Monday, March 16, 2009

Legend Balamurali Krishna on Ilayaraja!

I came across this post in Emjay's Blog. I loved it and I wish to share the same here.

An excerpt from the post:

"No one is the authority in music. But, Illayaraja has been achieving without breaking the grammer of music. He is a great artist who is beyond awards. Honestly speaking,the greatest awards for music across the world should come to Illayaraja now."

"I have understood music across several parts of the world. Have sung in several languages. With that experience, I can say confidently that there is no match to Indian Classical music. And in that form of music, Illayaraja has explored and mastered."




Muthu Vijayan said...

True words from a Legend

Anonymous said...

No one has started a song in suchfantastic passion in 70's like chinna kannnan azahkiran from kavikuil.just try to sing your self and enjoy that feeling of joy eventhough you dont have good voice.Uncomaparable true composer is called in india as llayaraja.still making waves after 900 movie composition.IIlayaraj wont get any award coz he never know how to lobby himself for awards.

Vinith said...


True. "Chinna Kannan Azhaikkiran" song has a magic. Nobody ever can compose a song like this.

No doubt. Ilayaraja is truly the best composer of India.

Awards - SPB said in a show that "IR should have got 10 (or 25) awards for his composition".

Sad that he did not get what he deserved.

Krishna said...

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Unknown said...

The great Dr BMK heaps praises on Maestro. And so do exponents from other genres like western classical and folk music.