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Naan Kadavul Music Review Ver 2.0

For Nan Kadavul Movie Review

Last week, I wrote my review after I listened to the songs! But this time, I'm writing after I experienced the music of Nan Kadavul!

Saturday night, I had to go on for a journey of 600 Kms in Car. Night Journey! Whenever I go on for such journeys, I load at least 150 songs in my mobile to make my journey pleasant and untiring! This time too! I prepared a play list of 150+ songs (incl. 3 songs from Nan Kadavul) and started my journey! But, strangely, I had no interest in listening to those songs. There wasn’t a perfect mood! I couldn’t enjoy the songs!

So, I switched to Nan Kadavul playlist where I had only three songs from Nan Kadavul (Kannil Parvai, Amma un kovil and Siva Om) and put it in loop!!! Believe me, I never went back to the other playlist! Listened only to these three songs for over 30 times! Ilayaraja made my journey pleasant! BOW!!! Here is the detailed review of those three songs.

Kannil Paarvai – Shreya Ghosal

A beautiful melody with mind-blowing orchestration. Wow!!! Amazing lyrics tell us the emotions of a blind girl. Shreya’s voice is good for this song but certainly not the best. She could have sung this with ease. I feel a strain in her voice which spoils her diction at times! However, her voice is mesmerizing in this song!

யார்க்கும் போல் ஒரு அன்னை, தந்தை, எனக்கும் இருந்தது உண்டு.

யார்க்கும் போல் ஒரு தேகம், தாகம், எனக்கும் வளர்ந்தது இங்கு.

யார்க்கும் போலே விழிகள் இருந்தும், உலகமோ இருளில்.

Om Siva Om – Vijay Prakash

The song that creates a vibration, especially the rudhra mantras that come in between! Udukkai, Mrithangam sounds pierce the heart of the listener. Vijay’s rendition is unparalleled especially when he says “Aham Brahmasmi Om Om”. Every bit of orchestration and the interludes are powerful. In particular, the music from 3:30 to 4:20. It does create a vibration when listening! Hats off to Ilayaraja!

Amma un Pillai – Sadhana Sargam

First thing that comes to my mind is Sadhana’s rendition. A good song (even though old) spoilt by her voice. When Chithra, Sujatha, Chimayi are around, why did Ilayaraja choose Sadhana?? Huh! Definitely a mistake!

Sadhana’s diction of words like “PeNN”, “KaNN” are pathetic! She even says “Pillzhai” instead of “PiLLai”!!

Then comes the weak orchestration that spoils the mood of the song. The song starts off so well but fails miserably in the first interlude. As the song progresses to first interlude, the flow of the song is disrupted by the western-like beats. The divine feel, mood of the song is completely spoiled. Valee at his best once again! Mind-expanding lyrics indeed!
ஜென்மங்களில் பாவம் பெண் ஜென்மமே.

பந்தங்கள் என்று சொன்னால் துன்பங்களே.

பெண்களை சிலையிலே தொழும் என்ற உலகம், ஏன் சொல்.

Pichai Pathiram – Madhu Balakrishnan

A complete song. No complaints. Madhu Balakrishnan’s career best! What a voice.

I’m being carried away by emotions. I’m still listening..sorry.. experiencing the songs... I think only his Nandhalala can get me out of Nan Kadavul songs!

Kudos to Ilayaraja! A special thanks to Bala for making this kind of movies.

Raja Brahmasmi Om Om!
Raja Brahmasmi Om Om!

Naan Kadavul Movie Review




Emjay said...

Vinith -

Rightly said.. Only another Raaja number can outscore his own number.

sanjan said...

Well said about Ilayaraaja's score for Naan kadavul. Very good sad solo melodies. The singers very well exhibit the melancholy in the songs. I am big fan of Raaja and he has proved he is the best again.

The orchestration in the om song is mind blowing especially the tabla...awesome!!!

The prelude for kanil song is beatutiful

This album comes as a big refreshment in the midst of the fast food from other composers.

Well done Raaja & hats off to you !!

santhosh B

Vinith said...

Thanks Emjay and Santhosh!

Great album from our God!!!

To tell the view aptly in tamil
"Raaja-va vitta yendha kombanaalum indha movie-ku music poda mudiyadhu"


sanjan said...

ராஜா ராஜா தான்

Unknown said...

I am from UK.I dont know how you are measure iilayaraja.But Pichai Pathiram song would be the tranformational to any mind to feel like begger. "Athanai selvamum unnidathil naan pichaikku selvathu evvidathil...."....whole tamilnadu is going to cry for this song.

Unknown said...

hi Vinith,

The Songs are absolutely wonderful... I have set my Caller tune as well and people are calling me to check to copy the same...

Music just rocks!!!

Can you please guide if we can get the Music CD please

Vinith said...

Yes Shankar, the lyrics in Pitchai Pathiram conveys a beautiful message... IR shines well as a lyricist too...


In chennai, we can get it in Music World or in Spencers.

Unknown said...

I have a aircel network... do you know the code for the song Om Shivo hom??? i need to set that as my ring back tune

Unknown said...

Hi Vinith,

After 900 movies of music composition still a music director creates waves in music lovers mind.Thats the greatness of the one only composer known as Isaignani.Most of the youngsters like ARR,YUV,harris, are very much influenced by western cds.we tamils have a kind of identity which has lots of special music in it.Those are explored only by IR.for sample listen Chinnathayi songs.

Vinith said...

Exactly Shankar.

Raaja is only composer who can compose songs with the nativity that suits our culture tradition. There's no second thought in this!

Anonymous said...

Yeah , it is a fabolous album. Hopefully the movie is equally good.