Thursday, March 26, 2009

Music Review: Pasanga - James Vasanthan

Our "Kangal Irandal" James Vasanthan is back with his second album "Pasanga". This album is a solid proof that his success in Subramaniapuram music wasn't a fluke. His work in "Pasanga" is genuine.

"Pasanga" has four tracks in total which includes an bit song. So only three full tracks!

The first track that impressed me is "Oru Vetkam Varudhe" sung by Naresh Iyer and Shreya Ghosal. A beautiful melody with breezy lyrics. Not just the beautiful Violin and flute interludes that make this song astounding, the vocal combination of Naresh and Shreya as well. James has struck the right chord in choosing singers for this melody. Next "Kangal Irandal" is ready to rock the small screens.

Composer's idea of choosing Legend Balamurali Krishna sir for the beautiful "Anbaale Azhagagum Veedu" works like a charm. This song features lovely chorus of kids. Use of solo violin in the second interlude is awesome. I couldn't help but excited when I listened to this song. This song is comparable to A R Rahman's "Nee thaan en Desiya Geetham".

Orchestration part in fast paced "Nandhan Goppanda" is good. Sadly this song failed to impress me even after two, three listening. Composer's attempt in Rock genre for the song "Who's that guy" is quite good.

James has managed to churn out a pretty decent album with some fresh music. Laudable efforts indeed. Good job!!

From my heart: Why isn't there a good kids song (like what we got in Anjali) when the movie's theme is about children's lives? That's a minus point.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Vinith,

This is an off-topic comment. Saw your comments about the Agaram album in Yuvan's thread in the Hub. I really wish you had given couple of more listens to 2 songs in the album - Adadaa and Unnai naan paarthen. Adada in particular is one heck of a song and I will even rank it as one of the 30 or 40 best songs of Yuvan. It just pains that even Yuvan fans haven't come to appreciate these 2 hidden gems.

- a fellow Yuvan fan

Vinith said...


Thanks. Let me give a listen. I remember one melody in that album. It's been years since I listened to Agaram Songs. Let me check them again. Thanks :) :)

kannan said...

Didn't know James Vasanthan's next work is out. Will check it out!

Anonymous said...

Creating a kids song for a film, I think, is not in the hands of a composer but the director who decides what songs he wants for the film.

Secondly, in Anjali, most of the kids' songs are jointly rendered by adult singers to make it sound safe, which is less known to general listeners like us.