Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ayan - Music Review

Harris Jeyaraj is in decent from in Ayan.

"Nenje Nenje" sung by Harish Ragavendra and Mahati is a beautiful duet. The interludes are good, the second interlude in particular. "Vizhi Moodi" sung by talented singer Karthik turns out to be the best song of the album. An appealing melody with mind-blowing orchestration. Harris has tried something different in this song, especially in the second interlude. Well done!!!!

Fast paced "Pala Pala" fails to impress at the start, but as the song progresses to the Charam part, it really starts cathing your attention. Harris-Hariharan combo once again succeeds. The other two songs "Aayiye ayiye" sung by Benny, Chinmayi and "Honey Honey" sung by Sayarora are pretty ordinary tracks.

With three good songs Harris does it once again. Composer once again strikes the right chord in choosing the singers. A decent album overall.



Abhijit said...

I totally agree with you dude. The songs are very fresh. I don't understand tamil but i keep listening to tamil songs as i feel some songs have a great feel. A wonderful example is the song "Vizhi Moodi" sung by karthik...it takes you to a different world!!!

DnEsh said...

A decent album overall, but very passable album. It doesnt sticks in ur mind after u listen to them.

Vinith said...

Yes Dinesh. Can exist in the playlist only for few weeks or months. Vizhi moodi could be an exception.

Cynthia said...

Vizhi moodi is my fav..others are not upto..to the mark