Monday, June 28, 2010

Yuvan is on Twitter

Finally, Yuvan is on twitter. I was waiting for this :) Now, we can get some reliable updates.

Here is the address:

Join Twitter. Follow Yuvan!

Here are few updates from Yuvan and his friends on Twitter:

Yuvan's first tweet: Hi guys I'm new to this!!! Working on naan mahan alla now!!

Siddharth says: He's favourite music director, my friend, and the son of my god ilaiyaraja, @Raja_Yuvan..the one & only yuvan shankar raja!!cheers!

Siddharth says: Yuvan is here after lots of coaxing and threatening by @arvindkrsna and me:) show him lots of love people...all Oy! music lovers, "seheri"!!

Itwofs Karthik says: Yuvan Shankar Raja is on Twitter. Follow him - he's Da Star!! @Raja_Yuvan

ArvindKrishna says: PLEASE WELCOME my BEST FRIEND,a PRODIGY n one of the highlyTALENTED musik directors we hv 2day!The Most wanted Yuvanshankar Raja @Raja_Yuvan

Last but not least, I said: Man... You made my day. Hav been waiting to see you here. Welcome :) We love you :)

@Raja_Yuvan Hey Yuvan. I'm ur 1st follower. Wow... So happy and proud:):)

And Yuvan replied: @vovinith hi thanks!!!!

Ha ha.... I'm so happy :) Come on, Join and follow this youth icon! :)


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