Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What the f**k.

I'm a regular reader of The Hindu. Only because I got the free subscription for a year, I subscribed for Times Of India and have been reading it regularly. I came across one article about Health and Nutrition in TOI, Chennai dated 7th April. It seriously pissed me off.

Sometimes, the pictures they use to represent the objective of the articles are artrocious, irrelevant, idiotic. Sexy, glamarous picture for an article about "Understanding Women". Another sexy pic for "Healthy Nutrition". What the f**k.

Below is the link for those two articles which put me off completely.

Times Of India publishers - How the hell do you think it is relevant to this article? It's utter nonsense. Stop using such irrelevant, idiotic pictures for articles.

When the hell these idiots will stop depecting Women as a sex object in advertising? This applies to all dailies, weeklies, monthlies.

Check it out here,



வெங்கிராஜா said...

You should read Vikatan and Kumudham. All Cheap idiots. By the way, comment window opening in a new window is annoying. Please, make them to open n the same window, but full page.

Vinith said...


Yes. Tamil magazines are BEST in this matter. lol. I have seen many such articles (with irrelevant pic) in AV and Kumudham.

Will change the settings :) Thankzzzz..

Mahesh said...

am not surprised by this kinda sleazy pics posted in Times of India.Its agmark Times of India style in luring the youngsters,@ any day u cant escape from sex related surveys or any sensational news in Times of India that too next to Editorial Page.Moreover if u have seen today's TOI Headlines page u can clearly understand the diff. between times of india and The Hindu...

TOI featuring the shoe flung @ chidambaram @ the headlines page whereas the hindu featuring the same news @ the middle page... I think there's no more to explain abt Times of India's cheap marketism.To me its jus a piece of crap.

@ any day The Hindu a classic like Ilaiyarajaa's BGM.

VR said...

Well Said Mahesh.

Even local daily Dinamalar published it in 2nd page. Lol.

TOI stinks... Should be avoided for its cheap mentality. Will get the other article with such a pic. Will post it here soon.

Hindu - THE BEST. Evergreen :)

Anonymous said...

Totally disagree...this is an ad for body fitness....how else can somebody portray fitness except for displaying an extremely fit body of a woman?This is something analogous to that a body builder showing off his ribbed muscles(with just his underwear) for the abcrunch exercise equipment.What is wrong in that bro?

Vinith said...

anon, I;m happy that you disagreed.

But, i don;t think so that this pic is the best choice for this article.

Well, if you don't agree with that, kindly check this one.