Monday, June 21, 2010

Aridhu Aridhu - Music by S Thaman

His Eeram did not impress me much. His Mundhinam Parthene did only to some extent. When everybody went ga-ga over Munthinam Paarthene songs, I felt a little awkward and suspected if the music sense in me was fading! LOL. I still could not enjoy the songs thoroughly. Now, composer S Thaman arrives with Aridhu Aridhu which kindles me to revisit his earlier albums.

Here is my take on his Aridhu Aridhu.

Un Uyirai kollum, sung by talented Karthik is very Rahman-ish in terms of orchestration. The beats that start at the part 'seyalgaL valikkiradhu.......' affirms that. The high point of the track is however, Karthik's soulful rendition and meaningful lyrics, "ஏர்க்கலப்பைகள் ஏங்குதடா...." for instance.

"Missing Something", a seducing melody, seductively sung by Reeta. The overall feel of the song resembles Savage Garden's "Truly Madly Deeply". More of English verses and less of tamil verses, almost make it an English song.

Oh la la li - A peppy number brilliantly rendered by Suchithra. I have never been a fan of her voice in any of her earlier songs. I liked her voice in Pesum Poove (Mundhinam Parthene). Now, I have fallen in love with her voice in this song. A rocking number with thumping music arrangement. Lyrics are my only concern here.

Azhagaai Sirithayada, sung by the film's director Mathivanan, gives a mysterious feel. Mathivanan's singing is not convincing. The song would have reached greater heights if Thaman had roped in a different singer.

Despite the powerful orchestration (Excellent layer works which is more common in Yuvan songs) Kanavugal edhuvarai failed to impress me. and Saturday girlOdu is perhaps the weakest song in this album.

Overall a fantastic album. Go for it.


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Anonymous said...

you got no taste to music.. plz.. ur jus jus sick in the head.

Anonymous said...

i dint include tis.. after yuvan thaman is fast becoming the best.. before wen u can even comment on each song why not u compose one? like i said ur sick in the head. do sumtin worthwhile in life rather thn commenting. god bless.

Vinith said...

Thank you Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

hey go listen to mambatiyan songs by thaman.. lke i said b4.. the songs are smashing!