Monday, September 22, 2008

Poo - Music Review - SS Kumaran

Composer SS Kumaran makes his first album very impressive. The songs in "Poo" are really of high quality in terms of orchestration, innovative music. No doubt, SS Kumaran’s debut is so promising with soulful tracks.

Chu chu maari – Kids
You’ll keep smiling when you listen to this song.
Two reasons:
1. Kids’ rendition is really interesting that naturally makes you enjoy the song with a smile.
2. The funny and interesting lyrics. (Especially the last line for which I LOL-ed)
This is my pick. Sure shot winner and will be played very frequently in TV Channels. Kumaran shines well in using the instruments in this song. It’s very impressive every time the kids say “chu chu maari”. On a whole, the song takes you to your boyhood days. Mind-blowing short interludes are great plus.

"Avaram poo" sung by Chinmayi is a complete song with beautiful lyrics, excellent vocals, and interesting orchestration. No heavy metallic beats, no too many instruments masking the lyrics. A breezy number which is very soothing to ears. Kudos to Kumaran. "Dheena" sung by Shankar Mahadevan, Hemambiga is a peppy song with nice flute, violin preludes and interludes. Shankar as usual excels with high-pitches vocals. But this song is not as impressive as the previous two songs yet passable.

Harini’s vocals stand out in the romantic duet Maman Engirukkan (Harini, Thippu, Karthik). This is another song that gives a very good rural feel. The lengthy second interlude with a solo violin and Kids chorus is thoroughly enjoyable. The bit song Paasa mozhi sung by the composer himself is another good number. Surprisingly his voice reminds me of Ilayaraja’s voice. Soulful rendition indeed.

Sivakasi Rathiye is an earthy number sung by Karuppu Devar. of “Oororam Puliyamaram” genre. The tune reminds you of various other songs. If you are a fan of kuthu, folk or typical “thiruvizha” songs, then this will surely impress you.

SS Kumaran’s debut is definitely promising and very genuine too. An album that gives a complete rural feel. “Chu Chu maari” and "Avaram poo” will top the charts.

Star Rating: 3.5 stars.


Aravindan said...

'Avaaram Poo' was fantastic. heavy raja influence; thourughly enjoyed it.

Good review!

Dushy said...

My favourite is the Shankar Mahadevan number 'dheena eh dheena edho seyyura Mari'.

But my daughter who is 2 is stcuk on 'choo choo mari'. That is definitely her faourite.

I must say SS Kumaran has impressed me very much. I am looking forward to his second album.

Vinith said...

That's nice to hear Dushy. Even my nephew who is 1 1/2 yr old loves the phrase "chu chu mari".

Yep. I guess, at this moment, he has no project in hands. Let's wait for a good news soon.