Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Abhiyum Naanum - Music Review - Vidyasagar

Vidyasagar didn't take pain to compose the tunes. So I didn't take pain to write a detailed review.

Azhagiya Kili
– Very good and Grand. Interesting preludes and interludes.
Tune – Garbage
Vocals – SPB has been wasted.

Ore Oru Oorile
Orchestration – Average
Tune – “Villu paatu” genre, something like story telling. Average
Vocals – Kailash Kher. Atrocious

Moongil Vittu sendra
– A bit song. So can’t expect much from this.
Tune – Good.
Vocals – Madhu Balakrishnan.

Chinnamma Kalyanam
Orchestration – Again a bit song.
Tune – Merely drags.
Vocals – Kailash again. Nasal.

Sher Punjabi
Orchestration – Again a bit song. Nothing Special.
Tune – ---DO---
Vocals - ---DO---

Va va en devadhaiye
Orchestration – Good.
Tune – Average.
Vocals – Madhu Balakrishnan catches your attention.
Lyrics – Good.

Pachai Katre
– Good.
Tune – Average. At times, reminds you of “Kadhal enbadhu” of Poovellam Un Vasam.
Vocals – Good rendition by evergreen Sadhana.

Verdict of Vinith:

Overall, Abhiyum Naanum turns out to be an unpleasant album. Unexpected from Radha Mohan – VS combo. Awful!




Anonymous said...

How about VM's vaira varigal?

Vinith said...

I liked the lyrics in Chinnamma Kalyanam bit song. Rest are just Ok. Nothing so great :)