Friday, March 20, 2009

REC - A real horror flick

I have no great passion for Horror Movies neither do I have a great aversion for such movies. I’ve seen hardly three or four horror movies (including Yavarum Nalam. Lol) of which “Grudge” impressed me. Last week I heard about a horror movie called “REC” (2007). Decided to watch it and watched it yesterday. Running time is 75 mins.

Believe me, this is THE BEST horror movie that I’ve seen. This movie managed to ruin my sleep last night. Horror scenes kept disturbing me throughout the night. Go watch it.

Filmed using "Shaky Camerawork" is a big plus. You don't get the feel of watching a movie rather you get the feel of watching some horror scenes recorded live.

If you love horror movies, this one is sure a feast. Check it out!

Warning: Please do not watch this move with weak hearted people, children or ladies.

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kannan said...

I haven't seen Grudge, but I've seen Grudge 2 which was a bit of a comedy to me. But the first movie must have been good, I guess, for there to be a sequel in the first place. By the way, also watch The Mist. It's not really a horror movie, not really a thriller. It's based on a Stephen King book, so if you've read any you would know the strange horror/thriler genre, which really zooms in on the individual characters' fears and weaknesses. Pretty good movie, very different ending.

Will definitely try to catch REC.

Vinith said...

Grudge II wasn't so good I heard. But I liked the first part. "The Mist" - yes. I've heard of this movie. I have not read this book. Will definitely give a try.

Rec - Dont miss! Watch it in night with no disturbances! You'll be scared!!! :)

Saravanan Chokalingam said...

Vinith...i guess you should read searchindia blog and learn how to reply to visitor's comments:)

I use to read movie reviews in that blog(heavily sarcastic treated). But what i really like in that site is the battlefield between the writer the critics of that review. Its a funny time killer.

Your comments are lame and optimistic...

keep up the good work anyways...

Vinith said...


I have been to that site and have posted few comments too :)

That's a stinking portal. Atrocious writing.

Well, I do not want to treat my visitors in that way. That's really a bad attitude. Moreover, no visitors have come down heavy on me and posted such unmentionable words against my posts. One or two visitors disagreed with some of my points. Thats all. :) I'm happy with the way I'm :)

And, for your information, check out this article which i wrote last year.