Sunday, April 26, 2009

Playlist 0409

List of songs that I've been listening to! MusicSmile

MusicSmile Katrukulle (Sarvam), Nee Thane (Sarvam), Adada (Sarvam), Siragugal (Sarvam) - Sarvam is one helluva album from Yuvan.

MusicSmile Vamanan Songs: Oru Devadhai, Yaarai Ketpadhu and Yedho Seigirai. All three melodies are equally good. Yaarai Ketpadhu being my pick. Stunning melodies from Yuvan.

MusicSmile Anbale Azhagana Veedu and Oru Vetkam from Pasanga. Fantastic melodies with excellent vocals. James Vasanthan, you are not a one hit wonder!

MusicSmile Many songs from Pokkisham. Just cannot pick one as Favorite. A very good album from Sabesh-Murali.

Vinith... Wave

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