Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tamil Film Music 2009 - A detailed preview!

Said bye to 2008 which was not a great year for Tamil Music. But 2007 was a great year for Tamil Music, IMO.

Having passed a boring year, what can we expect in 2009?

2009 will definitely be a good year for music lovers. How?

Maestro Ilayaraja has started this year with an extraordinary album "Nan Kadavul". This will be one of the best albums of the year 2009 and will be ranked somewhere in the top.

Here is a list of albums which would be released in 2009. These albums would definitely be a treat for musical lovers, I believe.

Starting with Maestro, IR will have his Nandhala releasing next month. The expectations for this album were already high. But it has now gone sky high after Nan Kadavul release. Then comes, his "Kadhal Arangam", a movie with a different script (as said by the director) which sheds lights on libidinal thoughts of youngsters. IR's score will definitely be extraordinary for such an offbeat theme. Then you have Valmiki, Mayilu in IR's list.

AR Rahman will have his Chennaiyil Oru Mazhai Kalam, Endhiran (tentative), Maanavar Dhinam, Maniratnam's Asokavanam and KS Ravikumar's Aadhavan starring Surya. After a long gap, we will have minimum 3 Tamil albums of ARR this year.

Maestro's son Yuvan Shankar Raja will be the Music Director of this year I guess. With more than a dozen of movies in his packet, he''ll be on the roll this year. Some of his albums include rustic Yogi and Kunguma Poovum Konju Puravum, peppy tunes in Sarvam and Muthirai, scintillating melodies in Siva Manasula Sakthi and Kadhal 2 Kalyanam. Loveable songs minimum guaranteed for Yuvan fans. His few other projects include Paiya, Maa, 16, Goa, Aarnya Kaandam etc. As a Yuvan fan, I'm very much eagerly awaiting the release of at least 10 albums this year.

Harris Jeyaraj's Ayan is awaiting the release. Looking forward to "Asal" where he teams up with Ajit for the first time. Once again he teams up with actor Surya for "Aadhavan" directed by KS Ravikumar.

The music director who'll steal the show should be GVP whose last release was stunning Anandha Thandavam. GV Prakash will have good albums releasing this year. The one I'm eagerly waiting is "Aairathil Oruvan". The other one is "Angadi Theru" in which we may see Veyil GVP. Any other movies he has got this year? Let me know!

I have no idea about the albums of VidyaSagar. His 1977 has been released while his Peranmai with Jananathan is in pipeline.

Dharan's Poda Podi and James Vasanthan's Naanayam are also in the list of promising albums.

To conclude, 2009 is definitely a great year for Tamil Music.

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Ramesh said...

you missed ARR's ashokavanam by maniratnam

Vinith said...

Aah.... How did I miss that??

Thanks Ramesh. :)

Post modified.

Prakash Srinivasan said...

Vidyasagar will have Peraanmai, Vandemataram this year!

Vinith said...

Wow... Peranmai!!! Yes.

Will add that too in the list. I have hopes for this album :)

Thanks Prakash!

Prakash Srinivasan said...

Vinith, today saw in paper, Nandhalala music viraivil! Waiting for it isn't it?

Vinith said...

Of course....
Very much eagerly awaiting its release.... :)
Hope this will be Another magical album....

Anandhan Subbiah said...

I liked the songs too. The more you listen to it the better they sound.

ashwini said...

Click On The Link For Naan Kadavul Movie Reviews

Naan Kadavul Movie Reviews >>

Prakash Srinivasan said...

You can add the following:
Ayyan (not Surya's Ayan,music releasing very soon) & Madhiya Chennai---IR
Pokkisham---Sabesh-Murali (I predict this music to be good, Cheran, the Thavamai Thavamirundhu team again)

kannan said...

I too hope that 2009 is a good year for Tamil music. 2008 was one of the most lacklustre years in Tamil I think. I think the main reason was Yuvan not being in form, since he himself is usually responsible for atleast 7-8 high profile movies a year. Hopefully he gets back and gives us some wonderful stuff like in 2007 (Katradhu Thamizh for eg).

And yes I hope Rahman comes back with some good projects. Though, to be honest, if there are only commercial projects available here in Tamil, I would rather he stay in Hindi where he gets really challenging projects. Sakkarakatti really paled in comparison to his stellar Hindi releases in 2008. Not a great fan of his Ghajini soundtrack, but even that beat Sakkarakatti IMO. Really looking forward to Asokavanam and Chennaiyil Oru Mazhaikalam.

Are there any other Harris releases lined up? I hope Vaaranam Aayiram is a sign of him returning to form and that the trend continues.

Vidhyasagar's Kuruvi really hurt my opinion of him, and even the amazing Raman Thediya Seethai couldn't make up for it. I'm going to listen to his albums if I hear any good songs on the TV by chance, but I don't think I'm going to go looking for them.

GVP's Ananda Thandavam is a good sign, and probably his best album since Veyil and Oram Po imo. Hopefully this continues, especially with Aayirathil Oruvan.

Mixed feelings about Dharan. I didn't like Laadam at all, but I still cannot forget how Parijatham and Sivi took me by storm. Will listen to Poda Podi I guess.

I hope the promising people who appeared this year (James Vasanthan, Selvaganesh, and I hear S.S. Kumaran too) don't turn out to be one-hit wonders like Joshua Sridhar (though to be fair, I think he's a two-hit wonder; his Kalloori was amazing).

Vinith said...

Yes, We ( I ) missed Yuvan's album last year. It wasn't a great year for him. But 2007 was a a very good year in his career.

I usually don't listen to hindi songs (language barrier). But somehow I managed to listen to few songs this year. Jaane Tu ya Jane na, Jashne ba hara and Harra (aamir by Amit) are still in my playlist. Wonderful compositions.

Harris has only two albums this year (as of now).

GVP will rock in Aayirathil Oruvan.

To me, Joshua is a one hit wonder (Kalloori dint impress me much). :)