Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yavarum Nalam Movie Review

First of all I wish to start this post by saying that it was so great to see Maddy aka Madhavan on big screen after a long time. If at all there is one actor whom I love the most next to Rajni and Kamal, it's Maddy. Yavarum Nalam is definitely a good re-entry for him. He has done his part so well (as usual).

Well, disclosing the story here may be a spoiler. So lemme share my thoughts, what I enjoyed, what I disliked, plusses and minuses of the movie. Yavarum Nalam (13B in Hindi) is a horror movie. In Tamil Film Industry, there is no dearth for Love stories or action scripts or thriller stories or comedy stories. But "Horror" genre has always been rare to see in TFI. So the expectations are high!

What do you think could be the story of a horror movie?
Hero and his family move into a new apartment. Strange things happening in the flat. He starts discovering the mystery and saves his family. Correct? Yavarum Nalam is not an exception in this. It does have the similar plot.

What makes it different?
Things that make this movie different are,

** There is no priest who tells the history of the place (flat).
** No pooja (Homam) is performed to please the ghost and save the family.
** No strange characters to scare the audience... LOL...
** Usually ghost scares the hero and his family in the form of a person or in the form of a voice. But in YN, director Vikram K Kumar has adopted a new technique in this. That's laudable. The ghost in this movie comes through a different medium. That is strikingly different even though we get a question in mind (Can this happen?). However, that is something new that we get to see.
** A perfect blend of humor and horror.
** P.C Shriram's cinematography. Stunning. Forgoing the regular bluish tone, the film's cinematography carries a different tone which is great to see on the screen. The way our Cinematographer shows the lift is awesome. Of course, when there is PC Shriram, we need not worry about the cinematography part.

Saranya Ponvannan, as a home maker who is passionate about tele serials, fits the bill. Neetu as maddy's wife. Even though the role doesn't offer much scope, she has done her part well. Maddy's friend, who is a police man, has done justice to his role. The whole theatre LOLed when he asks maddy for updates on the TV Serial. ROTFL. Good job.


** Maddy..... Maddy..... Maddy..... Maddy..... Maddy..... Maddy..... He perfectly suits the role of Upper Middle Class man. With subtle expressions on his face in romancing his wife, getting scared when he experiences strange things, in comedy sequences, worrying for his family members, maddy enthralls the audience. That was a treat to watch him.
** Cinematography and editing.
** Screenplay in first half and interesting twits and turns in second half.


** Feckless background score. Tubby-Parik has done the BGM. BGM could have been better for this horror movie.
** Second half could have been abridged.
** Loopholes...some are really silly!


Go, watch the movie. You will surely like it. With horror genre movies becoming rare in TFI, this one should not be missed. Don't miss it. Movie is worth watching.

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kannan said...

Haven't seen the movie yet, but your review makes me want to go catch it sometime. Why aren't SEL doing the BGM? I'm haven't seen that many Hindi films, but they do decent BGM usually. Aalavanthaan had some good parts (though not a horror movie, some parts of the movie did require very creepy sounds. Who can forget the Kadavul Pathi song?)

Vinith said...

Yup... Watch it Kannan. You sure would love it. BGM, yes, don't know why SEL did not do the BGM (tight schedule, maybe). I have no clue about their BGM works. As you say, they would have done a better job.
It's surprising that some people liked the BGM. So check out and let me know your opinion :)
To me, BGM was mediocre, except few parts.

Rakesh Kumar said...

Just read your review. Agree on most of what you said...nah, I think, I agree on all.

Plus, you gotta remind friends another aspect - humour. This film is full of it, also thanks to Madhavan. Nice review, bro.

RK @groucho070

Vinith said...

Hey Rakesh... Thanks for dropping by. :)

Oops... Forgot to mention this plus.

The movie had a good blend of Humor and Horror!!!

Will update the review. :)

Thanks :)