Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kadhal Solla Vanthen - Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja

Kadhal Solla Vandhen, is an upcoming movie directed by Bhoopathy Pandiyan that has Balaji of Kana Kaanum Kalangal in the lead. The film was earlier titled Naan Avalai sandhitha pozhudhu.

There are totally five tracks.

"Oh Shala" song is the best in this album. A scintillating song with foot tapping beats. Lyrics by Saradhi (newbie?), seamlessly blend with the tune. Yuvan's rendition enhances the charm of the song. If picturized well, the song can become a massive hit among the audience. The song is simple with three basic notes in the pallavi. Yuvan has beautifully shuffled the tunes to form Charanam. First interlude is noteworthy.

Enna Enna aagiren sung by Vijay Yesudoss is an excellent melody with nice lyrics. "Kadhal Silai ondru........." part in Enna aagiren song is awesome. The song has the potential to become super hit. Oru Vanavillin a passable track is completely spoiled by Udit.

Charanam parts in "Anbulla Sandhiya" more than compensate for it's lackluster start in Pallavi. This song is supposed to give a haunting feel to the listeners, but fails miserably.

Experimental track of this album arrives with "saami varugdhu kadhal samy varugudhu", a thiruvizha kind of song (not exactly of this genre) sung by poosari. The song reminds us of various Iyappan songs that we get to hear in during the season. Make no mistake. Only the use of Udukkai makes you feel so. This song has ultimately funny lyrics. Selecting a real Poosari to render this song is a good move. The song can rock B and C center audience.

Yuvan's score for this less popular movie is excellent. Two great songs. Worth going for!

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