Friday, April 24, 2009

Movie Review: Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum

Direction: RajMohan
Cast: Ramakrishna, Dharshana
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Siddharth

Same old story. Spoiler ahead. Do not read if you are yet to watch the movie Razz (Hero and Heroine love each other truly. Dreams go haywire. Situation forces heroine to get married to some X. X is a rowdy who spends more time jail than in house. Heroine comes back to the village where their love blossomed. Hero is still in love with her. A small misunderstanding prevails. Heroine thinks that hero did not even try to rescue her from her marriage. He actually tried but in vain. Climax is bit predictable but a not bad one though. aSubham)

Director makes an impression by introducing fresh faces who are not fair handsome, glamor, (just like VKK). He miserably failed in portrayal of the characters. Dubbing voices were not appropriate for the characters seen on the screen. No proper lip sync, tone, pause etc. First half was ok. second half was dragging... thank god.. climax was crisp. Laughing Rural feel was completely there Clap

Director's inexperience was very clear in the screenplay. He has no prior experience in this field (as told by him in an interview). Lack of fresh ideas is a big minus. Could have made it much better. The twist just before the interval made me sit up. After this, only towards the climax I realized that I was yawning and leaning back. Welcome Rajmohan. You can definitely prove yourself if you concentrate more in the above said points. All the best for your future ventures!

Both the lead pair (Ramakrishna and Dharshana) who stammer in acting at first, picked up later and have done justice to their roles. Ramakrishna has done a commendable job in second half while Dharshana stole the show with wide gamut of emotions and expressions.

Music and Cinematography:
Could feel the change in Music as it is Live Orchestra Recording. No synth sound has been used in this movie. Flute, violin sounds were good with Originality. Thumbs Up! Apart from this, Yuvan's Music was above average. 1st half had very little music and second half was good. One thing that bothered me in music is, the same kinda music was heard throughout the movie. Well, Yuvan needs to learn more when it comes to rural based subjects.

Cinematography by Siddharth was really cool. Cool Sinnianchirusu song picturization was very good though it reminded me of Kangal Irandal, Aiyaiyo (Paruthiveera) at times. Oru Nimisham song was so apt for that situation. It was really haunting. Velmurugan who has sung this song must be appreciated. Clap

Overall: Average movie. But don't go with huge expectations. You would be disappointed! Just like me! Embarassed

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