Friday, January 2, 2009

Naan Kadavul Music Review

With Naan Kadavul, Ilayaraja takes us through a journey of devotional music!!! The divinity in Nan Kadavul songs pierce the hearts of the listeners!

Om Siva Om, sung by Vijay Prakash, is a kinda devotional song with Mantras on Lord Shiva. The overall orchestration is mindblowing! And, yes, one gets the feel of going through spiritual tour! Only IR can create this magic!

Shreya Ghosal's sweet voice aptly suits the mesmerizing melody "Kannil Paarvai". Starting with a solo violin prelude that conveys a lot of emotion, the song is so soothing to ears.

Equally good is Ilayaraja's "Oru Kaatril" (another version of "Kannil Parvai" with different lyrics)!

Sadhana Sargam's vocal adds more charm to "Amma Un Kovil" song. A neat melody!

Madhumitha's "Madha un Kovil" is good, but is too short to make any impact!

"Pichai Paathiram", the song that was composed for Ilayaraja's devotional album "Raman Malai" has been reused. This time song sung by Madhu Balakrishnan. One gets the feel of listeneing to the devotional song of KJ Yesudoss, when listening to this song. Madhu's voice sounds very similar to KJ Yesudoss's voice in this particular song! Laudable!

Overall, the albums gives us a feel of touring to some spiritual places!!! Ilayaraja all the way!!! Kudos!!!

From my heart:
This one of the albums that rarely we get from TFM. Well, Ilayaraja has begun this year with a great album. Hope this year turns of to be a great year for him and for other music directors as well!!! Eagerly waiting for Nandhalala album!!!

A detailed Second review here!

Naan Kadavul Movie Review



Anonymous said...

Few BGMs are inspired from Zaakir Hussain's "Space" album I believe

Vinith said...

Hi Anon,

Will check that out!!!

Can you please be more precise in this? which song, which part has been inspired?



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Download Nan Kadavul MP3: FREE TAMIL SONGS

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nandan said...

//Can you please be more precise in this? which song, which part has been inspired?//
Well, the starting of Kannil Paarvai is not even inspired, it is copied from the mentioned album Track Brahmand-21:00-23:00 minute. The feel is just elaborated throughout the song. Even you will find lots of resemblances of Om Shivoham with the tracks "bhramand", "shwas" & zen of space"
-same anon

Non-kadavul said...

Hi Nandan,
The musical score of Nan-Kadavul Songs has been improvised by IR from various compositions of his own Notably Thalapahy, Guru(Malayalam), Pithamagan, Barathi and other non-Film album like Music Messiah...! Think it's Zakir who has lifted/improvised as many of these albums are much older to his. Anyway thanks for the info...!

chandra said...

I listened to Zakir's Space. There is no doubt that 'naan kadavul' is a great album by raja and he is not such a person who can lift bgms from other composers as he is a master in that area. No one can say that NK bgms have been inspired from Space. If anybody want to check u can listen to musicindiaonline. Space is available there.

Vinith said...

Thanks Non-Kadavul and Chandra for sharing your thoughts.

I'll check this out soon!

chandramohan said...

thanx vinith. Anti-raja people never miss a chance to blame him blindly whenever he comes out with an album. Remember once 'kumudam' commented abt 'kizhakkum merkum' bgm was inspired from rahman's Vande mataram. Funny people. what else?

Anonymous said...

I think Nandhan missed it all.
I meticulously checked it against the Space album and it is not at all related. I would have been happier to see some responsible comments.

BTW, I am not an IR fan.

Anandhan said...

I liked the songs too. The more you listen to it the better they sound.

Steelclouds said...

I look at TFM with two distinct flavors - one "Just for ears"; the other for the "sense & emotion" (visual + audio).

Viewing with "Just for the ears" - To me the songs are easy on my ears (read "mellifluous") with my pick being "Amma un Pillai","Pitchai Pathiram" and "Om Siva" in that order.

Amma un pilla has a tinge of "Mani Oosai Kaetu Ezhunthu", while "Pichai paathiram" reminds me of some absorbing pieces from "Moogamul". But that's just my brain emotionally relating to similarity rather than any deep analysis. Need to have more repeated hearings to do any sought of analysis.

over all my rating is about 3.5/5.0 for "Just for ears only"

With respect to "Sense & Emotion", I think I'll have to wait till the movie releases before I can post my comments/ratings.

The first time I heard "Yengaey Sellum Intha Paathai..." from Pithamagan, I rated it a 3/5 for "just ears only" and then when I saw the movie, I had to rate it 4.9/5.0

BTW, I wanted to voice my opinion:
* I have heard the "Space" Album many times (especially for Maestro Chaurasia's haunting flute notes) and I don't think there are any close similarities between that as "Anonymous" has mentioned. But for someone "looking" very hard to find "Similarities", there is a plenty to pick at - like a beat here, a rhythm there etc. "Inspiration", "lift", "copy" and "remix" are somethings I have personally left it out of debates. After all, all music is just an integration of tiny pieces of "rhythm", "percussion", "strings", "highs" & "lows". So.. read my earlier statement - if some one is "looking" very hard for...

Vinith said...

Well said SteelClouds!

I agree. I can't wait for the movie to see how the visuals have come out!

Along with visuals, the songs would definitely be awesome!

Bala does the picturization very perfectly!


Anonymous said...

Hats off to raja..

Sadhana Sargam singing "Amma Un Kovil" song.

Madhumitha's "Madha un Kovil"

No words to say about sadhana involvement in the song..

Also ,raja could have given a full song to madhu.. we could have chance to hear her melting voice..