. Billa theme music did remind me of one of TR songs. But myself i concluded that it was an accidental one. But this one doesn't seem to be that way, so i posted this article... :)


Rajesh said...

This is absolute bullshit. Just because you guys need a blog topic, you find a way to de-grade a composer's hardwork. You give me a song and I will show u 10 songs in which 3 seconds of that song is similar. If you work hard on the internet, you can find works of A.R.Rahman and Ilaraja similar to someone else's work.

Nobody is there to encourage anybody, but when it comes to finding faults with other's work all become eager.

Vinith said...


Thanks for dropping by.

The intention of this post is not to degrade Yuvan. Pls read it carefully.

Yuvan's ruthless lifts in 7G, Kadhal Konden has led to such doubts. Else, there is no reason I'll doubt his works. If you want to know how much regards I have for Yuvan, check out the Favorite Music Directors link in my blog.

Rajesh said...

If you want to judge by a composer's past mistakes, then please have a look at these:

These are just examples. There are lots more songs which are inspired by Ilayaraja and Rahman like . Although some of these have the exact tune I don't want to call them as copy like you do. Inspiration will always be there in music. It is not magic to be created from nowhere. When you are out of ideas, you are bound to use some previously composed song as a starting point for your song.

Music itself was found by man inspired by nature like the sound of wind, thumping sound of an axe, etc... I think it would be better if everyone starts to do their work and if at all we think that we can do a better job than them, then why not get into the field instead of wasting the time blogging.

Rajesh said...

I did not want to be harsh. But all you guys must understand that inspiration will always be there in music. Even ARR had accepted in an interview that no one can be completely original in music including himself. It is only bad to copy to the extent what Deva, Anu Malik and Pritam do. Pritam is infact the most cruel of the lot and he is making a living out of it.