Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vasanthabalan's Angadi Theru - A must visit street

Angadi Theru, the descriptive title says it all. Yes, it is the tale of a couple who works for a famous Textile Store in T Nagar.


Jothilingam (Akhil), a guy who hails from a village ‘Ittamozhi’, comes to Chennai to work in a Textile Store as a salesman. That owes to the sudden demise of his father in an accident. There he meets the floor supervisor Kani (cho chweet ‘Anjali’). Their meet starts with a fight and soon turns into love. Love blossoms between the couple. Another couple in the same store, who loved each other, faces a tragic end. Will the lead couple, who are terrorized by this incident, unite?

As far as the story and screenplay are considered, this is certainly a feather in director Vasantha Balan’s crown. The screenplay in the first half works so beautifully while the sequences in the second half are quite predictable.

The first scene of this movie is symbolic. But it has been shown in a way that audiences realize it only as they reach the end. Well done Vasanthabalan. There are so many brilliant, poetic, emotional scenes in the movie. For instance, the scene where younger sister of Akhil, who is longing to see his brother, asks for the ‘Senthil Murugan Stores’ labeled bag from a lady, in her village. Brilliant. The love between Akil and Anjali has been portrayed so beautifully, especially in the songs.

Talking about the performance, everybody has done their parts well that includes the lead pair, Akhil’s friend who provides the comic part and his girlfriend, the floor in-charge Karungali. However, the best of these performances is undoubtedly from Anjali, who stuns the audience with her realistic performance. With her expressive eyes and girl next door look, she has done a fabulous job in acting. Akhil, though, has done his part well, needs a little improvement in facial expressions.

Songs are excellent. GV Prakash’s ‘Un perai sollumbodhe’, Vijay Antony’s “Aval appadi ondrum” are soothing to ears and the songshave been picturized beautifully. However, the background score is not effective. Cinematography is excellent.

Of course, this cannot be called a flawless movie. The movie has its minus points. To quote a few,

The second half is predictable. Though the friend of Akhil provides a comic relief, we have seen such characters in of movies. The tragic second half is supposed to create a shock in audience. But it doesn’t really.

Overall: The impact of the lighter first half is more than the impact of the tragic second half. I’m not a big fan of Vasantha balan’s Veyil. I thought he was overrated. He proves me wrong with his Angadi Theru. Looking forward to his next venture.



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