Thursday, April 23, 2009

Siva Manasula Sakthi – Definitely not an SMS

Happened to watch Siva Manasula Sakthi last week. The hype given by Ananda Vikatan and some of my friends made me watch this movie. Some of my friends rated this as a very good entertainer. Well, in my opinion, it was a mediocre movie.

Sakthi (Anuya), an RJ in a local FM station meets Siva (Jiiva) during a train journey. She lies through her teeth that she is an Airhostess. Siva, a courier man in Professional Courier, boasts about him that he is an Army Man. But, soon after few days, Siva goes to deliver a courier to “Sakthi” in Hello FM station where he comes to know that Sakthi is not an Airhostess. Sakthi too comes to know that he is a courier delivery boy. Ego Clash starts! Love blossoms. What else? Arguments, fights, ego clashes, separation happens with “Subam” at the end!

Jiiva is one my favorite actors of this generation. He has done his part well. This role is a child’s play for his acting abilities. I could encounter some overreaction from Jiiva in couple of scenes while Anuya surprised me with a decent performance. Subtle reactions during the ego clashes were really good. Urvasi, as usual delivered both good and over action. Performance of the girl who plays Jiiva’s sister was intolerable. Who is that girl? New face?

Pros and Cons:
Many said that Santhanam-Jiiva combo rocked in comedy. But to me, the comedy was pretty average in the first half except few dialogues and timings by Santhanam. The dragging second half was another minus point.

Debutant director Rajesh shines well in few scenes which were quite enjoyable. For instance, Sakthi’s disappointment in the scene where she wishes Siva on his birthday (false date given by Jiiva) and utters some schmaltzy dialogues. The next scene, in bus, where Siva feels sorry for whatever happened the last night. After Siva finishes his speech, Sakthi wears out the headsets from ears to show that she did not listen to any of his words! Rerecording in this scene was really good.

Lengthier, unentertaining second half with an absurd scene in the climax is certainly a minus point. There is no strong reason why Siva asks Sakthi to sleep with her before marriage. Movie lacks, a crisp and entertaining screenplay, interesting twists and turns. Can watch it for the lead pair Jiiva and Anuya!
Cinematography was good and Yuvan’s background score was mediocre. Oru Kal and Parvaiyil songs were good.

Verdict: Siva Manasula Sakthi – Definitely not as short as SMS.

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