Thursday, September 25, 2008

Varanamayiram - Music Review - Harris Jeyaraj

Harris’s best album of 2008. Harris once again proves that he is king in using “Guitar” and Percussions. I really don't know whom should I credit. Gowtham for getting the best from Harris Jeyaraj or Harris for churning out the best for Gowtham? Or the perfect Chemistry between these two? The songs have come out really well.

Of all seven songs, “Nenjukkul Peidhidum” song is the highlight. Starting with guitar notes, the song takes you completely into it. Hariharan at his best once again. This song turns out to be the best of this album. Guitar interlude is awesome. Thamarai’s lyrics doesn’t fail to impress you. This song would top the charts in the coming weeks and would be one of the top melodies of this year. Harris-Hariharan combo works well.

“Anal Mele Panithuli”, a slow number with soulful singing from Sudha Ragunathan (instead of Bombay Jayashree??). The song sometimes reminds you of “Enadhu Uyire” of Bheema and sometimes reminds you of “Venmagham” (YNM) especially during the first interlude. Not to mistake, the tune is so soothing, with Sudha’s vocals and the solo violin in the second interlude being the highlight. But the song definitely gives “Have I heard this before?” feel. The orchestration is so simple that we certainly miss Harris’ grand orchestration.

A simple, hummable tune with neat orchestration is the folk song “Ava Enna”, which is worked on well by Karthik’s dazzling rendition. The lengthy second interlude is well executed.

Another beautiful song in this album is Mundhinam Parthene. Naresh succeeds again in singing. This song again reminds you of composer’s earlier woks. Neat orchestration with nice Sax interludes and lyrics are thoroughly enjoyable.

Adiye Kolluthe, a peppy song, starts off well and takes you through “Vennilave velli nilave” song during the first interlude and returns to the original tune as the stanza starts. The song is already a huge hit and would go well with the masses for sure. Shruthihaasan’s vocal is charming.

Yethi yethi” is for those who love dance numbers. Looks like hero’s intro song with lyrics targeted at youngsters. And, at last, the bit song “Oh Shanthi” is also exciting with SPB Charan’s vocals.

Verdict of Vinith:

Harris who failed to impress his fans in “Satyam” is in a very decent form in Varanamayiram. It’s Harris-Goutham which does all this magic.

Star Rating: 4 Stars



Suresh Kumar said...

Me too. Like all the songs...

DnEsh said...

nice review... its a BIIIGGG relief frm Bombay Jeyashree... Sudha sounds much much btter.... good choice for that song....

Anonymous said...

Dinesh...Jayashree is as good as Sudha :hammer:
And,is there no theme music kinda thing in the movie :huh:
And Viraajan...Sathyam had one beautiful song:"En anbe.." :roll:

Vinith said...

Yes, Suresh, Songs are rocking. Expecting a detailed review in your blog :)

Sudha's rendition is simply awesome Dinesh. Had BJ sung this, my reaction would have been the same. BJ and Sudha they both are equally great singers :)

And Venki,
"Chellame" is the only song am still (even now) listening to. En Anbe dint attract me much. :(

Anonymous said...

the songs were awesome...harrish rocks!!! I like hariharan's nenjukkul song. It was mesmerizing!

varsee said...

yupp loved all...but have taken a special liking to mindhinam n nenjukkul peidhidum :p
harris u rock!!

Vinith said...

Yes Varsee. Mundhinam and Nenjukkul are the best.

I prefer mundhinam to Nenjukkul.

jothi said...

Bur the song "nenjukkul peidhidum" is inspired by Last Christmas by WHAM

spj basu